Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What Maintenance Looks Like, Charted Edition

For just over 3 months now, I've been maintaining very well within a ten-pound window after losing a whole lot of weight over the last 11 months. Since late last August, I have gone from 258 pounds to 185 pounds, a total difference of 73 pounds (and a loss of 93 pounds since I started blogging at 278 pounds). So without further delay, here is my charted weight over the last 90 days, as recorded on My Fitness Pal:

maintaining after weight loss graph

Now, when you first look at this graph, it doesn't scream "maintenance" at you, does it? There are a lot jumps and dips and variation... not a straight line like we want to imagine maintenance to be. But look more closely. This is *three months* passing, with my weight staying between those two lines of 185 and 195. That is excellent for someone who used to see gains of 10+ pounds in one WEEK at times, not to mention my history of gaining 40 pounds in 3 months before. If you look even more closely, you will see the stages of maintenance in there. For the first two months I stayed between 188 and 195. In the third month, it's shifted downward and ranged from 185 to 189 pounds. I expect to stay within that range or a few pounds lower for at least another month or so.

So no, maintenance is not a straight line. There will always be fluctuation for me. I am looking at the bigger picture, here, and seeing that when there is a small jump up, there follows a small dip back down. I don't stay up, or keep going up. I am learning to slowly and gently and CALMLY adjust my eating and activity on a daily basis to keep my weight in the range I desire. I think that will serve me well in the long term.

That's it for now... heading out to have some summer fun!


Amy said...

Yay!! This is so fantastic!

MaryFran said...

That looks like a very healthy chart! And a reminder that our weight WILLfluctuate if we are living!!!

FrenchyMcFrenchcake said...

Is this with you on the phentermine the whole time or off at the end?

Lyn said...

Thanks Amy and MaryFran!


The first week on the graph I was weaning off phentermine. The next 7 weeks on the graph I was off phentermine. The last month of the graph is on phentermine most days, half or full dose each day (varies).