Saturday, January 12, 2019


It's almost halfway through the month already. I thought I should give a progress report.

I kind of expected that by now I would be biking a lot more and well on my way to taking off the 9 pounds I regained after the accident, but no. I am not biking (pain came back, had to take a break again, and have been using a different machine at PT) and I weigh 188 pounds, up one pound from January 1. I am going to try the bike again today or tomorrow.

I did go to see my endocrinologist this week. I was up 7 pounds on their scale since my last visit in September. I got a new script for phentermine and have 3 months to drop at least 10 pounds by my next visit, or that's the end of phentermine for me. I also had blood work done and my TSH level was almost nonexistent... 0.021. I find that pretty weird considering it was 7.9 a year and a half ago and has usually been around 2 over the years. They cut my Synthroid dose in half and might take me off it completely at my next visit.

Maybe I do need the phentermine to keep losing right now. I know I am pretty good at maintaining in the 180's even without the drug, so I am hopeful that when I reach a lower weight I will learn how to maintain there without it as well, especially if I am more active.

I have not been super motivated to lose more weight. I just need to get myself in that mindset (excited about losing) because right now, I am pretty content where I am. But I do know ten or twenty pounds off would feel a lot better and be better for my joints. So let's see if I can get a few pounds off before the end of the month!


Anonymous said...

Your metabolism has reduced due to being on a continuous diet this long. (and some due to losing weight) TSH is the first sign. Your thyroid system has been suppressed. If you tested your cholesterol I bet it would be up. Your only choice is to take a controled break of eating more even if you gain some weight to allow your body to increase the metabolism. If you don't want to gain all the weight back you have to stop trying to lose more weight, which you won't be able to do, and concentrate on eating more in a slow controlled fashion until your metabolism increases. Look up intermittent diet, Matador diet study, reverse diet.

Lyn said...


Actually, a very low TSH is a sign of an overactive thyroid, not a suppressed one. That's why they cut my Synthroid dose down; my thyroid is functioning better on its own and doesn't need as much. I don't plan to eat more... I've been doing that since before Thanksgiving! It's definitely time to cut back and eat less.

MaryFran said...

Keep working WILL heal from the accident and you WILL be stronger than ever! Just listen to the doctors and it will happen!!!

Amy said...

I have found that exposure to visuals, weight loss success stories or researching healthier lifestyles motivates me and gets me reinvigorated when I lose my motivation or just don't want to think about it. Its good you are listening to your body and the pain, you don't want to have a setback from pushing too hard. Ten pounds is manageable, I bet it will come back off with little effort. Spring isn't too far off, you may be able to buy some new cute clothes in a smaller size!

JeanneTops said...


My goodness what an improvement from where you were at the end of the year! Then you were almost at despair that you wouldn't be able to stop eating and stop gaining weight. Now you are confident that you can maintain your weight in the 180s, you seem to be positive about taking the phentermine and you're keeping at finding the right exercise program for you now. Those are some good steps forward. Since your body is still healing from the accident, since you're still coping with pain, it might be that you have to just maintain your body weight for a while. Sure, losing some more would help but if you are eating in a consciously and deliberately - not chaotically - then you have what it will take to lose weight when you are ready. Congratulations!

Diana said...

I wish I could like a comment on here. Because Lyn, I like your response to anonymous. I read their comment three times, and was wondering what they were talking about. Your low TSH is a good thing! And eat more? Um, that’s not a good idea. 😃Too funny!