Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weigh In

Good morning. This week was kind of interesting. My goals for this week were to cut back on carbs and portions, get back to an 8-hour intermittent fasting "eating window" and take a walk every day. It was way harder than I thought to cut those carbs back and wait until noon or later to eat, and it took me several days to get there, even taking a half dose of phentermine every morning. But on Wednesday I got there and I am working at eating after noon and not eating after 8pm. I walked 7 days out of 8, kept my carbs and portions lower except for one dinner at a barbecue (with buns, chips, and potato salad) and drank plenty of water. As a result, today I weigh 210 pounds, which is 8 pounds gone this week.

I think I can drop a couple pounds a week by sticking to this plan. I'm still posting most of my intake on Instagram, but that may slow down as I get more settled in my eating. I'd like to be back under 200 pounds for my birthday in the middle of July.

That's all for now!


MaryFran said...

Good job on the loss this week!!! It sounds like you are finding your groove!!

Diana said...

Woohoo Lyn! It sounds like you've got it under control, and I know that's a great feeling. I'm so happy for you. I took four days off from any exercise and tracking my food. Honestly, I was just tired of it. But today I'm back on it. It's 7:05pm here, and I'm done for the day. I'm not doing IF, but just trying to stay within my 1800-calorie limit, track everything and exercise. Today was a great day.

It really helps that the weather here is amazing, although I'm not looking forward to the 90 degree temps on Wednesday (I walk at lunch - but not if it's 90 degrees!). At least I finally got A/C installed last year. The Pacific NW sure isn't like it used to be, at least I sure don't remember 90 degrees in early June (not to mention that crazy May weather we had).

Anyway, so happy you're doing well. I follow you on IG and love your food posts. Keep up the good work, and I'll give it my best shot too (I mean, I have that marathon again on September 21 in Fairbanks, Alaska so I'd better get my bee-hind in gear!!!).

Jennifer said...

Hi - new to your blog. Just are no longer during Optavia? (That is how I - somehow - found my way here!) Just wanted to check - whatever you are doing...its working! And congrats for getting back on track!

Lyn said...


no, I'm not following any meal program right now. I did lose a lot of weight on Medifast before they brought out Optavia. I am eating lower carb, smaller portions, with an 8 hour eating window. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Keep rocking it Lyn. You inspire so many to not just give up and stay big. I'm so glad you have a better life than you would've. Try to get another 20 to 40 pounds off before you hit menopause because it gets harder after that (assuming you are not there yet).

Anonymous said...

Looking for your Sunday update, hope all is well!