Sunday, May 20, 2018

Regain Weigh In, and Now What?

Earlier this week I wrote about how the scale went up 6 pounds in just a few days, but I had a plan to deal with this kind of thing. I figure it is going to happen sometimes over the course of my life; pounds come on quickly for me when I choose higher carb foods during holidays, vacations, or like this week having company here to cook for. So I went from 188 to 194 between Sunday and Thursday. Today I am back down to 192, for a net gain of 4 pounds this week.

When I thought up this "line in the sand, prevent a massive regain" plan, the goal was to catch any regain early and stop it so I don't end up gaining back 80+ pounds like I did last time. It's easier to gain back like that than you might think, especially if your general way of eating is low carb and then you eat some cake or pasta or whatever several times over the course of a few days. That leads to this kind of gain (6 or more pounds) which leads to feeling discouraged and out of control, which leads to more eating and more gain. After 15 or 20 pounds pile on, it feels like a disaster. It seems unstoppable. You have to go up a size in clothes which feels like defeat, and it seems like it will take *forever* to get the weight back off. That's what I need to avoid. Four pounds, I can handle. I look the same. I feel the same. No one is going to look at me at church today and think, "Wow, she has put on some weight!" There is no sense of shame or failure like there was at 20, 30, 50 pounds regained and people stopped commenting on how good I looked and instead had a puzzled, sad look in their eyes when they saw me after a few months and I was all bloated up again. This is better. This is my path to staying sane with weight and food.

So now what? Do I feel a sense of panic because I am 4 pounds heavier than I was last week? No, I don't. I feel fine. Life goes on. I weigh every morning as usual to be sure I don't gain any more. I am being more careful with the carbs and my goal is to cut back on portions and add more produce this week. Before company arrived I usually ate 2 meals a day: one small/almost no carb brunch meal and a bigger meal at dinner that could include some carbs. This week I have been eating 3 meals a day, which I really don't need (it's just nice to sit down with company and eat biscuits and gravy or pancakes and bacon!) They're leaving today, so tomorrow I will go back to the old way and I think at least 2 or 3 of those regained pounds will drop off by next Sunday. I don't really want to get below 188 anytime soon, so there's no pressure as long as the gain stops now.

That's the plan, and it's low stress and allows me to feel at peace with my eating but also lets me have room for higher carb eating once in awhile, with an immediate path forward that hopefully will avoid any big regains for the rest of my life.


Anonymous said...

Do you think the fact that company is there also meant you didn't want to photograph your food (something I never do when other people are around... seems weird) and perhaps less introspection/awareness of what you were eating? Just a thought I had.


Lyn said...


I actually didn't even think about taking a picture of my food this week! I guess I was just not in the "focus on what I am eating" mode, which is basically what you are saying. I agree though, I don't take pics of my food with others around either. Usually I am very aware of what I am eating and how small can I make my portions, but not lately. More preoccupied with all the painting and fixing up and yard work we've been doing. Everything looks so nice and fresh now! Tomorrow, back to routine and I will try to get back in the habit of posting food to Instagram.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have enough sense of urgency about this.

Lyn said...

last Anon~

I think a sense of urgency, for me, includes a bit of anxiety or a state of stress. I'd rather have a sense of calm and peace about it, combined with action.

FrenchyMcFrenchcake said...

I agree Lyn! Who needs urgency?! You’ve lost a good amount rather quickly and no need for urgency. What a weird comment,

PamL said...

Sounds like a great plan, Lyn. You also almost follow an intermittent fasting regimen, where there are times to fast, and times to feast. That's just life. And from what I've read, it happens to everyone that during times of feasting- you gain. Then you fast again, you lose. That's the cycle of life, and very understandable. Live life, love where you are at, and keep on going! Your mindset is admirable!

Cris said...

Maintenance means learning how to stick under your line in the sand number- which you are doing. There’s no urgency needed.

It’s all about taking a small break from the losses, allowing your body a rest from the stresses of losing, and figuring out what it looks like to maintain this size.

You did all of that.

Keep going with the Summer maintenance I say. And if losses happen- great. If they don’t- also great! Lol

Anonymous said...

Numbers are a huge mind**** to me. When I weigh myself I always tend to want to weigh less... in the past that would be like "Oh, I'm 133? I should be 129. Oh, I'm in the 120s? Let's see if I can reach the 110s" and so on down to straight up anorexia. Now that I'm older and have a doctor who's aware of my history, I just don't weigh myself and trust him to tell me whether my weight is healthy [which he says it is]. Unfortunately, I have begun to compete in a combat sport that requires weigh-ins before fights, so I will need to face it eventually. But that's a whole other issue, especially because all the other competitors I know dehydrate severely to make weight too. Blah.

I've always admired that you can post your weight no matter what and don't seem to be triggered by weighing in. That will probably really help you long-term.