Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekly Weight

Last week I went over to a good friend's house for a visit. This is a family we usually see at least once or twice a week, but with the holidays and their illnesses we had not been over in 3 or 4 weeks. When I walked into the house, my friend's eyes got big and she said "Wow! You have REALLY lost some weight!" I said "yes, I have!" She looked me up and down, and even though I was still bundled in my winter coat she said "You look incredible! And I can really see it in your face!" That was a nice confirmation of the changes I've made, and I think was the first comment about my weight loss. I'm down 43 pounds since I started phentermine at the end of August, and 40-ish pounds has, in the past, been about the time people start to comment.

So I weigh 215 pounds now, which is a 2 pound loss from last week. I've had a few questions from readers about the rate of weight loss on phentermine and whether eating "off plan" (indulging in more carby things) over the holidays has slowed my losses. Well, it has, but in a way that is totally acceptable to me. Over Thanksgiving, I had several days where I did not take phentermine and ate traditional Thanksgiving foods, including breads and sweets. I had a 3 pound gain which took me 2 days to re-lose. Over Christmas I did the same thing (a break from phentermine and from low carb eating) and enjoyed any holidays foods I wanted, in small portions, and I gained 2 pounds which took me 3 days to re-lose. My regular losses resumed after both holidays.

Overall my losses have been consistent, after that first week big "whoosh" that often happens when going from high carb to low carb:

last week of Aug: -9
Sept: -1, -3, -3, -2
Oct: -0, -4, -1, -2
Nov: -3, -5, -0, +3, -4
Dec: -4, -2, +1, -2
Jan: -2

Going by calendar months I have lost 8 the last week of August, 10 in September, 8 each in October and November, and 7 in December.  Not bad for two months of holidays! I am excited to keep going and hope to be out of the 200's by March 1.


Anonymous said...

Your weight loss is great. I would like to hear more about your plan for once you have to stop taking the drug (which is how much longer, a month?)

TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Good job on the weight loss!

It's so nice when other people notice your hard work.

MaryFran said...

Great job!!! And yay for having someone see it and actually be bold enough to tell you!!!

Anfisa said...

Yaaay! So happy for you!
How long can you be on this medication?
Take care now!

Lyn said...

Thank you all for the encouragement!

Anon and Anfisa~

I have one more refill left, and then I have to see the doctor again for a checkup. She'll do bloodwork, weight check, blood pressure and heart rate check and ask about side effects. She did not say whether she would refill the prescription again, so we'll see what she says.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

You must be feeling great with the continued weight loss. What stands out for me in this post is the amount of data you now have.

You know how much weight you can lose in 4+ months using a drug.
You know how much weight you lost each week. Pair this with your food log, and other logs (not sure if you track water intake, sleep volume and quality, exercise, spiritual/relaxation activities) and that should give you a template going forward.

You know that going off Phentermine for a short period (2 instances during holidays) does not SLOW your weight loss, but causes a GAIN within the week. You also know that each of those gains took 2 and 3 days each to lose. Again, add this to your template for what to expect for future results.

The only flag would be that immediately going off Phentermine, for a short period of time, yields a relatively high gain (in particular the 3 pound gain). This now gives you something concrete to use as you plan your food / weight loss while staying on Phentermine and eventually going off of it.

Looking forward to your ongoing progress.