Saturday, May 12, 2018

Update Pictures: 90 Pounds Gone Again

I cannot believe it has been seven years and nine months since the last time I weighed posted 90 pounds gone pictures! But it's that time again... so here I am!


I took these on Friday when I hit 188 pounds. I am wearing size 14 jeans in this picture and short sleeves to show off my arm issues, which I hope will improve over time. I look way better in long sleeves but here's the honest truth! Any old-time readers recognize the shirt?

Also, I took my measurements again. In the last ten pounds I have lost:

1/2" off each calf
1.25" off each thigh
1.5" off my bust
2" off my hips
and 2.25" off my waist!

Wow, I am really shrinking! I did not lose any inches off my upper arms, but I am doing my arm strength training routine 3x/week so I bet things will look better in a month or two. I also bike several times a week for 10-15 minutes and walk the dogs most days too. This weigh in brings me to 3 pounds gone this week. Since Sunday is my official weekly weigh-in, I will update this post if there is a change on the scale tomorrow. I wanted to get this post up one day early since we will be busy tomorrow for Mother's Day.

I  still find it very strange that my last full month on phentermine (March) when I was trying hard to lose weight, I only lost 3 pounds. Then I went off phentermine and started eating more and made a goal of maintaining, and have lost 11 pounds since! It's puzzling in a way, but I think taking the pressure off to lose and refocusing on just *being* has helped. My goal still is not to lose right now, so I am increasing my food intake slightly. I wouldn't mind staying this weight for the rest of the summer while I just work on toning up my arms and legs, being comfortable with my new body, and hoping the skin will shrink a bit. 

I *am* losing more slowly than I did last time I got down to this weight though, which was in 2010 on Medifast. The first time, it took me 90 days to go from 208 pounds to 188. This time, it took me 109 days... so almost 3 weeks slower. But last time I struggled tremendously with the emotions of trying to accept the changes in my body between 188 and 178 as I was not listening to and honoring my feelings but rather was trying to force myself to just keep losing weight. Back then it took me 77 days to lose those ten pounds with a lot of stress and angst (and shortly thereafter, a regain). This time, I am *not* trying to force changes and weight loss before I am ready, so I expect to take much longer to get to the next ten pounds gone. And that is fine with me!

Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me. I am learning so much and am very happy to be in a place of peace and content with my body and my eating.


Susan R said...

You look great Lyn and I see nothing unusual about your arms. I think all of us have something about our bodies that we wish were different and we just fixate on that. I hope one day in the near future you will be confident enough to show your face which I have a feeling is very pretty. Continued success!!

Anonymous said...

You look better than the first time! Way to go. What are you eating to lose that quickly?? I know you have written about your plan but I am interested in detailed specifics.

Lyn said...


Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.


Thanks! I am not counting calories but I can give you a day's menu for a glimpse. I ought to take pics for a week of everything I eat and post on Instagram just for my own reference.

Today this is everything I have eaten:
decaf coffee with sugar free creamer and a second cup with half and half
one egg, 2.5 strips of bacon
iced matcha (matcha powder, water, half and half, stevia drops)
handful of smoked almonds
2 slices of sharp cheddar
a couple of samples at Costco (bite of meat, little cup of salad with Balsamic dressing, a gummy vitamin)
dinner out: 2 hard shell beef tacos with cheese, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream
a 16 oz blended decaf sugar free mocha

I think that's all I had today. Usually I would have had a yogurt or something like that mid-afternoon but I was busy. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I FOLLOW your blog and first time commenting. So proud of your not giving up. LN

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You look fantastic!

Unknown said...

Hi Lyn,
I just found your blog today while searching Pinterest to figure out how to make the oatmeal taste better and found your recipe tips.
You are so inspirational and love your blog! I just started Medifast/Optavia 3 weeks ago. I am hoping to lose 100 lbs.
Congratulations are you amazing weight loss. You look great !

Lyn said...

Thank you for the kind words, Anons and Dana!

Thought I would post another day's intake since the prior Anon asked for specifics, so this is what I ate today:

decaf coffee with sugar free creamer (2 mugs) and a handful of almonds
out to lunch: eggs scrambled with diced ham and topped with Hollandaise sauce, 2 slices of bacon, sliced melon and pineapple, half an English muffin with butter, and 2 cups coffee with sweetened whipped cream
snacks: 3 slices of cheese, one mini dessert (Tiramisu) pictured on my Instagram
dinner: Indian curry chicken with sauce, palak paneer (cheese and spinach), and vegetable pakoras, taste of lamb curry, a small bit of naan bread, cauliflower/sweet potato "rice", and raita.
evening: one mini dessert (pistachio)

This is a lot more than my usual food volume but we had some special foods for Mother's Day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated mother's day, Lyn.

Funny--we took my mom out to Indian food for mother's day too. It was this crazy experimental/modern place. I learned that even expensive restaurants aren't too bad if you don't order alcohol. (My family doesn't drink).


~Oct said...

I've followed your blog for what seems forever but rarely comment. This one is needed and much deserved though. Congrats!!!! I know how tough it is. I've both read your struggle and live my own every day. <3

Carole Medley said...

You worked hard to attain this level of calm, health, and weight. I am super proud of you!

Amy said...

Size 14 jeans means you are shopping in the "regular" section of most places. How fantastic it must be to escape the "Women's" or "Plus" areas of the store! It must feel amazing! So happy you are mentally in a better place this time! Its just plain awesome!

Unknown said...

Hi Lyn,

I've been enjoying several of your recipes for a few years. Just signed up & in to cheer you on where you can "hear" me, and say thank you so much for everything! Sharing yourself, your journey, your meatloaf recipe.....I struggle with you. There's nothing like *being* all good in your skin, it can be so challenging to get there & stay there sometimes, I truly understand. Cheers to you gorgeous!

Lyn said...


Thank you so much! What a nice comment to read first thing this morning! So glad to hear from you, and I hope you'll keep on working at it too... we can't give up, and even just getting off *most* of the weight is such a huge blessing in our health and how we feel. I am so happy with how it's going. Cheers back at you for being a thoughtful and kind person! :)

Heidi G said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I am so happy for you that you have kept such a detailed account of your progress, both good and bad. I, lost on Medifast/Take Shape for Life and got within four pounds of my goal weight of 150. I had lost 61 lbs in 7 months. Fast forward four years, one surgery and regaining back up to 205 lbs. The way you worded your post on regaining the weight is exactly how I feel. Where is the brake pedal?.. I am back on a modified Medifast diet using some regular foods as well. The weight is coming off very slowly this time. But I am vowing to keep going. You are inspiring to me. Thank you for writing and sharing your highs and lows and letting yourself be vulnerable to perfect strangers fighting the same battles as you. Keep up the great job.

Rachel Smith said...

Congrats, Lyn! I used to follow your blog many moons ago. I kind of fell off the blogosphere for a while, but had to check in with my regular blog reads. CONGRATS on the most recent 90 pounds!