Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Back! Update.

I am back from our vacation with a 3 pound gain (195 pounds). That makes me a little nervous as it is my "line in the sand" number, but on the other hand, I feel calm about it because I know what to do. I am confident it will come right back off, but I do think I'd like to stop bumping up against that line so often!

We had so much fun on vacation! One of the highlights was when my daughter and her friend were riding go carts and asked me to drive one, too. I said yes! They thought it was great to see Mom getting strapped into that cart and racing around the track with them. It was so fun and I had a great time, and although it took a little effort to get myself up from that low position, I did it! Yet another victory over the old, obese life.

I ate a lot of carbs, truly, including some amazing freshly made peach ice cream. It was nice to have some things I don't usually enjoy, but it also made me more sluggish and the sugar caused some joint pain from inflammation, and I came back ready to get back off the carbs.

That's my update for now. Hopefully the pounds will drop back off again soon and I can get back to maintaining in the 190ish zone.

*Editing to add: looks like I have kidney stones again. I wonder how much the diet change had to do with this? Last time I got them, it was after eating a whole "bunch" of beets AND their greens from the Farmer's Market. Not sure if going from very low carb to high carb + grains + sugar could cause this, but PAIN!!!!!!! Been miserable. Hope it literally passes soon.


Unknown said...

So, where did you go for your vacation?

16 blessings'mom said...

Oh what fun!!! Ice cream is one of my many weaknesses, but this year I've told myself that I can only have it when we go to a certain place that sells this homemade yummiest, creamiest stuff. I'll pass on the regular soft-serve, skip the stuff that's in my own freezer, but if we perhaps go to this one place, I am going to have one. I have considered getting an ice cream maker and making low/no sugar ice cream, but have decided that would be a huge disaster, ha. Anyway, I'm happy to see that you are doing well and are in a good place:)


Anonymous said...

Are you considering going back on phentermine, which is one of the things I think (not sure?) you mentioned when you talked about your line in the sand weight and how you'd deal if you crossed it?


Lyn said...


We went to a resort with plenty of activities and swimming! It was super fun!


Ice cream is one of my favorites too! I pretty much wait for the good stuff like you said... specialty shops where it is made fresh, that kind of thing, and stick to one scoop. At home I have Halo Top and some other lower carb options.


I do have some phentermine but am not taking it at this point. My first step for dealing with weight gain is to cut back on carbs and portions. Since my gains so far have been what I call "carb bloat" (mostly water retention associated with going from low carb to high) that should get most of the gain back off within a week. I will definitely take the phentermine if I have trouble staying low carb or my appetite is driving me crazy and hard to fight. Will watch the scale for a day or two and make sure it is going down; if not, I'll take the phentermine to get back to baseline.

Josie said...

You need to take a look at what maintenance actually is, with fresh eyes.

I'd been a yo-yo dieter my whole life; losing a lot of weight, regaining a lot, rinse and repeat. Maintaining seemed impossible because I was still yo-yo dieting, just a smaller yo-yo. Eating bad food, gaining 3 lbs, promising to take it off, gaining a couple more...getting those off, just to go back up again.

I found that is not maintaining at all.

If you really want to maintain at your current weight (the fact that you want to maintain at 190 lbs is a different issue entirely) you need to eat the same way as you do for weight loss, but add in more calories of the same food. When you eat that way, there really is a sense of calmness.

Anyway, I hope this helps you to look at the big picture from a different angle.

MaryFran said...

So glad you had a great vacation! You can get those three pounds off in no time!!!

Amy said...

I recently heard that certain roller coasters have an oddly high success rate of helping stones to pass. Maybe time for another family trip. Hope you feel back to yourself soon!