Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dr. Appointment and Input on Maintenance

Yesterday I went for my regular appointment with the endocrinologist where I was weighed and assessed for how my weight loss is going and how my thyroid and blood sugar are doing. But I also wanted to talk to the doctor about "after phentermine" and "what about maintenance?" So we had a good chat about those things.

She was really pleased with my weight loss, and said my bloodwork all looked great including my thyroid numbers. My A1C is 5.1 and I have no major side effects from the phentermine (heart sounds good, blood pressure is great! I think it was 116/70). She wrote me two more refills for the phentermine, but I told her the weight loss is slowing down and it's not suppressing my appetite as well as it used to. She told me that is normal, but as long as I am still losing weight it is probably helping more than I think.

She told me that I should set incremental goals: the first one should be getting under 200 pounds. I asked what she thought my goal weight should be, and she said I should think back to what I weighed after high school and add 15 pounds to that, which would be in the 155-160 range. She also suggested that even at 170 she would be very happy if I could maintain that weight. She also said that at 185 pounds I would no longer be "obese" by the BMI charts, which could be a good goal for me as well. I think that is going to be my next goal after 199: to get to 185 and stay out of the "obese" category for life.

She also advised me that her patients who weigh daily have much better success at keeping the weight off than those who don't. I already weigh every day, so this is a great confirmation that I should continue. She said when I reach my goal weight, I should set a certain weight that is my emergency action weight... whether it's 5 or 7 or 8 pounds over my new maintenance weight. She said if I hit that weight I have to force myself to lose it, RIGHT THEN. Cut out all the extras, get back to basics, make sure I am exercising, and if needed come in for a phentermine prescription to get it back off. I think it is great that she is open to doing that. She said it is better to go back on it for a couple of weeks if I am struggling to get the small gain off than it would be to keep gaining and end up 20, 30, 50 pounds heavier and having to re-lose all that weight again. Makes sense to me.

Even though I am still sitting at 202 pounds, my clothing is getting looser again... especially most of my jeans. They are to the point that I have to wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat to be able to wear them and not have them too baggy! My measurements must be going down with the increased activity and that's encouraging even if the scale didn't show an overall loss for last week (although I did lose the 4 pounds I gained on our trip).

Feeling good... never giving up.


Anonymous said...

Awesome news. Congratulations!!

Are you taking measurements and tracking the loss?

Lyn said...


Thanks. Yes I am, and I usually post updates on measurements every ten pounds.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I wish I had your doctor. Mine would only give me a 3 month supply as a "head start".

Kendra said...

I stumbled across this blog while looking up Medifast success stories ... I know it has been many years since you did Medifast but once I found your blog I have been catching up on your whole journey, and I love this post so much.

I have been a yo yo dieter my whole life but had a lot of success maintaining my weight loss up until my husband had open heart surgery three years ago. Since then I've gained weight back and have struggled to lose it. I'm losing again and happy with my progress but the terror of "maintenance" is always lurking in the back of my mind and I'm constantly thinking of what my plan will be once I am done losing and it's time to maintain.

Thank you for all your honesty and willingness to share your journey with all of us!!

Lyn said...

last Anon~

I am happy to have her! She's been doing this for a lot of years and sadly has seen way too many people's health destroyed by obesity. She really wants to help me avoid that and works hard to help her patients lose... not always with medication. She also sends them for nutritional counseling and sometimes programs like WW. Great doctor.

Lyn said...


Stress can really mess with weight loss and maintenance plans. Rooting for you to get to your goal! We will figure out the whole maintenance thing together :)

Diana said...

I love this post! Yay Lyn!!!

I agree with your doctor on weighing every day. As soon as I stop doing that, I get myself in trouble.

We must have weighed about the same when we graduated high school (I was 135). I thought a good weight for me would be 150 (I'm 62 now). We're also the same height, 5' 6".

Your doctor sounds wonderful, very understanding. I wish I could find a doctor like this in my area. I've had really bad luck with doctors lately even though I've been going to the same Virginia Mason clinic for 25 years. The medical field is not what it used to be around here.

Anyway, I'm so happy for you. You're doing fantastic!

MaryFran said...

Good job!! And it sounds like your doctor is awesome! She seems quite realistic! And I LOVE that she advises to weigh daily! I know when I was weighing daily I was able to lose and maintain more easily!!

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to share that I've been reading you for a few years now and I appreciate your candor about your successes and failures. I had vertical sleeve surgery four years ago and lost a lot. One third of that has come back (even thought I spend seven hours a week in the gym I eat small amounts too frequently as a comfort/reward) and I asked my doc about phentermine and he was supportive in prescribing it. My journey in becoming healthy is like anyone else's- it's all ups and downs and trying to do our best with our imperfect selves. But your honesty about taking medication gave me the insight to try it as well and I look forward to having more control again. I just started it today.
We are all doing our best with what we were given. I will keep trying in all that I do, as an example to my children and those I love, but also because I am worth it. I fall, but I am worth getting back up. Again and again. And again.
Don't give up.

Lyn said...


She is a great doctor. Much better than the previous endocrinologist who didn't really relate to me as a person. You're sure right about the medical field. Hope you're doing well too!


Thanks! I agree with the daily weighing. Whenever I stop that, I seem to have a head in the sand thing going on.


Thank you for sharing that. I think WLS and weight loss meds have gotten a bum rap as the "easy way out" or a crutch. No one says that about a diabetic taking insulin or as my doctor put it a person taking ADHD meds. You take the medication you need, when you need it, and if it works for you at that time in your life that is great! Losing weight with no support (whether support is a weight loss group, a diet, surgery, or medication) is not somehow better than doing so *with* support. That is how she explained it to me. I wish you the best with the phentermine. It has been a (probably literal) lifesaver for me!