Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Ate

Today I ate:

Breakfast: coffee with half and half, a hard boiled egg

Snack: Chobani Flip coconut almond yogurt

Lunch: some salted beet chips, a piece of bread with smoked cheddar melted on it, an extra slice of cheese, and iced coffee with sugar free syrup and half and half

Dinner plan is Indian take out. I usually have some vegetable korma and some butter chicken. I bought some bags of frozen "riced cauliflower" at the grocery store awhile back, and will cook that up for myself to eat instead of rice. I am guessing I'll have a cup of the riced cauli and maybe a cup total of the korma and chicken.

My daughter has taken up baking and is going to make a cake today, and I will have a small slice of that.

Tell me: do you think this is moderate eating? Interested in your thoughts.

I also biked 2 miles and hope to do a little more later today.


I have finished my eating for the day and wanted to share my stats from MyFitnessPal:

today I ate
1624 calories
60 g protein
122 g carbs
89 g fat

Goal for tomorrow: more protein, less fat, slightly fewer carbs.

Thank you for all the great comments!


Anonymous said...

It depends on what is in that indian food. Is it cheesey? What kind of vegetables? I think it is balanced otherwise but perhaps have your cheese lunch over some broccoli instead of bread.

Lyn said...


No cheese in the curries; there is a curry sauce on each, and the vegetable korma usually has green beans, cauliflower, peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and potatoes. The butter chicken is made with tandoori chicken breast in a curry sauce. Great idea about the broccoli!

FrenchyMcFrenchcake said...

I usually measure and count calories since it's easy to guesstimate and overeat! When you are not restricting all it takes us an extra bite or 2 to keep from losing. Sounds moderate though

Hillary Gras said...

You should cut out be extra dairy and cheese. Whole Foods only

Anonymous said...

It's the kind of eating I'd see with warning signs all over for me. The kind that, even if you don't go over calories for the day, or trigger sugar cravings, could lead to both things happening the next day.

I'm pretty addicted to sugar though, so "a small piece of cake" becomes more pieces. Unmeasured cream in my coffee, or creamy dinners become the kind of thing it's easy to start being more generous with (like say, having an extra slice of cheese for lunch that wasn't planned, but I figured it's ok, it's moderate- people have an extra slice of cheese.) And one piece of cheese extra, an extra tablespoon of half and half, 3-4 extra bites of cream-based take-out food (generally more caloric/greasy than cooked at home), and a slightly bigger piece of cake than you were planning- that's easily 400-600 calories more food, no bingeing and the menu sounds the same/just as reasonable.

People with lifelong weight problems can't eat moderately. Not over the longterm without a lot of focus and attention. That's the whole problem :-/

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are cutting back but not pre-planning very far ahead. I think it's great to move toward awareness of choices and calorie consumption. Baby steps in the right direction!
I get the feeling of being overwhelmed if I consider a planner and tracker and scale and measuring cups/spoons. It gives me anxiety. Does this stop you from grabbing all the tools too? Not judging just asking if this sounds familiar?
Theresa in Alberta

FrenchyMcFrenchcake said...

Agree with above... lifelong problem. The tricky "moderate eater do this" is a real struggle for me. I do check in with my therapist and other about my plan periodically as my own thinking gets he nowhere good and fast. It's tricky... so whatever works to help navigate... gotta eat!

Diana said...

Honestly, I don't think you're eating enough, and definitely not enough of the right stuff. Are you using MyFitnessPal or something similar to track? I don't see enough protein or enough vegetables. I don't think salted beet chips count as a vegetable. And there's only 6 grams of protein in one egg. The Chobani flip yogurt is 12 grams of protein, but 16 grams of sugar (4 teaspoons) and 240 calories - for a yogurt? What about fresh fruit? I don't see any fruit at all, and it's summer and the fruit is amazing right now. Smoked cheddar cheese sounds delicious but not a food for weight loss. Have you been to the Farmers' Market lately. I think you need to go. :)

Lyn, I know you know how to do this right. You've done it before, I've seen it. I know you're trying, but you have to try harder. I know these words sound harsh, and I'm sorry. But I want this for you as much as you want it for you.

I think I mentioned a couple podcasts I listen to that are amazing, and have helped me tremendously. One is Half Size Me and the other is Mastering Fat Loss Naturally (Primal Potential). Both ladies have lost a 100+ pounds each and have kept it off for several years. The primal Potential lady has some podcast I highly recommend to get you back in the game, episode 124 through 128, all on fat loss. It's really been eye opening to me. Also, Half Size Me talks a lot about maintenance and how you need to take a maintenance break during weight loss. Imagine if you had taken a few months along the way last time and just tried to maintain that loss for a couple of months before you went down further in your weight.

