Monday, February 18, 2019


Yesterday morning I got a bit of a shocker for my weekly weigh in: 199 pounds. Whoa! Literally. Stop! I didn't expect to see the dial sooo close to that 200 mark! It snapped me to the reality of this gain trend I am on. I already am down to ONE pair of jeans that fit (and even they are too tight now) so I have to do laundry constantly to have something to wear. Can't keep going down this path, even for a couple weeks before I leave on vacation. And I am going to need summer clothes for the trip! I sure don't want to have to buy bigger sizes.

Yesterday I had coffee with cream in the morning. Lunch at 1 was a bowl of vegetable soup, a salad, and one bread stick. I snacked on sliced cheese, ham, and olives. I posted my dinner on Instagram (bbq beef, salad, carrots, and pickles) and in the evening I had sugar free hot cocoa with cinnamon and whipped cream, I was relieved to see the scale drop back to 197 this morning, but will keep on going with this to keep it moving in the right direction.

I am definitely having carb cravings, a lot of hunger, headaches and a lot of "food thoughts" but I'll get through it and then this will be easier. Sticking to lower carb. My dinner plans for this week include Thai green curry chicken with veggies, ribeye steaks with a small baked potato and broccoli, maybe taco salad, and cabbage soup. I will probably make the soup today or tomorrow so I have a big pot to eat whenever I am hungry. I also want to make some cucumber sour cream dill salad and have a bunless burger sometime this week.

Today I am craving a tuna sandwich with chips. I think that will be my lunch, with just one piece of bread and a few chips and a side of baby carrots. I also want to make a pan of my favorite keto brownies, so I have something sweet that won't derail my efforts.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Just curious as to why you make and eat Keto foods (the brownies you mentioned) if you aren’t totally committed to following a Keto way of eating?! Why not just eat ‘regular’ brownies?

Lyn said...


A 'regular' brownie has 40+ grams of carbs, even in a small one. A Keto brownie has almost no carbs at all. My way of eating is lower carb, mainly because I discovered on Medifast and South Beach Diet that I lose best when I eat under 100g carbs per day. So why would I waste almost half my daily carbs on a 2 inch brownie? Much better for me to have a no-carb dessert and save the carbs for things that aren't as easy to substitute for a lower carb food, like a small serving of potatoes or a slice of fresh bread.

Anonymous said...

Low carb diets always fascinate me because I eat over 200 grams of carbs a day. This includes fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread, and brown rice. I just love my carbs! Haha. I've never tried going low carb. I lose two pounds a week as it is. Think I'd lose more than that?

What about having fresh fruit such as strawberries for dessert? They're pretty low carb. I have them almost every evening for dessert.

MaryFran said...

You have a plan! You can do it!!!

Lyn said...

200 gram Anon~

It sounds like your body loves what you are doing! Isn't it funny how some people thrive on, say, a vegetarian diet while others so best on meals that rely heavily on meats? And how some folks lose weight with just simple calorie counting but others do better with portion control? I'm sure there is no one right way to lose weight for everyone. When I tried to eat very low carb (under 20 grams a day) I felt horrible... sick and sluggish. When I eat the way you are describing, including lots of rice or other healthy carbs, I don't lose weight and I get terrible cravings. Everyone's different! But for sure I do love fruit for dessert and do that sometimes... much more often in the spring and summer.

Anonymous said...

To the carb anon--I eat 250-350 grams of carbs per day, myself, even when losing fat. You would certainly lose more than 2 pounds during the first week you switched to low-carb, but that would be solely due to water loss. Low carb diets cause your body to store less water, because carbohydrate, as the name indicates, is bound in your body by water molecules. For example, I compete in a weight class sport. We literally need to make a certain weight or we are disqualified. For that reason, I may drop carbs for a few days prior to a competition. That doesn't mean I lost fat. I just lost water from my body to achieve a lower scale weight. If you're losing 2 pounds a week, that's the maximum you should really be trying for safely, even if you are obese. I wouldn't mess with what works.

To Lyn, it's great that you're getting back on track. I see one big difference now: you're prepping your own food instead of eating canned soup, etc. Personally I find it so much easier to control my instake when it's food I make myself, not processed things. Also cheaper. About the brownies, I have some concerns, especially since brownies have always been a binge food for you. I'm not sure that low carb brownies are all that different, since they're also hyperpalatable; palatibility, not particular macronutrient breakdown, is what typically drives us to overconsume food (Stephan Guyenet has excellent research on this). I used to have a terrible habit of "needing" dessert every day, and substituting "healthy" desserts didn't help at all. Made it worse, actually. It was easier for me just to break the habit. I replaced it with something of dubious value--I play some video games after dinner instead--but at least I don't feel a compulsion to eat something sweet every night anymore. It's much more pleasant to eat dessert rarely and not feel like I need it.


Amy said...

I love when those pounds drop back off quickly after I tighten things up! It makes me feel like my body is still working with me. Your spirits seem brighter, that's a blessing! And soon we will have warmer days and sunshine, that'll feel so refreshing! Happy to hear you are doing well. Keep on keeping on!

h2oratt said...

What is the link to the ketologic brownie recipe?