Sunday, May 27, 2018

On Vacation

I'm on vacation so just wanted to post my weigh in really quick. I weighed 192 last Sunday, was 190 mid-week, and am 192 today. I am good with that! I don't want to go much above 192 though so will watch my carbs a bit harder for the next week. Meals are provided and generally pretty carby at the resort where we're staying, but I can definitely cut back a bit. We're also swimming a lot so that will burn some calories.

See you when I get back!


Anonymous said...

Lenora here. Have a wonderful vacation! I have read accounts of the regrets people have on their death beds and I'm pretty darned sure no one has ever said "If only I had eaten less when I was on vacation with my family!" Lol! Do the best you comfortably can and enjoy the added activity, the fresh air, the change of scenery and change of routine. Most of all, enjoy summer fun and making memories with your loved ones! We'll all be here when you get back. Take care.

MaryFran said...

Have a fabulous vacation!!!

Lyn said...

Thanks guys, it was great! We got home late last night. Will write about it later!