Monday, January 1, 2018

Weight Loss with Phentermine: Results

Happy New Year! It's a time for a fresh start for many, including those who resolve to work on better health, including weight loss, over the coming year. Is 2018 going to be a good year for you?

Last Sunday I weighed 219 pounds, and a couple days later was up to 220 (after Christmas indulgence). Today I am back down to 217 (the bloat is gone!) which is a 2 pound loss for the week (plus re-losing that extra mid-week pound).

On January 1, 2017 I weighed 260 pounds. That's a loss of 43 pounds for this year... and all but 2 of those pounds were lost over the last 4 months since I started phentermine. So far, the losses have been great: 18 pounds from my start in late August through September, 8 pounds each for October and November, and 7 pounds in December.

As you can see from my weight graph, I've lost pretty consistently. You can see the two slight bumps up (2-3 pounds) for Thanksgiving and Christmas, both of which came right back off when my carb count went back down. I'm still taking the phentermine and hope to continue this rate of loss into spring.

An interesting note: according to my Weight By Year page, this is the most I have ever lost in any calendar year. Second closest was 42 pounds in 2010 on Medifast. I find this way of eating (low carb, low calorie on phentermine) to be much easier than Medifast was, and also I feel it is helping me in several ways. Like Medifast, the small portions I eat on phentermine are causing my stomach to shrink. I cannot eat *nearly* the volume of food that I used to and I am satisfied with much smaller portions. But unlike Medifast, my diet this time around is teaching me more about moderation and choices in real life situations, and takes into account my lifelong history of food preferences and traditions. On Medifast I just had to flat out STOP eating fruit. And sweets. And basically anything that did not come out of a packet or from a strict list of meats, vegetables, and fats I was allowed. With phentermine, I can choose to eat anything. I can have an apple, or a cookie, or a baked potato if I like. I just need to be mindful of those portions, carbs, and the frequency of those choices. Eating this way has helped finish up my several-year-long journey of breaking free from food obsession and healing the emotional aspects of my past disordered eating.

I'd love to hear how you're doing and what your goals are for the coming year. For me, I am excited for the renewed energy spring will bring along with the opportunity to get back outside, walk more, and build my fitness as my weight goes down. Here's to a great 2018!


Diana said...

Great job Lyn! I'm so happy you've found your happy path to weight loss. This is great news and a great way for you to start the new year.

I started Weight Watchers on January 8, 2017 at 218.4. I was 231 in 2016, and I have Weight Watcher booklet to prove it. I weighed in yesterday at Weight Watchers, 167.2 for a loss of 51.2 for the year. I've been in sort of a holding pattern for the last four months, bouncing between 168 and 161, up and down several times.

Right now I need to lose 11.2 pounds to make my goal of 156, and then work towards WW Lifetime (6 weeks of maintenance). 156 is the high end of the Weight Watcher goal range for someone 5'6", and I'm totally okay with being that weight for the rest of my life. I've decided this is my year to get to goal. YOU and me Lyn! This is" our" year!

Vicki Maheu said...

I just restarted my journey today, I too have tried medifast, and it worked at first, but eventually I just couldn't stick with the restrictions. I may take something eventually to help, but right now my doctor says the first step is to get my blood pressure lowered, because if I started taking a weight loss medicine of any kind it would spike to dangerous levels. So for now I've started using an auto cpap to improve my sleep quality and lighten the load on my heart, and I'm walking and watching calories. Once the blood pressure comes down, my doctor says there might be medical help available, though I don't know if what he is planning is Phentermine or something else. At any rate, I wish you all the best in your journey, it sounds like its going well so far.

Lyn said...


Thanks! You have done so well and I agree, this is going to be a GREAT year for us both!


It's so good to have your doctor's support and advice. My blood pressure was a mess the last couple of years... really too high. I am still on blood pressure meds but it is so much lower and under control now with weight loss. I bet yours will come down too as you lose. Let me know how it's going! I wish you the best as well.

Janet said...

