Saturday, April 6, 2019

April Update, Finally... and Assessment

Spring has been busy and the time got away from me without even posting an April update! So here it is... the good, the bad, and the dive into pie.

I was looking over my monthly weigh-ins for the past few months, and then got sucked into assessing what's been going on for YEARS with my weight. Luckily, I keep good records to look back on.

August 2007 - June 2010: Got myself down from 278, but was always in the 200s.
July 2010 - August 2011: Stayed at 199 or less, with a low of 175.
September 2011 - November 2013: back over 200, but stayed under 220
December 2013 - September 2017: in weight hell, between 220s and 260 the whole time

That brings us fairly current. I started working hard in September 2017 at 258 pounds and got back under 200 by April, one year ago. Since then I have stayed under 200 except for a couple of days recently, and on April 1 (this month) I weighed 196 pounds.

I've weighed 199 or less for all of my monthly weigh-ins for 13 months now. I'd like to keep that going forever. Got any suggestions for me? I haven't been able to stay in the 170's for long so maybe what I need to do is push it and get into the 160's for a bit. Then a bit of regain would put me into a very comfortable weight zone (178ish). Pushing it, for me right now, means getting on the bike most days, walking most days, and staying lower carb. I even have considered going back on Wonderslim just long enough to hack off a good 15-20 pounds quickly and start to feel more energized. I found some shakes (packets) in the back of my food pantry recently. They're about 2 years old but hey, powder can't expire, can it?? I could just use them Medifast-style, 5 per day plus a Lean & Green meal of protein and veggies for dinner. It's a thought... I just feel like I need a kick start to get off a chunk of weight and get going with weight loss again.

So, my weight loss for March was one pound. So far in April I am not losing at all (too much pie). I am going to make a decision soon and in the meantime, I am making stuffed mushrooms for dinner tonight and putting more fruits and veggies back into my diet.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I have been waiting for you to come back to Medifast! I lost all my weight on it around the same time you did. I sadly went back to old habits but am losing again now. I am down 28 pounds since January! They have a special for one month of Medifast is $329 right now. Come on back!

Anonymous said...

why no Instagram updates?

PamL said...

Oh goodness, I would not go back on Medifast--no matter how fast you lose the weight, the destruction to your metabolism would just be too much! Stick to low carb, like you've been doing. Maybe track what/when you are eating, and really focus on proper portions and less treats? I am honestly not sure what the answer is--I am still looking for it myself! I gained 35 pounds from July 2018 to Jan 2019, so I certainly have not found the correct answer. But I am super hesitant to starve myself ever again, knowing what that does to the body. I love the idea of losing 10-15 pounds, maintaining that for awhile, then giving it another go around. Still trying to decide what to do myself, and stick to it!

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what a successful person you are already by keeping under 200 consistently !!! Stop being so hard on yourself and celebrate the success! I’m pretty stoked that you’re pretty stable right now
Theresa in Alberta

MaryFran said...

Only you can decide what plan and method you need to get you to where you want to be (and where your body needs to be). I will say, I am a proponent for slow and steady so that you can maintain that lower weight once you get there!!!!

Lyn said...

Medifast Anon~

When I was doing Medifast, they sent all my products for free. I am pretty spoiled I guess because I won't pay for Medifast or Wonderslim, but if they sent it to me I'd use it! Congrats on your amazing progress!

Q Anon~

because I think it would probably be triggering to people if I just posted pictures of pie and carby meals, and when I do eat healthy I'm not in the habit of IGing it. For me it takes posting food pics daily to really get into the habit.

Thank you PamL, Theresa, and MaryFran. :)

Update: 199 today, wrong direction!

Anonymous said...

I read an article about Casien protein powder and I’ve tried it for the last month with some success (5 lb loss.) it’s different from other proteins in that it’s longer lasting. Stomach acid thickens it so it remains in the stomach longer. There are other benefits too so if you haven’t heard of it you might want to check it out.

It’s cheaper than the Wonderslim or Medifast shakes so I use it for some meals and snacks. It’s on Amazon, I’ve only tried the optimum nutrition vanilla flavor. I find it’s best just using the shaker with the mixing ball and water so it’s really easy to use.

My problem is always hunger, I don’t think I eat for emotional reasons, I’m just hungry most of the time and this has really helped.
The only drawback is that it’s really thick, but I’m tolerating that so far.

