Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November 1, 2017: 232 Pounds

Good morning and happy November! Yesterday was Halloween and there is still a large pile of candy on my dining room table, but I decided last night that I didn't want any of it. And guess what... my daughter didn't really go for it either. After we attended a Halloween party (where both of us decided to forgo the hot dog and chips dinner and the frosted sugar cookies), my girl went out with friends for an ice cream and I came home to relax with a cup of tea. I had decided ahead of time that I would really enjoy a fun-sized Butterfinger, but I didn't see any yesterday and it wasn't important enough to go looking.

This morning I weighed in at 232 pounds. That's 8 pounds lost in October and still going strong. I have not had a monthly weigh in this low in about 18 months and it feels good. I'll just keep plugging along with my phentermine, lower carb/smaller portions eating plan, and exercise (biking, walking, and yard work). Going into the holidays it is important to me to stay on track and not get derailed by all of the "special" foods we usually cook and encounter at gatherings and parties. I believe I can get through the next two months not only *not gaining* weight, but continuing to lose at a decent rate.

Off to walk a dog and have some coffee!


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

What are you eating to get these results? I know you say low carb but how?

Lyn said...


Mainly protein and vegetables. I have fruit sometimes and will have a small serving of starch with a meal sometimes (like 1/4 c mashed potatoes).

example from earlier this week:
coffee w/cream
1 egg and 1 sausage patty
sugar free Greek yogurt
a few (like 6) almonds
dinner at an event I was invited to: they were serving pasta with meat sauce as the main course; thankfully they had the pasta and sauce in separate bowls. I took about 1/4 c pasta and a large ladle of thick meat sauce, topped with Parmesan. Had half a plate of green salad with Italian dressing, and some sliced baked apples with cinnamon as dessert. Really good!

Janet said...

First of all, welcome back, I really missed you and have often stopped to say a little prayer that you'd be back - In your own time/on your own terms.
Second of all, congratulations on your recent success with Phentermine.
Looking forward to reading how this works out for you, especially after Phentermine stops working or you stop taking it. Won't bore/intrigue/trigger or upset you with my experience going this route, as you have; we are all unique and react differently... I'll just say that I appreciate (always) your honesty and willingness to share.


Lyn said...

Janet, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! I do worry about what will happen when I stop the phentermine, but for now just try and focus on getting as much off as possible and figuring out how to continue and not regain when I am off it. Really hoping to never have to lose this weight again. Hope you are well!

Susan said...

Hi Lyn! I have begun this journey of lifestyle change and weight loss. I am 51 and started out at 277#. I'm at 252 currently. I look forward to following your journey as I walk through mine! High 5! Let's do this!

Lyn said...

You're doing great so far Susan! I will have to check out your blog. Thanks for the support!