Sunday, September 9, 2018

Down, Up, Swinging

This morning when I got on the scale, I knew it would be up a bit. Yesterday I kind of crashed and burned because I have been SO busy, and I finally got a day to just be. And apparently just sitting around for half the day reading and watching TV makes me hungry... or lets me think about food more often. I snacked more than usual and ate some fried chicken with potato salad. I *really* wanted a Snickers bar at one point, which I can have, but I didn't want it badly enough to get in the car and go get one so I skipped that... although I may make some sugar free brownies this afternoon.

Anyway, earlier in the week I got a surprise scale drop and saw 179 pounds! I was really excited to see the 170's again after SO long (last time was over seven years ago). So I spent some time looking back at my blog posts from when I weighed between 175 and 179 pounds and landed on this post from October 2010: Swinging. Wow, I remember that. I remember what being on a swing at the playground felt like. I haven't had that experience in so long. It is just not fun (and can even be painful) to swing when you weigh 250 pounds.

So I walked to the park the other night and got on the swing. In the dark, with no one else around, I was swinging and remembering and feeling. It was amazing. I hope I never let this go again.

Today I weigh 181 pounds, down a pound from last Sunday (and down two from last Saturday). I love how everything is going. I had to sort my clothes AGAIN (I thought I was done with this!) because the weather has changed. It was easy this time since there is only one bin of fall/winter clothing, so all I had to do was pull some of those out (and discard a couple that used to fit in spring but are too big now) and send a few of my summer clothes to the Goodwill box and a few to the one, small, summer clothing bin under my bed. I also had to go back to Victoria's Secret and get a smaller bra because the two I got last January are way too big now, and all but one of the bras I had stashed away and have been using are suddenly just not fitting right. I had to retire one pair of jeans that has gotten too big since spring, and pulled out some new, smaller ones from my dresser drawer. I had to donate almost all of my winter pajamas though... they are way too big!

I am all set now. I have enough to get me through the winter. If I keep losing I am going to need a new wardrobe in the spring! There is not a whole lot left that is smaller. I have not been under 175 pounds in something like 21 years. It sure will be interesting to see a lower weight on me now at 49, versus how it looked on me in my 20's!


Anonymous said...

if you think swinging is fun, you should try one of those BIG slides! haha. Kudos, you have done great.

Diana said...

Hi Lyn, Just wanted to say hi and congratulations on your success. I'm so happy for you. I'm still hanging in at 160-165- It's been almost a year of maintenance. Although I want to lose a few more pounds, I'm pretty happy where I am. I have my marathon in Fairbanks, AK this Saturday. I'm excited and nervous.

I stumbled across a youtube video I thought you should watch. It's really about a sports bra review, but it's so much more. The gal in the video has lost 312 pounds (no surgery), and has a lot of loose skin. I love the way she loves her body as it is now. Loose skin and all. I thought of you and how the last time you were on the same path as now, the loose skin really bothered you. I think you're over that now, but it's a worthwhile video to watch.

Take care and talk later!