Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1: A Better Life

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about how I temporarily went back to wearing looser clothing to hide my body and get a reprieve from the looks and attention of those who hadn't seen me in awhile. Since then I did knock that off and start wearing nicer clothes that fit, but something funny happened this week. I was going out to a potluck and wasn't sure what to wear, so I dragged out the stack of about 6 sweaters I had tried on just two weeks ago before our Ash Wednesday service. Back then, out of the six, there was only one sweater that I thought looked nice on me and I felt comfortable wearing. I stuck the rest back into the drawer for "someday, maybe." Well last night I tried them on again and they ALL fit nicely and looked good enough to wear! I was shocked, because when I last tried them on I weighed 205 pounds and now I weigh 202. Surely three pounds couldn't make such a difference, could they?? But I'll take it. I did notice that three of them were snug enough that I'd have a minor muffin top unless I'm standing up perfectly straight, so those got folded and put into the "almost ready to wear" pile to try again in a week or two. The one I did choose to wear, which I haven't worn in like 6 years (which is the last time I weighed 202 or less), got me some nice compliments and people mentioned that I look good, healthy, happy.

With today's weigh in at 202 pounds, I have a loss of 6 pounds in February. Not bad considering I was off phentermine for a week. I was supposed to see my doctor this week to go over blood work results, weight, side effects, and a plan going forward, but she got sick and had to cancel. I'll see her in about two weeks, but in the meantime she did give me one more refill of the phentermine, so I am good for March and then we'll talk at my appointment about what's next.

I feel happier and more outgoing than I have in years. I am making new friends. People are coming up and talking to me more. I am smiling more. It doesn't hurt to move most of the time, and everyday tasks are so much easier. My life is just so much better *here* than where I was just six months ago... and I hope to never, ever weigh more than this again. Even if my line in the sand becomes "200 pounds," my quality of life will be immeasurably better than it was at higher weights. I am beyond grateful for this second chance at a better life.

weight loss on phentermine
From 258 lbs. to 202 lbs. in six months


Melodie Muraski said...

Any luck in finding a therapist?

Anonymous said...

This is completely unrelated to your actual post but I am curious since you have been taking your medicine have you noticed other behaviours change specifically anything of the compulsive nature?

Lyn said...


Yes, but booked out a bit so on a wait list. Not an ED specialist, but I'll give it a try.


I definitely have fewer of those old compulsive type thoughts to eat just because I saw something that looks good or reminds me of someone/something or everyone else is eating it. It's like I can let go of the impulse a lot more easily than I used to. That's something that improved dramatically over the time I've been intentionally not restricting, tracking, or "dieting" but there is a definite positive effect while on the phentermine as well.

Natalie said...

I think Theresa asked that because phentermine can actually cause compulsive behaviours (not food related) in some people. One of the rarer side effects. It didn't happen to me, sounds like it didn't happen to you. Like you, I lost the compulsive urge to eat just because it was there.