Sunday, October 14, 2018

Where I'm At, Ranges, and Loose Skin

As usual, I'm here to share my weekly Sunday weigh-in. Since I was gone for awhile, I missed last Sunday's weigh-in but posted at 184 pounds on Tuesday. Today, five days later, I weigh 180 again... same weight I was on October 1. It feels good to be able to have a "normal" life and not be on a strict diet plan and stressed out all the time over every goal or gain. Hopefully I can use the next couple of weeks and get into my next new weight range.

Weight ranges have been such a useful tool for me. Instead of being hyper-focused on getting to a lower number, I set goals of staying within a narrow range with a lower high end. So basically my ranges drop by about 4 to 6 pounds each time. It really adds up... as you can see by my ranges this year:

mid Feb - late March 201 - 206
late March - late April 195 - 200
mid April - late June 188 - 195
late June - late July 184 - 189
late July - early Sept 180 - 185

and for all of August, September, and so far in October, my range has been 179 to 184. So from a high of 206 in mid February and a low of 179 in October, that's a 27 pound drop in 6 months. Pretty good!

I think it would be nice to slide into a slightly lower range, say 176 to 182, for the rest of the year.

I started following "fatgirlfedup" (Lexi) on Instagram recently. She has been sharing a lot of stories, photos, and videos of her excess skin after losing 312 pounds in two years. She's young, and super healthy, and really inspiring! She's having her extra skin removed soon, but what struck me the most is that she and I are about the same weight right now (her last scale shot showed 182 pounds). But when I look at her body and my body there is such a HUGE difference. I have complained for years about my loose skin... and my batwing arms sure do rival Lexi's... but on the rest of me, so far I don't have nearly the amount of loose skin that she has. Her top weight was about 200 pounds higher than mine... so I know that's the reason, and I am really excited to see how her skin surgery turns out. If I stayed the weight I am now forever, the only skin I *might* consider having removed is on my upper arms. There is nothing else bothersome at all at this point (well, except that I do wish I could have the skin under my chin tightened up! It's a bit wrinkly.) I have some body sag, but either it's not as bad as I remembered it or I have truly come to accept it. We'll see what I think ten or twenty pounds from now.

On to another good week!


MaryFran said...

So happy to see and hear about your maintanence!!! So inspiring!!!!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the link and Lexi showing her excess skin. The amount of care that takes, to prevent sores, is really scary.

I wash and dry all those overlap areas very very very carefully. Hot weather is hard. Once a red area appears, I use diaper rash cream and pad it with gauze (to keep the skin apart). I can avoid it from getting worse most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing that Instagram account. I am amazed by her progress. I have lost 188 pounds and have about 92 to go and I have worried about the loose skin. Mine is already getting bad. I appreciate her sharing those pictures and I can't wait to see her "after" photos. I hope you will share more of your loose skin photos as you are losing and if you decide to have surgery. Your arm pictures are brave and I am wondering how your progress is going with them. Thank you!

Lyn said...


Thanks! I always appreciate how supportive you are and have always been!

Anon 1~

Oh that does sound really hard. I'm sorry you are dealing with that and I hope Lexi's journey is helpful to you. I've seen similar stories on a TV show called "Skin Tight" which you might want to check out, too.

last Anon~

I haven't measured my arms in a looong time, but will when I hit my next ten pounds gone. I don't think I have made any progress on them (but I haven't done any work on them, either, aside from a lot of lotion, massage, and a little dry skin brushing). I will definitely update and might even share pictures if more loose skin develops.

Jaxx said...

Another awesome youtuber I watch is Jacqueline's Journey, she is currently going through removal of skin since losing I think 400 pounds. She did it through change of eating and exercise. Her link is