Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Wreck-and-Gain, Update

Just a brief update on the wreck-and-gain.

I got on the scale finally and was 188 pounds. Wow... ten pounds from my low of 178. Up 6 pounds from about a week ago. Seeing the number *so close* to 190 really slapped me in the face and made me stop. Just laying off the toast and junk I am back to 185 this morning. But I still struggle.

I want to eat to distract myself from the pain. Today the doctor told me I am doing too much and need to rest. I told him, I am ALREADY doing practically nothing! How much more nothing can I possibly do? I don't pick up anything, push anything, or walk the dogs. I don't vacuum, carry laundry baskets, or take a walk. Heck, I can't even open the heavy business doors to go into a store or the doctor's office! And he said, get in a recliner and put your feet up. Ask for help. Rest.

This is hard for me. I DID ask if I could at least try the recumbent indoor exercise bike, and he said I could try, but for no more than five minutes. And if it hurts at all, then five minutes is too much. It's so discouraging. But I have to rest to heal.

I got an appointment with my counselor next week because I need to deal with this emotional fallout from the accident. I hope he can help me; it feels so out of control that I wonder if anyone can help, but I'm giving it a try. For today, I am drinking more water. Taking my vitamins and medications. Trying to choose healthier foods and smaller portions. And planning out who is making what for Thanksgiving, since I can't do it all. Four of my five kids plus 2 or 3 guests and my husband will be here, and they can all pitch in to make a good traditional Thanksgiving meal. And I will give thanks that I am here and we are all okay.


MaryFran said...

Hugs to you as you navigate this bump in the road in your quest for healthy living and healthy weight!!! You will make it theough...just remember that food is only a temporary fix to your emotions!!!

Anonymous said...

So you weighed 188 on Monday morning some time before 951AM when you posted your comment on "Diet Wrecked" and you weighed 185 on Tuesday morning! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I’d skip the bike and follow the doctors advice. Reinjury could stall healing. Good that you have lots of support and help. All the best
Theresa in Alberta

PamL said...

Oh Lyn, I am so sorry. The emotional fall out from being in a bad accident is so hard to handle. It's ok. You can rest!! Let others help you! Eat to live--not live to eat. Just keep telling yourself that. I know- easier said than done! Can you binge watch some good shows? I just finished two seasons of The Durrells of Corfu- it was slow at first, but got better as it went on (that's on Amazon Prime). My husband and I love to watch the corny but happy Netflix movies- we just watched A Christmas Prince- it was good! Just because you have to sit does not mean you have to gain weight. You can maintain--even if it's maintaining at 185. Good luck to you, and may God bless you as you heal. It's so good to focus on what you are thankful for, especially as we celebrate our national day of thanksgiving. God is good!

Anonymous said...

Who can help you? YOU can ! You’re the only one who can do this. It’s your responsibility.
Great news about the appt that’s a great start! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Lyn, I’m glad you’re feeling better to the point of impatience. That’s a healing milestone! :)

Have you considered experimenting with intermittent fasting while you’re unable to do your normal routine? It might help you feel like you’re doing ‘something’ while you’re benched from actually doing something.

I suggest having a look at Kayla Cox’s YouTube ‘six Miles to supper’ it’s got a lot of good information (and not as rigid as some other groups that IF)

Hope you heal fast and well!


Anonymous said...

What are the injuries? Are they prescribing rehab/physical therapy? My daughter works with injured patients/brain injury patients and joint replacement surgical patients in rehab and it’s rigorous and usually immediate. But maybe you have broken bones that must heal first? Spinal injury? I hope healing is swift and pain subsides.

Carole Medley said...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Let the food issues wait until the weekend or even Monday. Plenty of time to straighten things out then.

LHA said...

Lyn, this is a bump in the weight loss road, and this too shall pass. Sometimes all we can do is hold on tight, do the best we can, and keep our eyes on the prize. I have a lot of confidence that you will get through this and continue to maintain your weight loss or lose more. Take a deep breath, accept what is unchangeable, and be patient...especially with yourself. You have accomplished much! I appreciate your blog and you should be proud that it gives inspiration to so many others.

Lyn said...

Weight Anon~

I weighed 183 this morning (Weds).

Anon (Theresa)~

I have skipped it so far. For one thing I do think it would hurt. And for the other, I am afraid that if it does hurt, that is one more thing I know I can't do. I know it's kind of silly but if I don't do it, I still have the possibility of "can." You are right, I think. Better to listen and just rest. Not worth the risk for 5 minutes on a bike. Not yet.

Anon (Cris)~

I don't claim to do IF because everyone seems to have a different definition of what that is, but I do usually just have coffee with half and half in the morning and don't eat until much later. Usually, aside from coffee, I am only eating within a 6 to 8 hour span of time (but I was not doing that last week).

Curious Anon~

No brain injuries or joint replacements, but significant enough that the doctor told me I can't do PT yet. Hopefully soon.

Thanks all, and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Deniz said...

Just a thought. Audiobooks, or Kindle, or good old-fashioned paperback books might help you relax while resting. Maybe try learning meditation techniques too.
The main thing is to treat yourself with kindness, to allow both body and mind to heal.
Hugs, and remember that this will pass...

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Down another two ponds in one day??? Crazy! Heck, if all it takes is cutting back on toast, count me in!!!!

Lyn said...

Good idea, Deniz. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Shocked Anon~

You missed the "and junk" part. Not just toast :)

Bec Z said...

Lyn - Happy Thanksgiving. I have faith you will overcome this hurdle in the road. As a long time reader of your blog, I realized something in reading this last post. I don't believe you have ever mentioned your husband before. I may have missed it. You mention your children frequently but not your current husband. I know there were problem in a past marriage but did not realize you were currently married. I know this is one of those personal things that must bug you about writing this blog ....I was just surprised! Sorry to treat your life life like a soap opera....Best wishes Girl! Sending you love and light.

Lyn said...


I've heard that before :) Many years ago I did share more about my husband but things were not going well. We had a rough patch and spent some time apart, but then reconciled. I decided not to share a lot about him after that, but he's here!

Amy said...

I am so sorry for this challenge in your path. On the positive, this can be a way to prove to yourself that you can get over whatever life throws at you, and we all know you can.