Rose Sperlonga said...


Anyone who has read your blog knows that you have such success . Yes on Medifast you did awesome . I think anyone can if you have meals delivered to your door and eat literally packets of food. But sadly, no one can maintain that sort of eating or non eating for that matter!

You got it... just keep doing what your doing and it will all fall into place for you. You've been through a very traumatic accident and now your brain has to catch up to what you want to do. It will get there. :)

You have a lot of support! :)

LHA said...

Lyn, my only bit of information I can give from my experience is that it doesn't matter how you take the weight off, it is hard to keep off and comes back on easily. For me at least it makes no difference if I lose it slowly or quickly I'm always fighting regain. Good luck and congratulations for keeping your weight pretty stable. That's the hardest thing of all!

Karen said...

I highly recommend reading "The No-S Diet"--or you can just read the info on the website. It's very straightforward and easy to remember: No snacks, no sweets, no seconds, except on "S-Days" (weekends and holidays). I just started it and I can already feel my mindset shifting. You basically eat three meals a day--whatever you want, but it has to fit on one normal-sized plate--no snacks. Regular, sensible exercise. No sweets, which simply means things like desserts, donuts, soda, the very sweet things. you don't fret about the amount of sugar in your ketchup or your yogurt. This is not a "diet" in the traditional sense of a weight-loss diet, the word "diet" here is used to mean a regular pattern of eating. Three generation ago, we weren't obsessed with snacks. And sweets were for real celebrations, not an everyday thing. And obesity wasn't around as much. Already I'm seeing a difference in the way I think about food--I can have three meals a day and I ENJOY those meals, without guilt or worry about what I'm eating. Because I know I can't "make up" nutrition with snacks, I'm eating healthier at mealtimes by default. My digestion has improved. My mood has improved. I'm not denying myself sweets, I'm 'delaying' so I don't feel deprived. And I find myself realizing when I'm full better than I was before.

Seriously, check it out. There is a bulletin board discussion where people check in with their results. Weight loss is not dramatic, but it is steady if you keep to the plan and it's a doable plan for life.

JeanneTops said...

I agree with LHA - the hardest part is stopping the regain. I have a suggestion which I am currently trying. I'm re-calibrating what I think of as my "normal" weight. I'm mentally "forgetting" my 60 lb weight loss of last year and thinking of myself as only needing to lose the thirty pounds I am now over my "normal" weight.

My suggestion is you try this as well. Train your mind to think of yourself as normally weighing in the 170s and only needing to lose 25 pounds. You know you can do it because 174 is your normal weight. If you don't think that now, how are you ever going to get back down there?

You're already eating the way a 174 pound person does - if you're not, then focus on eating that way. Every time you start to worry, "Oh, if I eat this way, I'm going to way 200plus again" stop and re-phrase it: "Oh, if I eat this way it will take even longer to get back to 174."

If I've learned anything, I hope I've learned that stopping regaining weight is a mental thinking problem. That's why it's so hard.

Amy said...

I have never been a fan of liquid diets, I think they often lead to bad rebounds. There are a ton of diets now that give some freedom; South Beach, Weight Wathchers, Noom, Zone, etc etc etc while still giving some structure. You could find low-carber groups on Facebook or IG or even Pinterest to help inspire you, share recipes and keep your mind focused on your goals. The fact that you have stayed under 200 pounds is a big deal! I'm really proud of you for keeping on keeping on, even when you don't want to!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the book Delay, Don’t Deny by Gin Stephens? I have lost and regained weight many times so my metabolism is not great, but now I have some hope.

Mrs Swan said...

Damn girl! Your doing great and being under 200 for so long. Of course we all want to be lower. You know what you gotta do. You know what works for you. Your the one making your eating choices. Its all about that ON switch mentality that if I recall correctly you are the one I learned that from. Light switch ON. That was you right?

GinaMM said...

I have been struggling with weight my entire life. Things are the worst now: 51 years old, recently diagnosed with depression and menopause is kicking my butt!! My 2nd (and last) daughter is graduating HS in 2 months & I am DREADING clothes shopping for the occasion... just had to buy some "fat pants" to get me through at work. 2 years ago I lost over 40 pounds and was happier than ever, even though I never quite got under the 200 mark. Now I've gained it all back and then some. I am miserable. Every. Damn. Day. I admire you for your courage to share and doing the best you can do.