Sunday, November 11, 2018


It's been two and a half weeks since I last posted (100 Pounds Gone Again, with pictures), so although I am not feeling amazing at this point, I think an update is in order. For those who missed it, I did post a comment on that last post that I had been in a car accident and spent time in the hospital and at home recovering. I'm still healing. The doctor said it could be six months before I am back to my old normal... and while I didn't believe that at first, I am starting to believe it now. I'm very thankful to be here and not in worse condition. I am up and walking, but still not doing any lifting. I should be able to start physical therapy soon but I need help right now with day to day things like housework and laundry. I think we will start looking for a replacement car in a week or two.

So about my weight. My last post showed me at 178 pounds. I have gone back and forth between 178 and 180 and back again. I was 178 on November 1, which means I lost two pounds in October. I am back to 180 today. My weight just fluctuates those two pounds with how I am eating now. I haven't been able to take the phentermine since the accident (I'm on different prescriptions now, like muscle relaxers and something for pain). I have not been able to walk the dogs, so my kids are doing it. I have done almost nothing activity-wise because I can't. I walk around the house a bit, and that's it. I'll build up as I heal.

Today I was trying on some of the sweaters I bought for this winter (some I bought online without trying them on), plus it has gotten cold and I pulled out some coats to see what fits. Well the coats, that's kind of funny. All I have left are 3 options: a very big, baggy 2X coat that somehow escaped the donation bin all this time, a nice new size L coat that I bought last time I was this size that fits pretty nicely and zips but is JUST a bit snug, and a size M tan suede coat I bought years ago as a "goal" coat. I always wanted a cute suede coat like that and it was on sale so I got it, but I have never fit into it. Well I am *so close* to it fitting now! I can get it on but not closed, and the arms are too tight. As for the sweaters, I have two that are really soft and pretty but they are just a bit too tight (also size Medium). If I lost ten pounds, that suede coat and those two M sweaters would fit me perfectly and everything else I own would probably only be slightly loose. So that's my next goal: lose ten pounds and fit into those 3 things! I want to do it before winter is over so I actually get to wear them this year before it gets warm again.

I hope that soon I will be able to start PT and maybe be able to walk a bit for exercise or start riding the exercise bike. Most of my pain is from the hips up, so I will ask the doctor this week if I can give the bike a try. One hip was injured so I do need to ask first. I am not thrilled to have to start from basically nothing with my activity and be unable to even do something simple like crunches or 5 pound arm weights or a mile walk, but I also see this as a challenge. I can't walk a mile, I can't lift 5 pounds, I can't do a sit up... BUT I WILL GET THERE. I'll update and start posting regularly again now that I can think clearly. Thanks for checking back even when I seem to have disappeared!


MaryFran said...

Oh my!!!! Rest up and get better!!!

Carole Medley said...

Lyn, I never saw the comment about your accident until right now. I am so sorry to hear that you are injured and laid up, but I am glad it is not worse. Your attitude sounds very good, but that shouldn't surprise your regular readers! Best of luck with the recovery. I'll send you an email one day soon. Lots of details here that I am learning to do myself. Love, Carole

Anonymous said...

Sending you hugs and quick healing! An accident is never fun. I have spent 3 years of my life recovering from what started out as a minor wreck but left me with major long-term injuries, concussion, soft tissue damage, etc.

Life does go on - just do it at your own pace! Ask for help, even when you think you can still manage everything. Focus on what you need in any given moment.

Pain can be tricky. I'm glad you're getting help from your doctors.

One thing I have found, even with physical injuries, is that movement does help. It's great for mood and keeping the body doing it's thing is apparently what the body wants!

Pace yourself and track your progress so you can see how far you are coming along.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I am so sorry. Sending healing vibes {{{}}}.

Jenny bobbitt said...

I keep thinking recovering as a leaner, healthier person will he so much more effective than battling injury plus being overweight. Your new body will recover so much more effectively. good luck Lyn!

Janet said...

Gosh, Lyn, I'm so sorry to learn of the accident but so grateful that you survived and are now on the mend. Just take care of yourself and do whatever it takes to heal, including quieting your mind (meditation) in order to better listen to your body to allow it to recover.

Something that jumped out at me about your post... You spoke a lot about activity/exercise, which hadn't been a huge focus of your posts prior to the accident, where your drive seemed to be more about losing weight more slowly and allowing for certain fluctuations over periods of time, (a genius method I have totally embraced and adopted in my own journey)... Anyway, I just found it interesting and another example of how we don't fully appreciate and value things like our ability to exercise and remain active until we no longer can. Your accident and the limitations/rehab you now face, which are barriers to exercise for you now, is a good reminder to not take the ability to get up and move and exercise whenever I want for granted.

And, PS - You will be sporting that chic jacket and those sweaters very soon!

Know that I am praying for your speedy and complete recovery.


16 blessings'mom said...

Lyn, I missed that you were in an accident, and have been wondering where you were. So sorry! Glad you're relatively okay, if that makes sense! You're in my prayers. And honestly, I am very impressed that you are able to keep on an even keel as far as being conscious of your weight/diet after having such trauma. Rest up and heal, and know that you have so many friends out here who have you in their thoughts and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Eeek! So sorry to hear! It will be good to get activity as you are able. Several years ago I got a debilitating illness and was bed bound for 4 months. I was so glad that I had been pretty fit beforehand but it was a long climb back! Good that you are able to move around and do the basics. One day at a time

Anonymous said...

I know you've commented on intermittent fasting before, although I don't remember why you stated you cannot try it. But I heard this podcast today, and Barb "before" really reminded me of you. She has tried Medifast and phentermine among other weight loss methods. She finally lost weight and had other health benefits after switching to intermittent fasting, and no exercise. I just really think IF would work for you, and I encourage you to listen to this podcast and think about it.

Lyn said...

Thanks all! I appreciate your kind words. Although Janet, I don't know how "chic" my sueded jacket actually is... I am pretty bad at keeping up on styles and usually just wear jeans and tees or sweaters, but when it fits I will take a picture and get some feedback on how it looks. Will ask my daughter too. She will be brutally honest (middle schooler!)

IF Anon~

I have mentioned it before, and I don't claim to do IF myself because it seems there is such a wide variety of opinions on what constitutes actual intermittent fasting. According to some, I qualify when I do my frequent day of just coffee for breakfast and then food around noon or 1:00, then done eating by 7pm. I think that works pretty well for me as long as I stay lower carb. If I eat more carbs at any meal, I feel hungrier and can;t seem to go as long before I feel like I need to eat (blood sugar drops).