Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Quick Weigh In and I'm Off

Good morning. I am in a bit of a rush this morning but wanted to post a quick weigh-in for the week. This is week 11 on phentermine, and I am quickly reaching the three month mark that my doctor said could mean the end of the drug's effectiveness. So last Sunday I weighed in at 230 pounds (the week before that I weighed 233). This morning I got on the scale and I weigh 225 pounds, which is a five pound loss for this week. I am surprised and happy! This is the most I've lost in a week since my first week on phentermine. I guess it is still effective (and I am still working it with low carb/smaller portioned eating).

And now I'm off. I'm heading out for a long drive (medical road trip) with two of my kids. My plan is to make healthy, low carb choices on the road and at the hotel breakfast, to walk when I get the chance, and to swim in the hotel pool (I might take a nice relaxing dip in the hot tub, too!) See you when I get back!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
Just had a quick question regarding the Phentermine. I know you’ve said the doctor said about three months would be the max, either because of effectiveness or because it’s bad to take it for too long, so is the three months a hard date to quit, or is there an alternative way to determine if the usage should cease? In this post you mentioned that it might lose effectiveness, but how is that determined if you’re still eating right and working out, and thus continuing to lose weight because of those two variables? I’ve been so curious regarding your usage of Phentermine as I’d never heard of it before, so I’m curious to know how the decision is made to quit using it (like whether it’s a time limit thing or more ambiguous than that). Thanks for your continued insight!

Lyn said...

Good morning Anon, from the hotel :)

Apparently some people do take phentermine for longer periods. Some folks have commented here about that and I have found others while researching online who took it for longer term and had no problems. So I will ask my doctor about it when I see her again in about 2 weeks. She had told me it usually loses its effectiveness (and I think that's the experience of most people, from what I have read) but so far it is still helping me. I know she said she needed to weigh me and take my blood pressure and heart rate every month to make sure phentermine is not having any adverse effect on those (in which case I'd have to quit).

I am eating right and exercising, but am losing faster than I normally would so that tells me it is still working (plus the lack of hunger, as it is an appetite suppressant). The last time I ate under 1000 calories a day (on average) was on Medifast, and I did not lose as quickly as I have on phentermine... so I think there is more to this than just diet and exercise.

Hope that answers your question!

Anonymous said...

You answered my question perfectly! Thanks, Lyn! Wishing you continued success!