Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Weigh In

I'm just over two months into taking phentermine and it's time for my weekly weigh-in. This week I have focused on eating as little as I can get by on and increasing my activity so that when I do stop the phentermine, I have good habits in place that I can continue, even if my appetite increases (which I expect it to do, even with low carbing). Walking, biking, and yard work are my main forms of exercise right now, and I have to say everything sure is easier than it was two months ago. I still have pain (mainly in my hips, and more severely in my left hip) but am hopeful that will settle down as I become lighter and strengthen those muscles.

Last week I weighed 235 pounds, and today I weigh 233, for a loss of two more pounds this week. That's decent but I hope to do even better next week. My time on this medication is getting short, and I'd like to be in the 220's before I have to get off of it or it stops working. I have maintained in the 220's for months at a time before (between 225 and 230 for 8 months in 2008-9, for 5 months in 2013-14, and for 5 months last year) so I know it is a weight my body can "set" at (even when I am working hard to lose weight. It just tends to settle there.) So if I can get into the 220's and stay there for awhile, I will be so much happier and healthier than staying at nearly 260 pounds where I started two months ago. I really don't know how I am going to keep losing weight once I am off phentermine though, or if I will even be *able* to keep losing. I know I will keep eating low carb, small amounts, and exercising but looking at my history I think that will probably only get me a maintain in the 220's or a very, very slow rate of loss (like 2 pounds a month). We'll see.

For now I feel good and am happy and am so, so glad my doctor recommended phentermine and that I got over my nervousness and hesitation and tried it. Twenty five pounds off has been a lifechanger!


Anonymous said...

Keep ticking away. Every pound counts. If you can jump to 3 pounds a week (eat no extras) you will be under 200 sometime in January. No cheats, no days off, just work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn. Long time commentator. I have done some calculations for you as this is something I do for clients; consider it a gift.

At 223 pounds, you will lose 3 pounds per week (assuming that is your goal, as you stated you wish to lose "more" than the 2 pounds you lost this week) if you practice the following:

1,000 calories per day with carbs at 20%, fat and protein each at 40%
Aerobic exercise 30 minutes/day, 6 days/week. One rest day.
Strength training 20 minutes/day, 4 days/week.
Lifestyle activity: upright and moving 14+ hours/day.

For lifestyle activity, I find a simple timer is the best way to check this. Set it to 0 when you wake up. Start the timer whenever you sit down and stop it when you get back up. Be sure and stop it when you are driving as well. This will give you your inactive time during waking hours. Add this to your sleep hours and subtract from 24. You need to have more than 14 hours left after doing this calculation.

I hope this is useful and I wish you success.


Lyn said...

Anon 1~

Thanks! I dunno if 3lbs/week, consistently, is possible for me, but I'm willing to try! I am also okay with it if I stay in the 220's for awhile and then start losing again in the spring.

Last Anon~

Wow, interesting. Thanks! That sounds like something I can work towards, at least in part. I appreciate the alternate plan for when I stop the phentermine.

Susan R said...

I am happy for your progress Lyn. So nice to hear your positive attitude! ❤️ Susan

Anonymous said...

There is no rush. Just lose what you can comfortably lose, and focus on not regaining.

Anonymous said...

I have been on phentermine for almost 6 months and have lost 54 pounds with no slowing. There is nothing harmful about taking it longer term, so if your weight loss is going along fine there is no reason for you to stop at 3 months. Ask your doctor about it; why not use it to goal if it is helping?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above me. If the phentermine continues to be effective, it's ok to continue. One technique you can use is to take 1/2 pill one day, a full pill the next. or if you can, cut back to 1/2 pill daily. Some find it as effective a a whole pill. Congrats on the weight loss and I'm so glad you are back and posting again.

Lyn said...

last 2 Anons~

oh, interesting. I was under the impression that 3 months is the limit, but maybe that is up to each doctor. I'll ask her about it. She did tell me it would stop working after about 3 months and that if I stopped losing weight she would not prescribe it even that long. I guess I will find out at my next appointment.

Deb Willbefree said...

Lyn! I didn't know you were posting again! I've been off of blogger for a few months. I'll check in ore regularly now that I know you are here. Another old friend has just started a new WL blog, so I'll want to read her posts, too. Looks like I may be a Bloggy returner.

CONGRATULATIONS on the huge weight loss!!! Happy for you. I'm trying to restart, too. Good motivation to see you having at it, again. :D

Anonymous said...

Lyn, One other option you might have (talk to your dr) The brand drug, Adipex P (37.5) might be effective if phentermine loses it's effect. It works a bit differently (no need to wait 2 hours after eating to take it, for example.

One more comment on the 3 months - most insurers will continue to approve phentermine/adipex use past 3 months if you continue to show weight loss. So the 3 month rule is a guide, not the gospel :)