Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fall Foods

Since I got home, the cooler weather has me craving that wonderful warmth of fall foods. I've always noticed a shift in what my body wants according to the seasons (not counting my passion for stuffing and green bean casserole around the holidays!) I like to make filling, comforting things like soups, stews, chili, and of course hot cereal. But how can anyone eat hot cereal on a low carb diet?? It's impossible, right? Well, depends on your "diet" I guess. Nothing's off limits for me, but I do try and minimize carbs when I can. This morning I cooked up a great big bowl of oat bran and stirred in 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin. I added cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, and walnuts and then topped it with half and half. It was so filling and comforting! I don't eat cereals every day; in fact, I usually don't have anything besides coffee for breakfast. But this works when I wake up feeling hungry and wanting that wonderful sensation of something warm and filling in your belly.

I'm making other things, too: taco soup (which I make lower carb using the recipe in the link), roasted veggies, pumpkin bread (made with Swerve sweetener), and sugar free peppermint mocha coffee. We have a family birthday coming up this weekend so I will be baking a cheesecake, too, and having a small piece. I sometimes will scoop out a bit of the batter before adding sugar and just make a smaller, one-serving sugar free cheesecake for myself, but sometimes I just have a piece and go with it. No stress.

Today I am down 2 pounds to 182. Two more pounds of "trip bloat" to go. It will help if I get on the bike today. I've been so busy since I got back that exercise still hasn't been a priority, but I'll get there.

Do you have any favorite lower carb or keto fall recipes? Would love to hear them!


Jami Stakley said...

Lyn I am glad you continue to do well. I wish I had some great low carb recipes. Truth be told I got a lot of low carb recipes from your blog. I try to use pumpkin in multiple things at this time of year. I use it in my shakes and in my pumpkin flax muffins. I also use the pumpkin creamer in my morning expresso. I use a small amount of the Natura Bliss Pumpkin creamer. I am not sure it is healthier, but it does taste good. Be well and keep doing what you are doing. It is clearly working.

Anonymous said...

Lyn - have you tried spaghetti squash? I poke a few holes in in and then microwave it and pull out the strands. I like to make a meat sauce to go on top using ground turkey or chicken but of course you can use beef. That's nice and low carb. I bet you can find a low carb recipe for pumpkin pancakes - the one I make uses Greek yogurt and egg but does use a little bit of flour - which I guess you can use almond flour. It's hard not to get sucked into the pumpkin spice everything - you're doing great! -Beth Sher

MaryFran said...

Yay to fall...and fall foods! Your plans sound great...and enjoy the cheesecake!!! And you’ll get back on the bike soon I’m sure!!!

Lyn said...

Thanks Jami, I need to look back over my own recipes on my blog to get more ideas too!


Yes, I love spaghetti squash and all other kinds of squash! The meat sauce sounds yummy. I bought a box of CarbQuik, which is supposed to be like a low carb Bisquick, but I haven't made anything with it yet. Pumpkin pancakes sounds yummy so I will try that!


Thank you! The cheesecake was amazing. Tonight I am roasting pork tenderloin to have with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole (by special request). I also got some already-cubed butternut squash and fresh rosemary to roast tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Coconut flour is a good low-carb one for pancakes. I make pumpkin pancakes with coconut flour, egg, pumpkin, and spices--very easy. Sugar-free syrup on top as a bonus. Coconut flour is full of fiber, as well, and tastes faintly sweet at least to me.

--cron anon from awhile ago :)