Thursday, July 20, 2017

Oh, the Food!

I am really hopeful that this time is the last time I have to lose this weight. I very much want to succeed at this once and for all, even though I know maintenance is the next phase in this journey... a phase that never ends. So far I feel good, I am tracking my calories and biking every day. All I need to do is continue. Sounds pretty simple, but I know there will be hurdles along the way. 

Today I enjoyed
Breakfast: Egg beater omelet with bacon, spinach, avocado, and olives and iced coffee with sugar free syrup and half and half
Snack: protein shake
Lunch: light string cheese, ham, and a peach
Snack: Moon Cheese, pretty good stuff and no carbs in most flavors!! Was out and about and grabbed this on the go. Crunchy and yummy.
Dinner: the last of the calabacita (beef, tomatoes, onions, summer squash, and corn) with a bit of sour cream
Snack: chocolate protein bar

So this was a more processed day because I was busy. I have had a lot going on the last few days. Another day this week:

Breakfast: protein shake, coffee with cream
Lunch at a restaurant: grilled chicken breast over a Romaine salad with Parmesan, bacon, and Caesar dressing. Side cup of chicken enchilada soup. Plain iced tea with lemon.
Snack: sugar free pudding
Dinner (potluck): shredded pork, one deviled egg, spinach salad with berries and red onions in vinaigrette, cabbage slaw in a not-creamy dressing, pickles, asparagus, watermelon, and a Clementine.

Even on days that I am eating out, I am estimating my portions and tracking everything. I stay as low carb as I can while still enjoying every bite!

Tomorrow I only have one appointment so will be preparing all my meals at home, including chicken breasts, salad, and sauteed vegetables. Some cucumber slices with hummus will also be on the menu.

Can I just say that I really enjoy cheese, bacon, avocado and chocolate? I am never going to eliminate those foods completely. I am going to fit them in and lose weight while I eat them. Of these, the most problematic is cheese because I could eat it all day! It's too high in fat (even lower fat versions), sodium, and calories, So I do limit it and watch for weight loss stalls when I am eating it too often. But don't hate on my bacon, avocado, chocolate and cheese! You can hate on my Doritos, but not my fab four.

Hoping the scale continues the trend downward at my weigh in this weekend. I am not feeling restricted or deprived AT ALL and think this has been pretty fun so far! I will enjoy the easier times while I can.


Anonymous said...

Given your happiness with the calabacita, I think batch-cooking might continue to be a good part of your plan. I batch-cook a giant pot of ratatouille (onion, zucchini, tomato, mushrooms, seasoned with fresh thyme and some other spices) almost every week, or some other mixed-together vegetable soup in broth. I literally always have at least one tupperware of this very low-cal, high-veggie mix in my fridge. It makes me feel a lot calmer, because there's always something I feel safe eating and it doesn't require prep each day.

cc said...

some comments:

i think you would do well to establish a quotidian diet that you are comfortable with and that you repeat often. it should be easy to prepare even when life is stressful, affordable, and most of all healthy. then, when there are special occasions like potlucks or dining out, you can just eat what you like in moderation, instead of having to pick the "dieter's choice" and be a little unsatisfied with it. i lost a great amount this way and never gave up cheese, bacon, chocolate, or avocado.

i would also recommend eating three square meals instead of all those snacks. when you have trouble with overreating, it can be triggering to snack all day. i also think you overdo it on the meat and would benefit from getting rid of all fat-free/sugar-free/diet foods. in the end, they aren't helpful. just elimating all the "protein shakes" you've been having and replacing them with sauteed vegetables would be more nutritious and also probably more palatable.

i also highly recommend the app "rise" - you take a photograph of each of your daily meals and send them to a nutritionist, who gives his/her approval and/or thoughts. i used this for three months and lost weight i had never been able to shed on fad diets. meanwhile, i never felt like i was on a diet. that was a year and a half ago, and it's just the way i eat now. i particularly liked not having to worry about counting calories.

cc said...

(sorry comment cut off)

ymmv, but here is what an average week day looks like for me:

breakfast at 7 before work -
1 serving full-fat skyr or greek yogurt (i do either plain or one of the very low sugar flavors of siggi's)
1 serving fruit (i favor berries)
about 200 calories of nuts or nut butter (i like trader joes' prepackaged 200 calorie packs of almonds, as well as their peanut butter with flax and chia)
1 espresso (prepared with my nespresso machine in a flash)

i do not have to think about this at all - as long as i have the ingredients on hand, it takes me just a few minutes to prepare and eat.

lunch around noon at work -
i steam a large serving of a green vegetable (usually spinach, green beans, baby kale, or similar) and something more substantial in the microwave, like a sweet potato or some frozen quinoa. sometimes instead i will have a leftover protein from dinner the night before. if not, i add some hummus or seeds or avocado. i drizzle my veg with olive oil that i keep at my office.

i am bad about advance food prep so this works best for me - just bringing the ingredients to work and cooking there.

snack -
i usually do not eat a snack, but if i'm hungry or going to exercise, i'll have something like a 100 calorie packet of plain oatmeal in the afternoon. sometimes i sweeten it with cinnamon and a drop of stevia, but i prefer it savory style with a bit of trader joe's everyday seasoning.

dinner -
this varies more. usually we will roast a couple vegetables and have a protein. this is very easy and just requires throwing stuff on a sheet pan and drizzling with oil and seasoning. i am mostly vegetarian so it is often tofu, tempeh, eggs, or beans. usually i will have some cheese. sometimes i will have a piece of toast with hummus.
i almost always have about a 100 calorie section of trader joe's 85% dark chocolate for dessert.

