Weight Loss Program: Habit-A-Week Challenge

This page is a list of links to all the posts for our Habit-A-Week Challenge. Although I formed this challenge years ago, it is just as useful and relevant now as it was then. Are you tired of trying to find a way to lose weight? Confused about what to do? Are you overwhelmed with all the changes you need to make and not sure where to start? This is a *great* challenge for you! Read the Intro page, and then you are ready to begin changing your life! Start by reading Week 1's challenge. Work on that step all week, and then come back the next week for Week 2's challenge. It might seem simple (it is!) but over time you will build healthy habits that will not only help you feel good and stay focused, but will help you reach your weight loss goals. Give it a try! You have nothing to lose but the weight :)


Week 2: Move!

Week 3: Eat A Veggie

Week 4: Increase Your Fiber

Week 8: Love Yourself

Week 10: Sleep!