I'm so happy for your success with phentermine. I've tried it and had the same success you have; however, I also suffered with headaches during the middle of the night that were real brain-bangers. My doctor assumed these were caused by caffeine withdrawal; however, after doing some research on my own, I found that headaches can be a side effect of phentermine. We tried reducing to half dose but the headaches continued, interfering with my sleep and quality of life in general, so I let the phentermine go and stopped taking it altogether.

I struggled all last year to maintain the 118 pound weight loss I had in 2014-2015. (Full meal replacement Optifast for 16 weeks - lost the first 100 pounds in only 5.5 months). Today, all but 25 pounds are back on. And, while it's distressing, I realized that I've learned a lot on the way (weigh) back up. Perhaps more than I learned about dieting and weight loss on the way down the scale. I'm back to basics and losing the weight again but in a more conscious way, exploring and understanding what this extra weight I allow myself (and it is about allowances) to lose and gain every couple of years (this is my 5th time losing and gaining 100+ pounds and I am 51 - 52 next week).

I love that you're having success - reading along via your blog is very inspiring and I thank you for your courage to share your journey.


Lyn said...


Thanks for sharing your experience. I have been very lucky to have no serious side effects from the phentermine so far. Even my blood pressure has improved (which is one of the things I was concerned about). No headaches from it, but some constipation issues which I deal with by drinking plenty of water, taking fiber supplements, and if I have to I will drink senna tea (which I don't like the taste of, so I try to avoid!)

I think the whole psychology and physiology of weight loss and regain and reloss is so complex. We have a lot to learn about the whys and hows, and hopefully we will figure out the maintenance part as well this time around. I wish you the best!

LuckyMama said...

I'm happy to see that you've had success with phentermine. My doctor also prescribed phentermine for me. However, it did not work for me - it certainly killed my appetite, but it resulted in minimal weight loss for me.

Best of luck for continued success!

Natalie said...

Great work Lyn! I’m excited because I’m going back on phentermine tomorrow. I did three months last year with good results and minimal side effects but the third month it wasn’t doing much for me anymore. So I took a two month break to reset my body (and maintained the loss which made my doctor very happy, I weigh half a kg less today than when I finished the course) and I’m picking up a month’s supply this afternoon to start tomorrow. I’ve been doing ok, but less appetite and more energy make life and weight loss so much easier. I even sleep better on phentermine! And it reduces my peri-menopause symptoms like hot flushes.

Lyn said...


awesome! I hope it works as well for you as it has for me! Good news that you maintained on your break... that's a great sign! I look forward to reading more about your journey.

Nixie R said...

Wow, what a great upbeat post. So happy for you and what a great role model you are for the rest of us. Hope 2018 is the year you reach your goal weight and that is is a great year for all of your family.

John Paul said...

Hi Lyn,

Great work and thank you for sharing your experience. It would be great to know how you feel today with this new body and the positive feedbacks you may have received from your family and friends.

I've only lost 21 pounds in 6 months but I feel so much better. I walk better, breath better, sleep better... everything's better :-)
I must lose 30 pounds more this year. Your post is a great motivator. Thanks.

I think you should contact which is the site from the manufacturer of the product ( to submit your success story. I've heard they pay you something if you've been selected.
Keep up the great job and Happy New 2018 !!!!

Anonymous said...

I too want to try phentermine. Your story is inspiring to me. Do you have any tips to make it work the best it can?

Lyn said...

Thanks Nixie! I feel great!

John Paul~

thanks for the tip! Your weight loss is great and if you feel better already, that's all the proof you need :) This is our year to get this done!


Just drink lots of water and stay lower carb! And my doctor has me taking half in the morning and half around 12-1:00, to keep it working until almost dinnertime. You can ask your doctor about doing that. Some people take the whole pill in the morning but from what I hear, they have more side effects and it doesn't last through the day that way. Good luck!

Layla Foshee said...

I too struggle with the headache side effect. I was just about to post and ask Lyn if she does. I now have mine broken in half and take one about every other day, but I think I may have to stop all together. I can't get rid of these headaches.

Lyn said...


I haven't had headaches on phentermine. I wonder if it has to do with blood pressure. Sometimes phentermine causes a blood pressure rise; have you checked yours? Mine is lower. That's too bad... I do mine half in the morning and half around noon or 1.