drinks -
besides my morning coffee, the only beverages part of my quotidian diet are tea, sparking and regular water, and ginger kombucha for a treat.

lest i sound too smug, i also have a cheeseburger and a coke about once a week, regularly eat things like french fries, ice cream, and pizza with my husband, and go out to dinner with friends to nice restaurants and eat whatever i want a few times a month. i sometimes go on vacation for a week and eat whatever i want. but i am always ready to get back to my "standard" when i return, because it tastes good to me and makes me feel good. when i do deviate from my norm, i try to do so only once a day, a few times a week.

also, for what its worth, i strongly agree with a previous commenter that diet is most important for weight loss. i am able to maintain my weight at the very bottom of my healthy without any exercise (and trust me, i thought for years that this was not possible), just by eating heathfully MOST OF THE TIME. i do believe however that exercise has many other positive benefits and try to fit it into my schedule when i can.

Lyn said...


Thanks. I think you're right. I tend to enjoy the same thing day after day if it is something I like. Today I am cooking onions and mushrooms and mixing that with cubed chicken breasts. Then I will eat it every day, sometimes over a salad, sometimes mixed with cooked veggies, maybe even in a omelet.


Thanks so much for all that good info! I have never heard of that app so I will look into it. Sounds pretty useful! Your meals sound great too. As for the snacking, I was able to stop eating between meals back when I was on Victoza. The doctor said it stabilized by blood sugar and it was truly amazing how I did not feel dizzy or ravenous between meals. I felt fine! I am not taking that now, though, and I am not sure why but my blood sugar swings a bit between meals, even eating lower carb. Some meals keep it steady better than others but a lot of the time I start to get light headed and feel like I need to eat something between meals. I try and keep it fairly low cal though. Maybe as I lose weight and get into better shape, my blood sugar with regulate itself better.

Agree on the exercise, too. I sure don't burn enough calories biking to allow me to eat any extra! It mainly helps my mindset of caring for myself and feeling better. I need it to strengthen my muscles so my joints don't hurt so much, too.

Anonymous said...

Exercise (especially sustained aerobic activity) also improves insulin sensitivity. It's almost incredible to me to see how much better able I am to handle longer periods between meals when I'm regularly doing 30-60 minutes of cardio most days of the week.

Yes, diet is more important than exercise... but exercise can also make it easier to follow a diet.

Anonymous said...

You have your groove on girl! I have been a reader for years and am looking forward to watching you lose it again. Post progress pictures as you go please! Rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am weird but I love hearing about what you ate. It gives me great ideas (I am low carb too). Please do keep sharing. thank you.

Lyn said...

last anon~

Well, today for lunch I had cucumber salad (cukes, onions, sour cream, vinegar, dill, s&p) and chicken breast with light Ranch and bacon bits. Dinner was a hard boiled egg with a big bowl of zucchini "zoodles" mixed with olives, capers, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Really good! Hope that inspires you!

Diana said...

I'm with you on the avocado and chocolate. I'll never give those up. I eat at least 1/2 avocado a day. Love it! I also eat bacon, maybe once or twice a week. I'm hooked on this salad, made with organic cabbage, grass fed pork bacon, avocado, free-range eggs. My favorite breakfast ever - The key to making this salad super yummy is to shred the fresh cabbage (food processor). It tastes so delicious compared to packaged shredded cabbage. So much moister and sweeter. Also, I use the OXO Salad Chopper to chop it all up. So good!

I saw the Moon Cheese at Trader Joe's last week. I was so tempted to buy it. Looked delicious. I looked up the reviews on Amazon and all are very positive. But this comment will prevent me from ever buying it (I knew it would be a problem food for me):

"Crack....absolute, delicious, tasty crack. I'm up to half a pack a day. Found these at Starbucks and gave them a try. Healthy crunchy alternative to chips etc that have a terrific cheesey, salty crunch that's almost guilt free. Thankfully Amazon lowered their prices to beat Starbucks and I ordered 9 bags. I've made myself swear that they will last 2 weeks.....riiiiight."

Anyway, great start to your final weight loss journey. Of course, we both know this is a lifetime thing. Losing the weight is the "easy" part they say. Keeping it off, as we both know, is the real challenge. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried intermittent fasting? I have started doing that. I don't eat if I'm not hungry! I usually eat a meal around 3pm and then a small snack before bed if I'm hungry. I've partnering this with daily workouts and the pounds are coming off! Starting weight: 260 Current weight: 253.2 (lost over 10 days)

MaryFran said...

I am vowing that this WILL be the last time I lose this weight!!!! :-)

M. Muraski said...

No more updates?

Lyn said...

M. Muraski~

I don't see any. But probably eventually!

Diana said...

Just read your last comment and had to laugh. "I don't see any". Glad you're alive and well and will be posting eventually. Me too. Blogging has sort of lost it's charm. It was a really a valuable too the first time around when I was super into blogging, but it's just not what it used to be. People have moved on to Twitter and Instagram. Even Facebook is losing it's momentum. The young people tell me the old people have ruined it. They've move to Instagram and SnapChat. A changing world we live in, but I guess that's what keeps it interesting. I still miss your daily posts. I can't seem to motivate myself to write much these days either. Maybe eventually. Take care and happy summer. Can't believe how hot it is these days. I can hardly wait for the rainy season to start. Can't believe I have an appointment for the A/C installers to come and give me an estimate. I know you're nearby. Hope you're staying cool. Take care and stay cool! :

Anonymous said...

haha, Lyn, I love your sense of humor! Hope to read an update soon and praying you and your family are well. Write when you can!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next post. Hope you are well.