Thursday, January 18, 2018

Clothes and Food

About six weeks ago when I weighed 224 pounds, I wrote about how I started getting the smaller sized shirts out of my closet and trying them on... and they all fit. That's been great! But I got another clothing surprise yesterday when I found two small plastic totes of clothing I had forgotten about. None of it was labelled and the sizes and seasons were mixed, so I pulled everything out to sort. There was everything from size medium tops, which I was wearing at 175 pounds, up through a few size XL shirts that were a bit smaller and tighter than the rest. Well guess what, all of the XL's fit! I could probably even wear the size large tops but I figured I have plenty of long sleeved tops now and will save the larges for another month or so. I'm more than ten pounds lighter than I was in December, so my sizes are going down pretty rapidly. I find it a little scary, emotionally, to get rid of the bigger sizes, though. I did that when I lost over a hundred pounds... sold or gave away each clothing size as I shrank out of it. Which sucked, because then as I gained weight back I had to buy new clothes in those big sizes again. I hated that.

I think it is time, though, to go ahead and get rid of the shirts that are too big... all the baggy, super-loose XXL and 1X sized shirts, as well as those size 20W jeans and capris I was wearing in the summer. Now that I know the pain of regaining that much weight, I *really* hope that is motivation enough, paired with a solid eating and exercise plan, to keep me from a huge regain. It makes me nervous, but I just cannot ever get that big again so I may as well get rid of the clothing as a reminder to STOP and get it back off if I ever outgrow my clothes again. But yes, it is an emotional thing for me.

Right now I am wearing size 16W jeans and they are very loose. I have to wash them in hot water and dry them to get them as tight as possible to be able to wear them. I do have some 16's that fit smaller and tighter that I have not tried on in awhile. Soon. And measurements soon, too.

As for my eating, I still post pictures on my Instagram (lynescapes) when I have a meal (I don't post little snacks) or something interesting like a keto dessert. Sometimes I forget to post or am in a social situation and don't want to take a picture, like this week at a potluck. The main dish was pizza and everyone brought a dish to share. I wondered if I'd be able to get enough protein and not many carbs, because we were at doctors appointments all day and I didn't have time to bring a dish to share. Usually if the main dish is something like pizza, I'll bring a protein like deviled eggs, chicken salad, or maybe a keto pizza casserole, but this time I had to take what was there. On my plate was one piece of meat/veggie pizza, a few slices of cheese, some green bean casserole, baby carrots, Caesar salad (no croutons), and a few slices of oranges. Everything was filling and delicious... and I did not eat the pizza crust, just the toppings. We had a great time socially AND I went home nourished. To give a better picture of what I eat in a day, on the same day the only other food I had was 2 cups of coffee with half and half, and the insides of a sausage egg and cheese croissant from a fast food place (did not eat the croissant). That's it for the day.

Looking forward to a nice long weekend relaxing and sorting my clothes to give away whatever is too big!


Journey2Wellness said...

Congratulations! I am looking forward to doing that some day!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're losing fast. I just peeked at your old photos at 208. Do you feel like you look like those photos now? Did the gain and years going by change how you look at or near that weight? Curious to know as I lost 63 pounds over a decade ago, gained it back plus 14, and am trying to lose again. I wonder if I will look as good this time around. Thank you.

Lyn said...


Thanks! I'm sure you will :)


No. I don't feel like I look AT ALL like those 70-pounds-gone pictures from 2010. I think I look WAY fatter now. I am not there yet (to 208) but when I am, I'm going to take comparison pictures and measurements to see if my brain is telling me the truth or lies when I look in the mirror. I also haven't tried on the a.n.a size 16 jeans I mentioned I was wearing in those photos... but I did find them, and will see if they still fit at that weight when I get there.

Anonymous said...

My experience with having lost a lot of weight (140 pounds) and then having regained some recently, is that this time as the weight is going back down, I am indeed larger at the same weight. When I hit 200 pounds down, I have a picture of me wearing a particular dress for a night out. It was my birthday. First I went back up over 200 pounds and then when I went below again, I tried wearing the same dress. I already knew how it would turn out, since I didn't feel like my body was the same. And sure enough, I was larger at 200 pounds the second time. Some how my fat was taking up more space!

