Monday, June 11, 2018

Lose, Gain, Maintain

I'm a day late for reporting my weekly weigh-in, but I *have* been weighing every day as planned and have been charting it in My Fitness Pal. It's been an interesting week. I like to look at data, so a quick rundown on my weight and phentermine use:

My first week on phentermine (August 2017), I lost 8 pounds.
From August through February, I lost an average of 8 pounds/month taking phentermine.
In March, my last full month on phentermine, I lost 3 pounds.
In April I weaned off phentermine and only took it half the time or less, and lost 7 pounds.

When I stopped taking phentermine, I weighed 192 pounds. Since then my goal has been to maintain and stay under my "line in the sand" weight which is 195; whenever I hit that weight it becomes *urgent* to reverse course immediately! Get it back under control! I never want to see the 200's again. Well, since then, I have gotten down to 188 (pics) on the 11th, but then hit 194 on the 17th and took 1/2 dose of phentermine that day to get my appetite under control (that's the only time I took it in May). Got back to 190, then hit 195 on the 29th after vacation, and then spent a week going between 192 and 195. I think it *is* success, because my weight is going to fluctuate a few pounds here and there. But when I got to 195 again last Thursday, I said to myself, "Nope. I am not going to just keep hitting that line like it is a game. Time to get back away from the line." So that morning I took half a phentermine and have been taking it since.

Staying on a half dose of phentermine over the last 4 days got me back to 189 on Sunday, which is also what I weigh today. I am pleased with that and am planning to stay at a half dose for a little while.

Today I went to see my endocrinologist, who was thrilled with my weight loss since the last visit, especially since I took a month-long (plus) break from phentermine! I got a refill and she said I was handling it exactly right by taking it for awhile, then taking a break, and then restarting. She said it is fine to just take it as I feel it's needed, keep tracking my weight, and start losing again when I am ready. She also said that phentermine may "fix" your metabolism so that even after you stop taking it, you're burning more calories than you did before. Makes sense to me!

Going for blood work soon (for thyroid) but everything looks good so far. I'm very happy to be 189 and hope my new range is between 185 and 189 for a month or so!


Carole Medley said...

Fantastic, Lyn, how is the kidney stone?

Anonymous said...

Do you see using/needing this drug for the foreseeable future to maintain your weight and/or get your weight down when it starts creeping up?

It also looks like from your ig that you had some hot dog mash/mix and some pretty heavy barebeque. Other than that, how much produce are you eating?

How is your exercise? Frequency/type/duration/intensity?

Lyn said...


Kidney stones passed! Thank goodness. It was painful.


I will follow my doctor's advice to use it as a tool to keep me from regaining, to periodically take days, weeks, or months off phentermine and see how I do, but if I see the scale going up I will take it to maintain the loss I have. I think as time goes on I will be able to stay off it without gaining for longer and longer, until I don't need it at all anymore. As the weight comes off, I am eating better and being more active.

As for IG, I rarely post my food there anymore because I don't think about it much. I usually get halfway through a meal before I think to take a picture, if at all! Yes, I did have a hot dog, with melted cheese on top, and green olives, watermelon, and a kale/cabbage salad. Not sure what you mean by "heavy" bbq... it was chicken with coleslaw and baked beans. Really good!

Today's main meal was ground beef with gravy, green beans, spinach and strawberry salad, and watermelon. I get my produce in every day :) Exercise... that's another story! I was doing great with my arms and biking but got busy and haven't done that this week. Been walking daily and am on my feet most of the day, plus swimming. I do want to start up the biking and arms again soon.

MaryFran said...

Good job with handling maintenance!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn
I've been following you for years. I think you got it this time. working at maintaining is something new for you and I think it could work to get you to goal. My only question. why have you never allowed your many viewers to see your face? I don't understand that at all. Please enlighten me.

thank you Lyn and best of luck going forward.


Lyn said...

Thanks MaryFran!


When I started blogging I wanted to be 100% honest and transparent about my weight and eating issues, and didn't want people who know me in real life to come across my blog, recognize me, and be horrified at how much I used to eat. That's not an issue now... I openly share my past BED struggles with anyone who is interested in that kind of thing. Now it's just, that's the way it's always been! Maybe I will change it up someday!

16 blessings'mom said...

You are doing really well, Lyn. And I get it with not posting your face, after pouring out your heart and baring your soul, it's hard in real-life relationships. I blog about my cookie cravings then my MIL thinks it's permission for her to "help" me. I am staying here in Oregon for a week with my son and his husband, and they cook! They are opening a restaurant soon, and have to try out all their menu items on my daughter and I this week...the meals, I can handle, but when we get to the desserts...ugh. (But last night we had roasted brussel sprouts with brown butter and pine nuts, healthy and soooo good.) This was only part of a huge steak meal, but these two eat like birds most of the day then eat good homecooked dinners. I want to enjoy my visit, without totally derailing. ugh.


h2oratt said...

I asked my dr about getting this drug and he said no. Wonder how I can get it.

Lyn said...


It can really be hard sometimes! Thanks for the comment :)


Did he say why? My primary doctor offered phentermine to me a few years ago, and I didn't want to try it. I got it from my endocrinologist in August. She is the one who suggested it. I was hesitant, but so glad I gave it a try! I'd say ask your doctor why. Maybe there is something in your medical history that would make it not a good choice for you.

Kathy said...

I too am stuck in the 190s and refused to get into the 200s. I just started back on my blog this week and hoping to find motivation as I try to to get back into all of this again. I also use MyFitnessPal. It really helps me to read others blogs and know that I'm not alone in this Battle of the Bulge.

h2oratt said...

Lyn, he just said it is a very dangerous drug. I have an appt with an endocrinologist so I will see what she says. I want the voices in my head to stop telling me I need to eat. Emotional eating is killing me.