Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Bit of Gain but Happy Anyway!

Happy Independence Day! I'm so thankful for all the good things in my life, and especially grateful that this year (189 today) is better than last year (253), the year before that (238), the year before that (240), the year before that (242) and two more years prior to that... going all the way back to 2011 when I weighed 183 pounds. And before that, I think 1997 was the last time I may have weighed in the 180's on the 4th of July. Really makes me think about all the time I spent dragging around so much extra weight. How much more I might have accomplished had I not been carrying that extra 50, 60, 100 pounds all that time. I am making up for it now and hope to never feel that loss of control, at least to that extent, again.

I got down to 185 pounds at the end of June (a nine pound loss for the month!) While on vacation I got loads of exercise! More walking and hiking than I have done in ages... and hardly any time during the day was spent sitting (except for some very relaxing chill time by a peaceful creek). The day we came home, I ate way more carbs than usual (ice cream, chips, baked beans, and even some candy) and that, along with more high carb eating the first day or two home, bumped me up to 189. I'm fine with that, feel calm about it but also will be cutting my carbs and portions way back again starting tomorrow... because today is going to involve some small portions of higher carb foods (macaroni salad, and homemade cake) but then back to the usual lower-carb, small portion way of eating.

I hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled, peaceful holiday surrounded by people you love and covered in a sense of joy for the blessed life you have!


Bloggophereo said...

random question... why did that drug (phentamine?) work so well? For it's appetite suppressant properties, because it made you burn more calories during the day, was it some third reason?


Lyn said...


I am sure it's a combination of things. It does suppress my appetite so I can eat less food, less often without hunger. My doctor said it also speeds up metabolism and can help repair a slowed metabolism, even after not taking it anymore (which makes sense, as I lost 7 pounds while weaning off phentermine).

MaryFran said...

I love this post! For a couple reasons, one because it shows how far you’ve come, the ups and the downs. Next because it shows great hope for the future. And last but not least, it shows that you’re OK with life happening… Such as a little game… Life happens and you pick yourself up and clean it up and reverse it I love it!

Anonymous said...

Lyn, you are a rockstar! It was thrilling to read how you are worlds ahead this year of all those other Independence Days. I think it’s time for you to confidently declare your independence from obesity! Woot! Woot! Do not worry about a slight temporary gain. Everyone has those, I think. ~ Lenora