Saturday, August 4, 2018

Happy Bloggiversary: 11 Years Blogging

I can hardly believe it! Today is the eleven year anniversary of my starting this blog. In honor of this, I decided to give a brief overview and some new data about the past 11 years.

In my very first post on August 4, 2007, Why I Am Fat, I weighed 278 pounds. I was so determined to get out of that "hellish nightmare" of morbid obesity!

....insert a decade of blogging here....

In my anniversary post last year, Ten Years of This, I was on the verge of giving up. I had lost 103 pounds, regained 85 pounds (soooo depressing), and one year ago declared that I would not be posting again unless I got back under 240 pounds.

And then I disappeared. I had very little hope that I would actually lose that much weight. I felt defeated. After all, TEN YEARS!! I thought maybe it was time to hang it up with the blogging and just be fat and happy. Eat what I wanted. Get over this ridiculous drive to lose weight. And I tried to do that. But misery followed and after several weeks of gaining weight and feeling a bit lost, I went to my doctor for help... and started on phentermine.

When I finally came back to blogging, it was October and true to my word, I had gotten under 240. I wrote a post called The Next Chapter and have been back ever since!

Today I put all of my monthly weigh-in data into a new graph. I've charted my weight over the years, but a few times I changed charts so never had a complete, current graph of my weight from the start of my blog. But I have one now, and here it is. Eleven years of Escape from Obesity:

long term weight loss chart

As you can see, I marked the three significant periods of weight loss, and between the red lines I noted what method I was using to lose the weight: calorie counting, Medifast, and phentermine. All the time in between was spent trying. 

I am SO GLAD to be at the bottom of that nice big slope at the end. I pray it will continue, although a bit less steeply, and then level out to a nice, long flat line with very little variation. That's going to be the real trick: maintenance.

A bit of additional information my charting software gave me about the 11 years represented on this graph:

Weight change: -96lbs (-34.53% of body weight)
Starting BMI:  44.9 (morbidly obese)
Current BMI:  29.3 (overweight)

Wow. I never thought about the fact that I have lost over a third of my starting body weight! That is pretty amazing. No wonder I feel better!

Well that's enough for today, and probably for tomorrow, too. I will leave my Sunday weigh-in number in the comments tomorrow. Thanks for all your support!


Deniz said...

Wow Lyn! They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and your graph is worth so much more.
It clearly shows why you are such an inspiration to me and to many more people.
This is fantastic! What an awesome journey.
All the best for the next phase.

Lyn said...

Sunday morning weigh-in: scale says 181 pounds. That's down two from last week!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Considering that 95% of people who lose weight gain it back and most of them get even higher, this is fantastic. And you are really close to being lower than ever. I can't imagine how great you must feel. I'm so proud of you! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

HI Lyn,

are you still using phentermine?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lyn - I've been reading your blog for a few years and follow you on Instagram also- so glad to see you in this happy place both physically and mentally! -Beth

Lyn said...

Thanks all! I appreciate the support!

phen Anon~

yes. I have taken breaks, but right now am on it.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, you been at this a long time. Do you think you will be at this forever?

Lyn said...

last Anon~

Yes! I will be working on staying at a healthy weight for the rest of my life. Hopefully not a lot more weight *loss* though. Mostly maintenance once I get to a healthy weight.

Anonymous said...

Are you exercising?

Anonymous said...

when will you post updated photos at 182 lbs. a lot of us would love to see how you look after this weight loss. thank you in advance and congrats on your weight loss.

Anonymous said...

I dont write here very often but I do visit your blog from time to time.
Its been interesting to follow your journey over the years and see today how far you have come.
To be able to turn the last weight gain around once again and loose the amount of weight you have lost lately is something you should be very proud of. Those of us who are in the same boat know how hard this is.

Best wishes from Norway.

Lyn said...

exercise Anon~

Mostly walking, swimming, and active lifestyle. I should start biking again... just busy :)

pic Anon~

Since the start of my blog, I have posted update photos every ten pounds lost. You can look on the left side of my blog where it says "More Update Pictures" and there are links to every set of pics at ten pound intervals from 30 to 100 pounds gone. The ones from this time around say "__ Pounds Gone Again" and the most recent once were taken at 90 pounds gone again, which is when I weighed 188. Here is the link address in case you don't see it:

Next update pics will be when I hit 178, which will be 100 pounds gone. Stay tuned!

Norway Anon~

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. It is hard sometimes, but so worth it to be here again. Best wishes for you to reach your goals.

Betsy Frye said...

I fell into your blog quite by accident (Pinterest looking for Optavia ideas). I went back and read through the last 8 months and when I have more time going to go back even further. Your blog is like you are pouring the words right out of my head and heart. I even printed one particular blog that I want to be able to read over and over. I just started Optivia (based on Medifast) on Monday. First day was okay but yesterday was very rough- headache, runs, just miserable feeling. Today I feel like I could run a marathon (but my knees and back would say otherwise). Thanks you so very much for sharing your journey- it could be mine!