Thursday, November 16, 2017

Size 16 jeans now,
ten days of phentermine left.
I wonder what's next?


Betsey C. said...

Maybe the phentermine will keep working for you beyond 3 months? I think someone said that in the comments a few posts ago. It's not like there's some magic cut-off! Here's to the phentermine working a bit longer to make your job easier, but in the meantime you are feeling much better! Since this weight loss gig is partially psychological, you will probably be just fine getting the rest of the weight off without the phentermine.

Susan R said...

Congratulations on size 16!! You are making great strides Lyn.
I have been wondering how your daughter is.

Anonymous said...

Bravo on your success so far. I think you should talk with your doctor, assess your side effects, and see if she'll prescribe more. I suspect that's a possibility as long as it works for you and there are no contraindications. My mom was on it for eight months before transitioning to a different weight loss drug (that she's been on for four years), and it was great for her, allowing her to go from 180 to 125 and not regain or yo yo.

When I started taking Adderall for ADD (which works the same way as phentermine), I immediately noticed a drop off in appetite. The extreme effects only lasted a few months, but it's continued to act as a very mild appetite suppressant for the last almost decade, that I know has been instrumental in my leaving obesity and maintaining a healthy weight. It was suddenly "Ah. I wonder if this is how others feel- not obsessed with food/hunger all the time." Whatever checmical reactions it causes make me feel normal when it comes to food, for the first time in my life, which has been such a relief. I mean, honestly, the weight loss is great, but the obsession with food- the fact that it was always there, either as an active thought, or somewhere present, in the background of my brain, was maddening. So much freedom.

There's a lot of baggage around medications that help you lose weight- thoughts that you're "cheating"- that weight loss should be solely about mastering will power- a history of some unsafe drugs, etc. But think how quickly you'd take medicine for any other health problem. Sure you'd want to know about safety risks, but if fixing a health problem meant taking a medication, you almost certainly would.

If you do go off phentermine, steel yourself for food obsession to a crazy degree. I'm not trying to scare you, but the reason most people gain the weight back so quickly when they go off it, is not because they return to "normal" eating patterns. At least for me, when I've gone off Adderall, I become this ravenous, insatiable beast of a person. Food turns from something I can make conscious choices about to almost this physiological impulse. It's intense and demoralizing, but I've gone of Adderall a few times in the last several years, and being prepared for it has helped.