Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Back On

After making a call to my doctor's office, I decided to give phentermine another chance after my week off of it (and two pound regain). I know I can't be on it forever, and depending on how this goes, I may be off it sooner rather than later. The doctor said if I stop losing weight on phentermine, I have to stop taking it, and if I develop any worrisome side effects that would nix future refills too. So for now, the plan is for me to take it today and see how I feel, and if it feels ok, take it until my appointment next week to see if I am still losing and take a look at my blood pressure, A1C, and other blood work (to be drawn before the appointment) and decide what's the next course of action.

I feel fine about that, and I am not in a panic about possibly getting no more refills of phentermine. I think 5 months is a good long stretch and 50 pounds is a huge amount of progress. I am in a much better position now to keep losing. I have the momentum and motivation because I am *so* enjoying being lighter and smaller. And with those pounds gone, exercise and even daily activity is so much easier for me. I am really thankful for this boost in the right direction and intend to keep it going.

Stuff I have to work on to keep this weight off and succeed at maintenance:

1) Regular exercise. I've started this already and have a checklist for my 20 minutes/day. In summer we will be swimming several times a week (outdoor pool membership). I have not started any lifting. I have looked over the routine I put together and decided I really like doing arm/upper body stuff and dread/hate the lower body stuff. I'm thinking about doing *just* upper body 3 days a week, and biking 3 days a week to get the lower body toned up. I know I need to get back to doing my PT exercises for knees and hips but that's going to have to come later.

2) Keep up the low carb diet. I am doing fine with this and like this way of eating. I am not "keto" because when I eat super low carb I feel like crap. So I do use keto recipes often, especially desserts or for higher carb meal substitutes, but I also eat fruits, potatoes, and higher carb foods sometimes, in small portions. I will keep eating this way. When spring arrives and the farmer's market opens, I'll be shopping there and that has always forced more produce into my diet. I really enjoy prepping local, fresh foods from the market.

3) Therapy. I have done this several times before and written about it on my blog. It was okay, and I learned/processed a few things, but I thrived the most when I was "working through" my emotional issues with food right here with all of you. Writing out my story and my feelings and the whens and whys of my eating habits and disorders is what helped me finally conquer Binge Eating Disorder and then subdue obsessive food thoughts and compulsive eating. I can't say the food thoughts and internal compulsion is completely gone, but it is *so* much less of an issue now. It does not affect me on a daily basis... at all. I feel free. However, every so often I think... there is something. Something that might drive me back to overeating if I got tired of "dieting" or if something happened that threw me into a depression. I watch 600-Pound Life and so many times Dr. Now says to his patients, "You HAVE to go to therapy, or you will go right back to your habits and stretch your stomach back out again after surgery and gain all the weight back." Sometimes their issues are blatant, like sexual abuse or abandonment or the death of someone close to them. Other times it's hidden. I have dealt with all my "big stuff" both internally, here, and in therapy: domestic violence, divorce, religious crap, deaths, miscarriages, etc. But I still feel like there is something. Something not so obvious that is lurking under the fat rolls just waiting to leap out and grab me and drag me back to morbid obesity in my weakest moment. I am not really sure what it is, but I hope to find a counselor who will help me explore this and work it out. I don't even think I need a special "eating disorder" counselor anymore (although if I found one, I'd jump on it!). Maybe just a regular, good counselor could help me work on this so that my maintenance can be successful.

Well that's enough writing for now. Lots to do today. A large dog ran into my knee the other day and hit so hard that I became dizzy, nauseous and sweaty and almost passed out. Pain! It hit right at the kneecap but I iced it and although it's very sore, it's getting better today. Hopefully once that feels better and the weather warms up, I'll be adding daily walks to my activity checklist. Can't wait for spring!


Anonymous said...

That's a solid plan! You've got this!

Anonymous said...

I’ve been reading your blog passively for years and admire your persistency. If I may give you some tips when it comes to motivation - check out Gretchen Rubin “better than before” where she identifies how habits can be developed by different personality types. There are lots of useful ideas how to develop habits in daily life when it comes to exercise, healthy eating etc. I think you would like it.

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on your whole blog and I am officially inspired. If you can do it so can I. I am going to ask my doctor about taking phentermine. Thank you for sharing your story and I love your pictures.

FrenchyMcFrenchcake said...

Lots of therapist do session via Skype now too if you find one that you are interested in. I’m in Seattle and there are quite a few here some with the Emily program and another program can’t think of its name...

Lyn said...


Thanks, I will check into that and see if my insurance would cover it. Good idea!