Weight By Year

Here is a summary of my weight at the first of each year. This shows an overall trend down and up, along with how much I gained or lost overall each year:

278 August 2007
248 January 2008 (-30)
230 January 2009 (-18)
228 January 2010 (-2)
186 January 2011 (-42)
201 January 2012 (+15)
218 January 2013 (+17)
230 January 2014 (+12)
245 January 2015 (+15)
229 January 2016 (-16)

So after a four year gaining streak, I finally turned it back around and lost weight last year! I hope to keep the trend going.

Some interesting notes:
Low weights over the course of this blog were
175 in 2010
184 in 2011
199 in 2012

High (regained) weights, aside from my start point of 278 at the start of blogging in August 2007, were:
245 in 2009
234 in 2010
245 in 2014

There was a lot of yo-yoing some years, generally up and down within a 20-pound range.

Biggest loss years were:
2007-8 via calorie counting and exercise
2010-11 via Medifast

The recent "gain" years were via a mix of plans which lasted anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and included Primal, carb counting, calorie counting, restarting Medifast, Autoimmune Paleo, and on-and-off exercise while dealing with illness, injuries, and personal difficulties.

I took a blogging break in the latter half of 2015 and decided to STOP dieting and relax about the food. I allow myself whatever foods I would like, but in smaller portions. In 2016 I am continuing this mindset while increasing my activity.

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