Monday, November 6, 2017


This week was kind of tiring. I know the shortening of the days and the sometimes-overcast skies tend to make me feel a bit more tired. I used to struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder but the last 2 winters I did not. This year it might be coming back. I've started taking my vitamin D3 and using my sunrise simulator clock, but I might just need to pull out the Therapy Lamp this year to try and get some energy back.

I am doing well with my diet, but have to really push myself to get the exercise in. I have been avoiding the bike (and would honestly rather take a nap!), but will make it a priority this week. I need to get out there and rake leaves, too, but it has been raining so I am waiting for them to dry out a bit. Oh, forgot to post the Sunday weigh in yesterday: 230 pounds, which is a 3 pound loss for the week.

Keeping on... if I can get through the holidays it should be relatively easier to stay on track until spring.


Anonymous said...

You are like 5 seconds away from being into the 220s! Way to go.

I know this sounds counterproductive but if you have SAD you need to eat more fat. Add olive oil or butter to your vegetables and choose fatty cuts of meat. It helps because sunlight and D3 are fat soluable vitamins and will stay in your body better with dietary fat.

Anonymous said...

The holidays are tough. Are you going to prepare low-carb meals, or do you plan to make traditional foods, pies, cookies? How to handle this? Wondering for myself as well, what to do.

Lyn said...

Thanks Anon 1, I especially like avocado so will incorporate it into my diet more.

Anon 2~

I am going to pretty much make the traditional stuff. For Thanksgiving we always have turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, rolls, stuffing, pies, and Snicker salad. I will skip the rolls and have a small amount of stuffing (because it's my favorite!) and other sides with my turkey. I might make some baked apples too, and enjoy that instead of the Snicker salad. Christmas is ham, potatoes, etc and I will probably roast some veggies to have with my ham.

I'm going to make the usual cookies and candy with my family but that's not something I can eat, myself. I think I will look up a keto recipe or two and have those on hand for me. Yesterday I made some low carb peanut butter cookies and they turned out okay.

Anonymous said...

COOKIES? Lyn, WHY? Why are you sabotaging yourself? You've received a great gift in the form of phentermine...this is NOT the time for snacks and treats.

Lyn said...

last Anon~

I'm not sabotaging myself. I am planning for the holidays. I don't live a life where I never see a cookie or cake... in fact, I see them at potlucks. restaurants, and friends' houses all the time. I have to be able to be around those things without indulging. I've had seasons before where I made the usual Christmas cookies without partaking, so I know it can be done, and I can easily fit an occasional low carb treat into my life. It's not sabotage, it's acceptance instead of being scared of food for the rest of my life. (I strive for calmness around eating).

Debbie said...

I have just started to get back on track and reading posts helps. I have to be careful of sugar, cause it is a trigger food for me and will send me on a binge.

Love your post.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you have problems with exercise, because it not only helps with healthy weight loss, but the endorphins can be a big help with SAD or any other depression. I have always thought exercise was the easier part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because you only need to have will power or self control for maybe an hour and you're done for the day. To avoid overeating, you need self control 24/7. My doctor used to say that if you've done your exercises, you've done the most important thing you had to do that day.