Friday, December 8, 2017

My Food Journal on Instagram

Good morning and HAPPY Friday! I am so looking forward to this weekend and getting into the Christmas spirit. My daughter and I plan to get out all the Christmas boxes after school today and get the house decorated, and then tomorrow my son and his girlfriend will help us go pick out a Christmas tree, load it on top of the car, and bring it home. We'll get it decorated on Sunday and maybe I will even wrap the *one* present I have bought so far to put under it! Yep, I really need to get shopping.

I am feeling so much more energetic with this weight off lately. I love being able to do lots of activities in a day without being completely wiped out, red faced and sweating after something as small as vacuuming or mopping. It finally feels good to move again. If you've never weighed 250+ pounds, you should really try strapping enough weight onto your body to total 250 and then try going about your day. It is exhausting!! Seriously, throw some weights into a backpack and strap it on and go grocery shopping, do some laundry, and vacuum the house. It just about kills you if you can do it at all. I am just so thankful to be back here again, and I know it will just get better as the next 50 comes off.

I've started posting my meals to my Instagram account for two reasons: 1) my phentermine-prescribing doctor told me at my last visit that I need to "journal" my food at least some of the time while I am losing weight. She said I didn't have to measure or count calories if I don't want to (although doing that on occasion will give me useful information), but to at least write down what I eat for what meals. She said when I am off phentermine she wants me to be able to look back and see what was working so I can either copy or modify it for maintenance. So by snapping a quick picture of anything I eat before it goes in my mouth and then posting it on Instagram, I have an accurate record of what I ate each day. And 2) because people ask me what I am eating and this is way easier and less boring than typing it out on my blog all the time. Right now I am posting everything I eat each day and will do that for at least a week, maybe longer. I always start off with coffee, so each day's food is between the coffees (that makes it easier to see what I eat in one day).

If you're interested in seeing my intake on phentermine, my Instagram account name is lynescapes. Here's a link: LynEscapes on Instagram.

Can't wait to see if I reach my secret weight goal by January 1! I'll share when we get there!


Anonymous said...

I love your Instagram! Following!

Anonymous said...

This gives me ideas for my own meals. I hope you will post new recipes as well.