Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Got the Flick

The other day when I showed up at a party with lots of people I hadn't seen in a few weeks, not once, but twice, I got "the flick." If you've ever gained weight and then run into someone you haven't seen in 20 or 30 pounds, you know what I mean: they see you and just for a split second their eyes flick downward at your belly/hips/bigger body. They quickly recover and go on with pleasant conversation. It is the very *slightest* flicker of the eyes... almost involuntary as they immediately cover their surprise at the difference in your appearance... but it is there. It's happened to me before and it is different from the check-it look you get when you've *lost* weight and people say "you look great!" In this case, they don't say anything.

This usually happens to me once I hit a 15 to 20 pound gain. That's about where I am right now. Two months ago I weighed 187. On March 1, before I left on vacation, I weighed 197 pounds. When I came back 2 days ago after a whole lot of indulging *and* exercising, I weighed 203. Yikes! That's a 16 pound gain in two months! I immediately cut back on carbs and started eating more produce and less junk, and today I am back to 199.

I feel GREAT and am very happy to be home, rested, and ready to kick off a spring and summer of activity and healthy eating. That "flick" was a pretty good motivator because it told me the reality of the gain regardless of how I feel. I don't like the embarrassment I felt over it, either. Time to get the winter pounds off!


MaryFran said...

Sometimes we need that totally demoralizing experience, such as ‘the flick’ to spark us into action! You are going to rock this spring!!!

Amy said...

Welcome back! Hope that rest helped heal you and now you are ready to kick some booty! Woot woot!

Anonymous said...

you have done amazing at maintaining! Everyone fluctuates 10-15 pounds over time so don't beat yourself up. You were on vacation too! Go girl.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to be "feeling and looking much better" when you got back from Florida?

Lyn said...

Thank you all for the encouragement!

Last Anon~

I do certainly feel much better! Guess I don't *look* better... yet. :)

Diana said...

Lynn, you and I have some kind of weird weight sync up thing going on. I think we're twins, separated at birth and in different decades, but we're twinsies for sure! And oh do I know that eye flick! It happened to me twice last week, and like you, it's so embarrassing. I went from a steady 165 for a year and a half up to 179. A 14-pound gain since December. I notice in my clothes a lot, and just bought some size 12s and 14s. The 10s are just too tight (I was looking like a stuffed sausage).

So here we go again my friend. Diet and exercise is back again. Plus it's spring and summer and it's so much easier to lose weight with the nicer weather. We've got this! Again! LOL!!!