Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Elusive 200 Pounds

We are on the road again, travelling for medical appointments this week, but I just wanted to do a little update about my weight and my thoughts about the elusive 200 pound mark. Actually, 200 is the barrier, and 199 is what's elusive. This week I weighed in at 202 pounds, which is a one pound loss from last week. Slow and steady, right? I am chipping away at these final few pounds that stand between me and the 100's, and I know that when I've gotten to this number in the past, it took me some time to break through. I even decided to stay off the scale the last time I was here, because I thought it might be messing with my head a little bit. But that didn't really work...

The last time I weighed 199 pounds was six years ago in early 2012. On January 1, 2012, I weighed 201 pounds... and it took me THREE WEEKS to hit 199! I stayed around that number (but didn't get below it) for just a couple of weeks before starting to regain all the way back up to 260 pounds, and I have not seen 199 since. That is not going to be my story this time around.

When I get back home I am going to implement that plan I wrote about last month: keep up the walking, do arm/upper body exercises 3 days a week, and bike 3 days a week, along with keeping an eye on my carbs, including more vegetables, and hopefully starting therapy soon. I have one month of phentermine left and I need to not only get under 200 pounds this month but also get all of my healthy habits in place and *strong* so that when the medication is gone, I have the power to keep on going with the weight loss on my own. The drug has already lost a good bit of its effectiveness so I need to get used to putting in more work to get results I want.

I might update my Instagram (lynescapes) from the road but will definitely post an update when we get back. Thanks for all the kind words of support!


Natalie said...

Both times I stopped phentermine I had really bad flu at the time (not caused by phentermine, my family had it too) so I wasn't able to segue good habits into real life, unfortunately. I just went from sick, no exercise, with phentermine - to sick, no exercise, without phentermine! Better luck to you!

Anonymous said...

best wishes for a safe trip!