Sunday, February 25, 2018


This week I had a funny experience... kind of a flashback, of sorts. A long time ago, when I weighed 280ish pounds, I had a mortifying experience of getting into a friend's rather small car to catch a ride somewhere, and being unable to buckle the seat belt. I was just too wide with my 58" hips, and after trying several times, I had to give up and admit to my friend, "it won't fit." She was nice about it, but I felt so humiliated. I avoided rides with friends for a looong time after that.

Well, having lost 103 pounds and then regaining back to 260 pounds, I've witnessed these hips getting smaller and then a whole lot bigger again. This week when my car broke down, I called a friend for a ride without even thinking about seat belts or my size. When she arrived, her car was small. As I got into the passenger seat I flashed right back to that day when the seat belt in my other friend's car wouldn't fit. For a split second I wondered if I would fit... if the seat belt would go around me. But in an instant I remembered I am *not* 260 pounds anymore, and fitting is not even a valid concern anymore. I had plenty of room in that seat, and the seat belt went right across my body without any hint of an issue. It felt pretty good and I am so glad I don't have to worry about little things like that anymore.

Last week I went off phentermine and gained 2 pounds. This week I went back on phentermine and lost 4 pounds... those 2 regained pounds plus 2 more, down to 203. Feeling great and eating well! Here's to another successful week.


Susan R said...

That is a great non-scale victory Lyn! Ontinued success!

Anonymous said...

You are so close to the 100's again! I am happy for you.

Barbara Anne said...

Wishing you well! My sweet MIL was on many diets during her lifetime and (with her great sense of humor) said she supposed she's lost her whole self several times while her weight went down, then up, then down. She was in her early 80s when she died but she and her determination won and her last several years were spent at 130lb.

You can do it!

Deniz said...

It is fantastic to see you are doing well and, as always, you are an inspiration to me as you NEVER give up.
I have followed you for a long time and love your 'okay,that didn't pan out so let's get cracking on a different way' approach.
You are inspiring me again (yep, my absence means I have to shed some of my reacquired lbs!) Back to tracking everything I eat and so far, so good.