Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Overdue Update

You know, I just don't know what to make of this, but I'll share in the spirit of "keeping a record" and always being up front with that I am doing and what's going on.

I didn't do a weigh in last Sunday, mainly because I was running around doing 200 other things but also because I broke my own rule of paying attention to weight gain or loss per week and sharing it here... and instead just weighed, entered it on myfitnesspal, and ignored it. I know it seems odd but I often forget what I weighed a week ago or a month ago and have to go back in my archives or look at my mfp data to figure out what my trend is.

Even though I wrote about "a struggle" a bit over a week ago (eating a lot of carbs and junk), I was able to "own it" and relax about it last time I posted. I *did* aim to not give in to every single want, and to delay my eating a bit by taking a walk or doing some other activity before eating what I was considering eating. And I've done that. But I also have *not* cut the carbs out or gone back to a lower carb way of eating. Why?? I'm not even sure. But it feels better now, not like a struggle at all but like a valid choice. I eat what I feel like eating, I don't cut as many carbs as I was (maybe my body needs more carbs during the fall, who knows? It certainly wants them!) So this week I have eaten many things that I didn't share on Instagram, simply because I've used that page to share my lower carb way of eating and don't want to derail people with pictures of peanut butter cups and donuts. If lists of carby foods are triggering to you, skip this next part between the row of stars, because I am about to share some of how I ate this week. You can just scroll down.

This week I ate:
homemade cinnamon rolls, twice
homemade pie, twice
a croissant sandwich
chili with cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips
a really awesome quiche with a side of hash browns and sausages
lots of coffee, mostly sugar free with cream, but once was a pumpkin spice latte from a specialty shop that makes their own pumpkin syrup by roasting pumpkins... but not sugar free
1/4 of a donut
mashed potatoes with gravy, twice
corn on the cob with cotija and mayo
orange juice
pot roast
a gyro, pita, and hummus and half a piece of baklava
a Jimmy Johns Italian sandwich (on bread) with chips
lasagna with Italian sausage and regular garlic bread
salad, watermelon, apples, carrots, cucumbers, peas, green beans, berries, tomatoes
pepperoni pizza, twice
salad bar with blue cheese dressing and bacon
hot cereal made with oat bran, brown sugar, and butter topped with half and half
sliced cheeses and deli meats
peanut butter on a banana
chips a couple times, and cheese puffs


So there you have it, and oddly enough it does not feel dysfunctional at all to me, no guilt, no "I need to change this" and actually, since I spaced the sugary items out, not much pain from the sugar. I feel fine eating this way and if I was going to adjust anything, it's probably that next time I'll chose a half piece of pie or a half cinnamon roll because half would have been enough.

As for weight, it's ranged between 183 and 184 all week. Was 183 on Sunday and is 183 today. I have weighed 185 or less since mid-July... good maintenance practice! I am pretty sure that as soon as I switch back to a lower carb way of eating (which will happen as soon as that is what I feel like eating) the weight will start dropping off.


MaryFran said...

I weigh daily so I’m always having to research what my weight was the previous ‘official’ weight!

Anonymous said...

It looks fine to me. I weigh 142 pounds and I eat about the same.

Anonymous said...

What did you not give in to eating? Serious question.

Lyn said...


It gets hard to keep track unless you write it down somewhere and look back!

142 Anon~

That's good to know!

serious Anon~

oh lots of things. Bear claws at a meeting (you know, the pastry kind), burger/fries/Coke when I went to lunch with a friend, buttered popcorn, giant cookies served at a dinner, you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

phentermine is the only thing keeping you from gaining 10+lbs at this point, you need to make a change as the drugs will need to stop at some point.

Lyn said...


Well, since I didn't take it this week, I'd have to guess you're mistaken. Just seemed pointless to me to take it if I am eating this way. I will start it again when I am ready to work on getting some more weight off. Maybe today, in fact... since I am feeling a lot more content about food choices and think I will start cooking healthier, lower carb foods again. Oh... and today I am 182.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader. I seem to remember you eating 1000 or 1200 calories a day and not being able to lose weight. And weren't you metabolism tested that you had to eat less than 1400 calories while exercising to lose at all? How is it possible that you are not gaining now, when you weigh so much less than you did then? Are you exercising at all? Do you ever count calories? How many do you think you eat a day?

Anonymous said...

I am the same height and weight as you, and am both younger and exercise vigorously at least five days a week. If I eat more than 1500 calories a day, I gain. You're super lucky that eating this way hasn't resulted in a massive gain, but I hope you start focusing on whole, healthy foods and exercise rather than focusing on cinnamon rolls.

Lyn said...

LTR Anon~

Sounds about right. I am not exercising, aside from walks, yard work, and the occasional bike ride, and I am not counting calories. I do think eating more over a long period helped, and so has not stressing about food (less cortisol, right?)

younger, more vigorous Anon~

I don't think it's luck. I think it's the result of a lot of mental and physical work over the past couple of years. If it was luck, I'd have weighed 185 instead of 240+ when I was eating this way before. Also, the wonderful thing about this way of eating is that it takes the focus *off* cinnamon rolls. I ate them, they were just food, like oranges or a sandwich. I enjoyed them and did not have to obsess over them before, during, or after. If there is any magic in what I am doing, that's it. (If you *really* want to see focus on cinnamon rolls, you should have seen me at the mall at 275 pounds heading for that Cinnabon store!!!!!!)

Amy said...

I love that you are making peace with food and listening to your body. It sounds like your mind is in a healhty place and you are maintaining. I know you have said when you eat those higher carb things you eat smaller servings and space them out, that sounds like how normal people eat. Sounds like you are in a much better place and doing great! Onward!