Sunday, August 12, 2018


This week I've been a very happy kind of busy. There's lots going on right now and I'm really enjoying all the end of summer fun, getting back into volunteering, and spending time with family. I share my eating on Instagram when I snap a picture and am keeping up with my daily weigh-ins. Today the scale says 180 pounds, down one pound from last week. Feeling great and staying active! I'll get back to writing more when I have a bit more down time; for now, I think I will have some ham and cheese before we head out to the pool. Hope you're having a great summer too!


Anonymous said...

Did you ever get into stand up paddle boarding this summer? You had mentioned being interested in it as an activity/exercise several times prior to summer.

Lyn said...


no I didn't. I only tried it once and realized I do not have the core strength or balance to stay upright and paddle. I will need to work on that first. I'll try again next summer.

MaryFran said...

Keep enjoying summer!!!!!!

Carole Medley said...

Lyn, you are amazing! I need to send you an email. Husband very ill.

Anonymous said...

hi lyn,

what is your long term plan regarding phentermine, I am thinking of using it.

Lyn said...

Thanks MaryFran!

Carole, oh no... I am so sorry. Will email you now.

Anon, I am following my doctor's direction on that, including breaks (am at half dose right now) and if I develop any side effects or if the weight loss stops I cannot take it anymore. Might go off it for the winter if that's what is recommended at my next appointment. Be sure and follow your doctor's advice!