Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Weight Range Helps

In 2010, I got down to 175 pounds from my blog start weight of 278... a loss of 103 pounds. I was so proud of that, and so focused on continuing to lose weight. This time, it's very different. There is something about a huge regain that changes your perspective.

I never thought I'd say this, but my goal is *not* to lose weight anymore. I'm not determined, like last time, to see the number on the scale go down every week. I don't even mind if the number isn't lower at the end of a month. I no longer measure my success by my weight going down, down, down... but I *do* measure my success by the number on the scale. The way I do that is by deciding to maintain within a weight range. Gains are not failures. Fluctuations are not worrisome. I just use that information to make small adjustments with a goal of keeping my weight within my chosen range over time.

This is my practice at maintenance. And heaven knows I need weeks, months, years of practice at maintenance! If I can become good at maintaining within a narrow range, that is success. Because if there's one thing I learned last time around, it's that it is not the weight loss that is most important. It is the ability to maintain.

I started this strategy and new mindset right around the 200 pound mark, and maintained between 201 and 206 for 4 weeks this spring. Once I got to 200 pounds, that became my new "highest acceptable weight" and I stayed between 195 and 200 for about 4 weeks. I made my next "line in the sand" weight 195 pounds; that range lasted for 9 weeks. And just over 2 weeks ago, I set a new range of staying around 184 to 189 pounds and have done that since then (weighing 187 pounds today). See, there *is* a gradual progression downward, still... but that is not the daily, weekly, or even monthly goal. The true goal is to stay in a narrow range, not going above it nor much below it until I feel emotionally and physically ready to be a lower weight. Taking time to adapt and accept my body and being okay with the changes is critical, for me, in keeping off this weight for good.

I love what I am doing, how I am eating, and the way I feel. There are no guarantees against regression and regain, but this time, I am doing everything I can to prepare for a lifetime of maintenance.


Anonymous said...

So is 189 your new "line in the sand?"

MaryFran said...

Very well put. I am still watching the scales and wanting it to go down (I’m a lot higher) but I have been starting to think more in terms of that ‘range’...if I’m going to ‘live’ while I’m losing versus being militant about everything, then that narrow range is oh so important. When I originally reached maintenance mode I had set up a ‘line in the sand range to stay the concept isn’t foreign to me at all!

Lyn said...


Well, this may not make sense to anyone but me, but to me, a line in the sand is "never again." It is where I absolutely will NEVER let myself go above, and as such, I have NO clothes to fit above that weight and it is a point where I put on the hard brakes and do whatever it takes to never go beyond it, even if I have to see a doctor, do something new, anything. That number for me right now is 195 pounds. I have NO clothing that will fit me past that. I see 189 as more of a "top of the range" number right now... a goal to maintain below. But not a line in the sand. I think it's just a slight difference that helps me feel much more able to do this. It would not be an emergency if I hit 190 right now, but it would be outside my maintenance range and require action. It would feel like an emergency if I hit 196 though. I expect these numbers to adjust downward over time, very slowly, as I am able.

Mary Fran~

Exactly! And for me, my current weight range would be completely livable for the rest of my life. Not ideal, but livable, as I can look decent and move quite well and fit anywhere I need to fit, and don't feel huge or exhausted or in pain all the time. Maintaining right here would really be okay. I know weighing less would be even better for my health and joints, so I will keep aiming to slowly lose, but just never being 200+ pounds again would be a major victory!

Anonymous said...

Are you still in the appetite suppressant? If your goal is to maintain, what is the purpose of being on phentermine now? When you were trying to lose weight, ok, but now for maintaining too? Will you ever get off them?

Lyn said...

last Anon~

I do take the phentermine, usually only a half dose in the morning. It not only suppresses appetite, but also helps a slow metabolism get back to normal, according to my doctor. I was off it completely for a month and still lost weight, so I think there's something to that. My doctor is monitoring my use, and says it is fine to be on it at half or full dose as long as I continue to lose slowly (which is what's going on, basically... my maintain ranges drop by 5 pounds or so every month to two months). I will probably use it on and off until I reach a weight that my doctor and I agree on as a true, lifetime maintain weight. Not sure when that will be.

Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog for years. I am so happy for you. For me, it’s a struggle even with the awareness. You give me hope not to give up. I won’t. It is my journey not another’s. Thank you for sharing! I appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

It's so cool seeing your journey. I'm pregnant right now and sitting around 245.... I dream of being under 200 one day! You're an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey.