Monday, November 27, 2017


Did you wonder why
All I wrote here was haiku?
Well let me tell you!

haha... well, I enjoyed it, and a few of you told me you enjoyed it too! But the reason I started doing a daily haiku instead of a blog post for the last two weeks is simple: I knew I was going to be really busy and not have much time to write. Plus, my daughter had an assignment to write a haiku about a certain topic for school, and that inspired me to use that format for quick daily updates until Thanksgiving passed and my company went back home. So here I am, back with some time and inclination to write more than 17 syllables.

I went to my endocrinologist today for my 3-month checkup on the phentermine. She had me go for labs a few days ago.. All of the tests looked great! Here's some numbers from past years compared to now:

Total cholesterol (under 200 is desired):
2007: 192
2010: 139
2013: 182
2017: 164

Triglycerides (under 150 is desired):
2007: 112
2010: 66
2013: 40
2017: 77

HDL (over 40 is desired; this is the good cholesterol):
2007: 46
2010: 40
2013: 60
2017: 54

LDL (under 100 is desired; this is the bad cholesterol):
2007: 124
2010: 86
2013: 114
2017: 95

My TSH (thyroid) is much improved at 2.2 (it was 7.9 this June!) and my metabolic panel looks great! Heart rate is good, blood pressure is 116/70, and according to the doctor's scale (and mine) I am down 31 pounds in 3 months.

I weighed 225 before Thanksgiving, ate far more calories and carbs than I have in the few months prior, and weighed 228 after Thanksgiving. I know it's just bloat, but it is important not to let a 3 pound gain turn into five, eight, or ten pounds. I got right back on plan and weigh 227 this morning. I also was running out of phentermine so skipped it one day and took only half a couple of days, too,

About the phentermine: my doctor was very pleased with all of my numbers and to my surprise, gave me a prescription for two more months of phentermine! She told me she usually stops at 3 months, but it is obvious it is still working well for me and I have no side effects, so she thought I should keep taking it. I also don't have to go back in for a checkup for two months, at which time she will do more blood work and see how I am doing. She stressed to me that if I stop losing significant weight or start having side effects she would not renew the prescription. She also explained that sometimes, phentermine stops working after a few months but sometimes all it takes is a month or two off, and then it can start working again. It's good to know that is an option!

So that's about it for now. My doctor did talk to me about making a plan for maintenance, and told me to be sure and journal what I am eating *sometimes*, not for the purpose of staying in a certain calorie range or carb budget, but so that when I am off phentermine I can look back and see what foods, amounts, and times worked well for me. Even without the phentermine I can mimic the "diet" I am on to lose weight. And I can, in maintenance, figure out whether that is a good level to keep the weight off or if I should add back in some calories in the form of healthy food.

I hope your holiday was wonderful and blessed! Stay happy!


Anonymous said...

So happy to see you writing a longer post again. The haikus were a fun change but I was getting worried! We need more details and I wasn't sure how you would fit a doctor's visit details into a haiku, LOL. Thanks for the update. You are doing amazingly well through the holidays and I know the medicine will help with Christmas.

Deb Willbefree said...

Wonderful progress! I'm happy for you.

Natalie said...

Hello! A mutual reader directed me to your blog because we were both on phentermine (brand name Duromine for me) and I really interested to see how it's going for someone else. I had great success for two months with some fairly mild side effects (nausea and dry mouth) then the third month it lost most of its usefulness even with a week break and restarting. So I've finished my course now, lost nearly 10 kg in 12 weeks which is the most I've ever lost on any plan, very happy with that. I may try phentermine again next year (if the doctor lets me) after several months break and hopefully it will work for me again. Glad you are having continuing success.

Lyn said...


So glad to 'meet' you here! I will have to look at your blog as well. So glad it worked for you, even if only for a couple of months, that is a great loss! I do think if you take a couple months off and can maintain that loss, if you go back on it, it should work again. At least that's what my doctor said but I guess every person is different. I would love to get under 200 before having to stop taking it but that won't happen in just two more months, so we'll see. Thanks for stopping by!

LHA said...

I am thrilled for you! Nothing but good news here. I'm so glad your dr is continuing the med and wish you smooth sailing through the holidays. Very encouraging, and the moral for all of us is not to give up, as no matter how you look at it success is still possible.