Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Back on Track

Today when I got up I finally managed to get out the door without eating something. This was my first day I went without breakfast (just coffee with half and half). I've been working on getting back to Intermittent Fasting, but have been *so* hungry that I couldn't make it for long without eating. I tried to just have small portions, lower carbs (since that's what worked before) and stretch my non-eating time as much as possible, and finally today I got there. I had chicken and fruit for my lunch around noon, and will stop eating by 8 pm. That's my IF eating window. My weight has been responding way better than I expected. I was 218 on Sunday, 216 Monday, 214 yesterday and 210 today! I'll take it. I am also walking the dog every morning and taking half a phentermine daily. I've been posting everything I eat on my Instagram page (lynescapes) so check it out if you're interested.

Tonight I think I will take some leftover taco meat and cook it with a bunch of vegetables for dinner. I feel good and am so glad to be back on track!


Anonymous said...

Great news! If you track everything maybe the doctor will prescribe a refill for you? If you show it’s working that’s what’s important

Anonymous said...

Eight pounds in three days? Wow, I am copying your diet plan.

MaryFran said...

Great job on the loss! And congrats for getting to the 16:8 IF plan! You are doing great!!!

Anonymous said...

@other anon, when you cut carbs, you lose a lot of water weight, so Lyn's probably lost a pound of fat and 7lbs of water. A bunch of guys at my gym (fighters) cut weight for competition by cutting carbs. They can drop like 20 pounds of water in three days. It's crazy.

Lyn, I'm glad to see you eating some solid protein. You said in your reply to me on your IG that fat's equally satiating to you, but you do have a daily requirement for protein--you need at minimum .6 grams per lb lean mass, and you actually need more while you're losing weight, up to .8-1 gram per lb lean mass. Your lean mass is probably somewhere between 100 and 120 pounds, so in my estimation you need at least 80 grams of protein a day. It helps with loose skin, as well. (I'm not making that up--it's well-documented).

You should also be aware that as you age, your protein absorption becomes poorer, and you require more protein to retain your lean muscle. Sarcopenia of aging is a real problem. You will be very unhappy if you sacrifice significant muscle as you lose weight.

For reference, I weigh around 145 and typically eat about 130 grams of protein a day--a bit over the minimum recommendation as I'm an athlete. I'm also 31 years old.


Lyn said...

I agree, a lot of that 8 pounds is water. I was bloated from travel, plus all the carbs I had been eating. 8 is a little more than I usually get from switching from high carb to low, so it was a real boost to see the scale drop like that! It will slow down for sure now but that's okay, I just want to get back to where I feel comfortable and fit into my clothes.


Do you log/track/measure all of your intake or do you eyeball the protein? I used to count everything and I got to the point that I could easily keep a running tab in my head of my approximate carbs for the day. I don't do that anymore, and I am not good at doing it with protein. I really have no idea how many grams of protein I am eating per day. Good suggestion; I will log a few days when I am feeling steady with the IF part, and see where I am with my protein grams.

Anonymous said...

Lyn--I do weigh and measure everything most of the time. Since I eat my meals at home it's super easy to just put my plate on a food scale as I portion stuff out. Or if I make soup or something, I divide it into the number of portions I'll need and calculate based on that.

My nutritionist thinks I'm neurotic to weigh everything, though, lol. She says just aim for 4-6 ounces of a lean protein source per meal (so like, 1 egg + 3 egg whites, 4-6 oz of tuna/salmon/turkey for lunch, 4-6 oz of chicken/steak/fish/whatever with dinner). It's not actually a huge amount. Then, too, I eat a LOT of vegetables per day and vegetables have protein--probably contributing 10-20 grams, at least, a day. Fruit doesn't really have any, though.

I think tracking a day or two and going from there would be a great start!

Lyn said...

Thanks, cron!

Laura said...

Go Lyn! It sounds like you're getting in a better place that puts you back on track!

Duchess of Weight said...

So good for you! I was on phentermine and it didn't work for me. I did contrave too, no dice. I was doing better before I started the diet pills and now that I got off the bandwagon and derailed because I was not dealing with the loss of my grandfather I'm struggling to get back with it.

It's great to read that you are doing better. It's an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

You are ahhh-mazing! At this rate you will be under 200 in no time. Give it a hard push, you can do it. Also can I suggest you take some laxatives? I know that might sound like weird advice, but stress, travel, keto, and diet medications all cause constipation so if you are not seeing movement (haha, both ways) by today from 210, take a good dose or two and clear out all the "crap." Your body will thank you!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your weight report tomorrow (you still do Sundays, right?) I am crossing all my fingers and toes hoping you kept off all those pounds you lost! But if you gained a couple back, don't worry. Even a 2 or 3 pound loss each week is gold.