Thursday, August 2, 2018

August 1, 2018: 182 Pounds

Yes! August 1st brought me to 182 pounds, which is a loss of 3 pounds for the month of July! I feel amazing, I am so happy that this time I am not white knuckling it through weight loss, just trying to hang on and force myself to lose more. If I never lose another pound but manage to maintain right here, I will be content! That seems to be the key, for me, to making this a doable-forever way of life.

This week I was wearing one of my usual shirts and kept having to mess with my bra straps and tug at the neckline to keep them from showing. Finally I realized that shirt was now too big on me (and the bra straps could use some tightening, too.) I took the opportunity to sort my very few shirts hanging in my closet, take out 4 that are now too large, plus a sweater that I know has become too big for me. I gave them away to a friend who is also losing weight but is a size behind me, so they will fit her just right. I also heaved a big sigh and decided that my two favorite swimsuits, which I have not worn since winter, really can't be worn anymore by me at all. They are size 20 and 22 but were tight enough to keep wearing for a long time. Now, they hang. Still in great shape, they made a nice gift for another friend who needed them. I am wearing my smaller, size 16 and 18 swimsuits now.

I also got two unsolicited comments this week: "Are you STILL losing weight??" Yes, I am... very slowly! But I guess it's noticeable. Somehow even three pounds in a month is enough to provoke questions! 

Last night I ate a *lot* more carbs than usual, which is something I tend to do a couple times a month. A friend brought some freshly baked, still warm, homemade bread and that is one of my favorite foods that I have no keto substitute for! I had two slices, heavily buttered, one as a snack and one with my dinner. It was delicious! I like knowing I can enjoy anything I want in moderation. No restriction means no stress about food... and no weight *loss* goals means no stress about weight loss. I do have weight *maintenance* range goals and that is working well for me.

I wanted to share some graphs of what my weight's been doing over the past few months. Here are unlabeled, numberless graphs showing my weight each month from March through July:






Each graph is one month long and ten pounds high (ten pound span, top to bottom) so you can see how my weight fluctuates during each month. Weighing daily and graphing it has helped a lot with my peace about weight. Ups and downs are normal for me. It's the overall trend that really matters. If you connected those five graphs together, you'd see that from March 1st through the end of July, I went from 202 pounds to 182 pounds. Not bad, huh?

My maintenance goal right now is to stay in the range of 180-185 pounds. I spent almost 6 weeks in the 184-189 range, so the timing feels right. My new range is just on the brink of the 170's, so if I manage to go there I think that will just be a bonus!


Janet said...


I just finished Jean Kristeller's book, "The Joy of Half a Cookie" and it's all about exactly what you're doing (have been doing) this year! Amazing how a little mindfulness, checking in and self-kindness coupled with a whole lot less restriction can offer the blissful freedom of steady weight loss and maintenance for life. Frankly, this feels way more healing than any other attempt I've ever made.

Doing exactly as your doing, I'm now down 57 pounds since I checked in at Hilton Head Health on May 20th (where I learned how to eat real food, the mechanics of exercise and how to be nice to myself/let go of the negative narrative I tell myself about food and weight). Clearly, I am in more of a weight-loss mode than you are (because I also had/have a lot more to lose) but I couldn't have gotten to this point feeling as free/effortless as it's felt without this new, calmer mindset. When I get to your weight range I will employ this same (your) strategy to approach goal weight SLOWLY and without the rage, hysteria and panic that I felt before.

So grateful to you always,


MaryFran said...

Congrats to ending the month strong and with a loss for the month!!!!

I’m so happy to see you enjoying the process of losing and maintaining!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow lynn that is amazing and you are doing fantastic! way to go!

Lyn said...

Thanks all!


That book sounds interesting! I will check it out. Thanks! So happy for you too :)

Bec Z said...

Hi Lyn. I am so impressed with your tenaciousness! Can you ask a little more about your daily eating? I have been with you the whole way and am trying to duplicate your success, Girl!!!!

Lyn said...

Bec Z~

Sure. If you go back through my posts, I do list and explain what I am eating. Right now it is generally coffee with cream in the morning, a small meal at 11 or 12 (like bacon and an egg with fruit, tuna and cheese with pickles, etc). I have a lot of iced, low carb drinks in the summer like iced tea or coffee with cream, and have them hot in the winter. If I get hungry in the afternoon I have some nuts, or a Greek yogurt, or an ice cream bar (lower carb). Dinner is anything, just moderate portions and usually lower carb options.

Today I had:
several cups of decaf coffee with cream, one hot and the rest iced
iced passion tea with sugar free strawberry syrup
sliced cheese and half a banana with peanut butter on it
2 sugar free cookies
keto bacon cheeseburger casserole and baked Parmesan zucchini

I just baked a keto coconut cream cake and if I get it cooled and frosted soon, I will have a slice of that.

What I eat is probably very different from what you'd eat. I always pick foods I enjoy and don't eat too much (I hate the feeling of being overly full). I walk a lot, stay active, drink a ton of water. I am still taking phentermine most days, so that helps with the appetite. Some days I eat a lot more and other days I'm not that hungry. Today was an average hunger day :)

Anonymous said...

So are you out of keto now that you ate the bread? I would find it hard to go back and forth to get back into ketosis.

Lyn said...

last Anon~

I don't think I am ever in ketosis, and that's not something I aim for. My way of eating is "lower carb" and most days I probably stay under the 80-100g carbs/day that worked well for me back when I was on Medifast years ago. I don't count carbs, I just pay attention to them, read labels and choose things like veggies over pasta and rice. I occasionally have a high carb day and since I am not trying to stay in ketosis, it doesn't seem to bother me. I do eat some keto foods (like the keto cake I just baked and is on my Instagram) and have meals or breads that qualify as keto. That way, it all averages out and my carbs stay low enough for me to feel good and not gain weight.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just scrolled through your Instagram feed (I wanted to see your Keto cake) and I am stunned. I cannot eat those kinds of foods and lose. How on earth can you have all of those rich-looking, delicious-looking things plus homemade bread ??? and all the desserts??? and coffee with cream every day ??? Is there something about phentermine that burns all of those calories up or what? I want your diet !!!

Lyn said...

last Anon~

Well, it definitely is delicious and satisfying food! I know how you feel. I spent years eating far, far fewer calories trying to lose weight and barely losing, if at all. I do think eating more, gradually over time, helped fix that. And my doctor says phentermine can also help a slow metabolism get back to normal. But no, it doesn't burn the calories for me.

One thing to remember is that I no longer eat all day long. For example, it is after 11am and all I have had is a cup of coffee with cream and lots of water. I will have a little something in an hour or so. Most of my eating (the biggest meal - dinner, and any desserts or snacky things) is eaten between 5 and 8 pm. That's when I will be eating my spaghetti squash with meatballs and sauce and keto garlic bread tonight, and probably another slice of that cake. I maybe have something at 3 or 4 o'clock but it will be small and likely under 250 calories max. Also note that I usually eat small portions. They may look like a lot in a photo but it's really not (like 1/4 c of mashed potatoes).