Thursday, May 17, 2018


Well I guess this is my chance to practice what I've planned in case of a regain.

Company arrived from out of town and has been staying with us all week, so there's been a lot more food around (cooking three meals a day plus having snacks here... something I don't normally do). We're painting my house and doing lots of yard work together right now which leads to me feeling super tired by dinnertime and choosing to eat things I wouldn't normally have (higher in carbs) as I didn't have the energy to prep my usual lower carb versions for myself. My appetite has been crazy too, with all the physical work I've put in. At any rate, that's just how life goes and it is a joyful thing to be able to work alongside friends and family and to live in a way that feels good. But I did make a line in the sand at 195 pounds, and I am getting too close for comfort.

Sunday I weighed 188 pounds. Monday I saw 190, Tuesday 191, Wednesday 192, and this morning 194. That's a big jump in 4 days! Time to  put my "for the rest of my life" plan into action: hitting 195 is an alarm for me to get the weight back off before it gets out of control. I had chosen 3 pounds as my max regain, too... I am past that already. So here I am this morning putting my structure back into place: lots of water, cut those carbs back out, get the portions under control and throw in more veggies and fruits for a stronger appetite. If I have *any* difficulty putting this into place today, I will take half of a phentermine to help me get my appetite under control. My doctor told me that is better than just struggling and letting the regain take over. Five or six pounds of mostly carb bloat will come off pretty quickly, but 10+ pounds is a hard thing to tackle... plus it makes the clothes fit more tightly and I don't want that!

Now's my chance to see if this strategy that I have in place on paper will work in real life. I know I can gain *very* quickly (I have gained 11+ pounds in a week a few times over the course of this blog) so it is essential that I have a tool that really works and will nip regain in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Will update Sunday!


Anonymous said...

It's always hard to reverse an upward trend because at least for me I don't have that nice confident feeling like when I've been losing weight consistently. It's almost like it's the change that's hard. I think that's why people regain weight sometimes... because so much of our food behavior is grounded in habit, and habits are so hard to uproot once they're there. However, it seems like you have developed good habits in the last few months and have the phentermine to fall back on as well.


Anonymous said...

This is brave to post! I am very curious how your day went?

Lyn said...


so true. I think for me it is ESSENTIAL that I turn it around really quickly and not let days and weeks go by, to get back into bad habits and lose my confidence. I still *look* the same and feel mostly the same, so I just need to change the eating part.


Thanks! Going well so far. Coffee with cream for breakfast, toppings off 2 pizza slices for lunch, iced coffee with sugar free creamer, and taco salad for dinner (meat, cheese, sour cream, avocados, Ranch, plenty of lettuce, salsa). Might have a square of chocolate or a little sugar free ice cream later.

MaryFran said...

You’ve got this!!! Clean up the eating and beef up the activity and get those few pounds off!!!

Laura said...

I'm really happy that you're recognizing a gain and how to stop it. I really hope that your plan to get back on track works and you continue to see success!

Just wanted to let you know, I've been following you since nearly the beginning of your blog and you really are an inspiration to me, especially in that you never give up and your determination helps you to figure out what's best for you and what works for you. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Lyn, I wouldn't get too worried if I were you. You have been losing like a freakin' rock star for 9 months, and losing even when you were intent on just maintaining, which is downright amazing. If I was so lucky as to have friends who would help me out with major house projects like painting, I would do all I could to be hospitable to them and comfortable around them. Soon enough they will be gone and those pounds will fall off just as quickly as they came on.

If your clothes fit the same it's just temporary water weight. You're doing just fine. Relax and enjoy your company! Soon enough you'll be back on your regular regimen.

Cheers and encouragement from Lenora (sorry, not a blogger)

Lyn said...

MaryFran and Laura~

Thanks :) It is really good to have support here and feel encouraged by people who believe in me! I really appreciate it!


Thank you! That is a good "big picture" perspective. My company is still here, probably for another day or two. We had tacos last night which are easier for me; I can just make a taco salad and skip the shells and beans and be lower carb without having to cook anything extra. Not sure what I am making tonight. But I really am enjoying the company!

This "Regain 911" is a little harder than I thought. Eating a piece of cake along with some higher carb choices really ramped up the cravings! I am *really* glad I am dealing with this at 6 pounds rather than 20 or more though. Will keep working it through til the pounds are back off.