What's been interesting is getting weighed by my dietician, where I get the full print out - BMI, BMR, FFM, TBW and body fat percentage. I like comparing all those details and comparing things at both weights like fat pounds, muscle, water, etc.

Nonetheless, Lyn, you are doing well with Phentermine and enjoying all the non-scale victories! Enjoy your weekend with your new-old clothes.

Anonymous said...

No mystery there. With rapid weight loss, you lose a lot of lovely lean muscle tissue, especially if you aren't exercising. That lean tissue is much more compact than the fluffy fat that moves in to replace it. And that lean muscle is SO hard to get back.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon above it’s actually pretty easy to get it back. You just start weight bearing exercise again ... but you are right in the sense that if you stop the exercise it goes away. It’s like hygiene! Can’t stay clean on yesterday’s shower

Anonymous said...

I was directed here looking for a bagel recipe on your IG. I got caught up reading your story and plan to go back and read the archives over time. But the reason I am commenting is to let you know that my doctor has prescribed phentermine for me over the last 4+ years. He started me on it for weight loss, and I lost 62 pounds on it in a similar fashion to you. When I reached his goal for me he told me there is evidence that staying on phentermine long term helps avoid regaining weight and assists in maintaining a healthy weight. I believe him. This is the first time in my life I have been able to keep weight off. He says it is perfectly safe and there is no reason to stop taking it. Ask your doctor to do some research about this. I believe it is better to take a small pill for your health, like a vitamin or thyroid medicine, such as phentermine, and stay a healthy weight than to stop taking it because of worry about nearly non-existent side effects and become unhealthily overweight again. Best of luck to you.

Diana Newton said...

I found Anonymous' comment interesting regarding the long term use of Phentermine, even after you reach your goal weight. I've been sitting at the same weight for months now (165), up and down a couple pounds, but consistently around 165 since August. I'm also 5'6", the same as you, so I want to lose at least another 10-12 pounds. My biggest fear, as I'm sure is yours, is regaining all the weight I've lost.

So I Googled this topic, long-term use of Phentermine, to see if this is something I should look into. There's are a lot of conflicting information. Some say it's fine, and people have used it up to 7 years without any negative side effects. Although there was one case of vision issues caused by it. Mostly I read that they really aren't sure of the long term effects since there aren't any formal studies on it.

Regardless, I'm always suspicious of any drug since our FDA is famous for allowing dangerous prescription drugs to be marketed to the general public after limited research. Remember the Phentermine-fenfluramine debacle? I was part of that disaster since I took that drug combination for 7 months and lost 90 pounds. Fortunately I didn't lose my heart and lungs too, but good grief, how on earth was that ever approved by the FDA I'll never know.

Anonymous doesn't say how long she's been on Phentermine. Taking a "small pill for your health" for the rest of your life when it's a stimulant similar to an amphetamine doesn't sound all that healthy to me. By the way, my doctor also told me Phen-fen was "perfectly safe" and I believe him too.

I know you'll do whatever is the right thing for you, and you're a smart lady. You'll do your research.

On a more positive note, way to go Lyn! I'm so happy you've found a tool that's helping you lose weight. I know it's not magic, that you're doing a lot of hard work. It's good to see you being successful. 😀

Diana said...

PS - I meant "I believed my doctor" - past tense. I'm not sure I trust any of them anymore.

Michelle Himes said...

I haven't checked your blog in several months, and I'm so happy to see that you are doing so well. I lost 66 pounds a couple of years ago, and have put back about 25. I too gave away all my "fat" clothes, and now have had to supplement with some new bigger ones. I hate that I have had to resort to buying new again, and I'm struggling to get the extra weight off. It's harder this time. And I'm less motivated. Which is probably why it is harder. I'm also older (73) and less inclined to "exercise" than I had been. Here's to getting to goal weight and fitting into all our "skinny" clothes. We can do this.