Anyway, you've definitely made some changes but you're not eating enough. You're starving yourself. Your breakfast and lunch are not enough healthy calories to sustain your body. Your body needs good, healthy food to stay strong. Please make sure you're eating enough.

You've got this my friend! I know you've still got it you to do this.
Kind regards, Diana

Lyn said...


Agree, I use MFP to track.

Hillary Gras~

Just curious, are you eating Paleo?


I tend to agree for the most part. I have had periods in my life when I CANNOT eat one piece of cake, because it triggers me to eat and crave more. I've had periods I CAN eat it and feel fine about it. I definitely have to keep an eye on it, and right now the plan is to have a dessert like that only on special occasions (family birthdays etc). But thanks, I will definitely watch it.


That is exactly how I felt about tracking and measuring over the past few years. It was triggering in itself and induced anxiety. That's why I took a looong break from tracking. I am giving it a shot again and so far, it's felt fine. It's kind of fun to see the stats and have data for each week, too.

Lyn said...


I am using MFP and measuring my food with measuring cups/spoons and a digital scale. I will update the blog post with my end-of-day stats.

Thanks for the insights, you're right! I have not been to the farmer's market yet due to having WAY too many morning appointments (3-5 a week for my daughter and 1-2 for my youngest son... plus mine here and there) but tomorrow we only have an afternoon appointment so I will hit the farmer's market in the morning! Can't wait! Hope to show you some improvements over the next few days. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, I appreciate it!

MaryFran said...

I think it sounded moderate and healthy. :-). The big question was this...were you satisfied with yourself physically and mentally!!!!

Josie said...

Nice job! The fact that your tracking and measuring is huge to get you on the right track.

Add a couple more eggs to your breakfast. Up the protein but immense step forward.

Cathy Yonek said...

Everyone is different. The amount of food you are eating is definitely not excessive. When I am being more vigilant about my eating I eat as much cheese and as many eggs as I want, but things like sugared yogurt and sugar free syrups get me too cravy. I LOVE Indian food but most of it is quite carby (well at least the things I like) and I find it triggers me to want to gorge.

Amy said...

For someone who has problems with emotional and compulsive eating it sounds like a day that doesn't end in triggers from deprivation but it is not so far off the rails that it will invite you to binge or throw it all over the edge. You could have eaten Doritos but you went for the beet chips and actually got some nutrients. I guess the real question is, did yesterday make you feel just fine or did any negative physical or emotional things come up? That may be a helful navigator.

M. Muraski said...

More vegetables.....
Less sugar.

Anonymous said...

That's moderate eating for someone who wants to maintain their weight, has no concern about blood pressure, and does not struggle with satiety on a low volume of food.

It's not appropriate eating for weight loss.

For weight loss, you know to base your food around lean protein and vegetables. I'm not sure why you think 1 egg is a reasonable breakfast; it sets you up for hunger later on. Your lunch and dinner are both calorie-dense and low-volume foods--I'd be starving and unsatisfied.

Vegetables. And. Lean. Protein. Those should be the foundation of every single meal. Large portions of both. SMALL portions of fats and starches added on for satiety.

And you should feel hunger for at least a half an hour to an hour before meals. Hunger is NORMAL, especially during weight loss. A degree of bearable hunger is the price you pay for a healthy body. Unbearable hunger, the kind that leads to binges: no. But tolerable hunger is a given that you need to accept.

The way you are eating--highly palatable foods--indicates to me that you're not hungry enough before meals. When you are truly hungry, foods like lean proteins and vegetables taste REALLY GOOD. If you need cheese melted on bread and chips to satisfy you, you are not feeding physical hunger; you are feeding emotional hunger.

Here's an example of how I eat while losing 2lb/week (I'm 5'6'' and 159 right now, was 167 4 weeks ago):

Breakfast: 1 egg and 3 egg whites with at least 2 cups of steamed kale or spinach, 1/2 c cooked polenta or oatmeal with pumpkin stirred in. (400 calories)
Lunch: 4 oz lean chicken or beef, 2c raw vegetables, 2 c cooked (broccoli or something), + sometimes 1 whole wheat sandwich thin to make a chicken sandwich (400 calories)
Snack: 6 oz PLAIN nonfat Greek yogurt with 1/2 banana and 1/2 T peanut butter (250 calories)
Dinner: 4 oz lean chicken or beef, broth-based vegetable soup, salad (200 calories)
and dinner is small becauuuuuse I always have dessert ;) which is sometimes not really a real "dessert" dessert, but I like to put my carbs at the end of the day to help me sleep, so it'll be like, 1/2 c oatmeal cooked with pumpkin and 1 T of cocoa powder, plus some peanut butter and/or chocolate chips stirred in (I'm often under my fat amounts at the end of the day so find it good to get in here). Add Greek yogurt (plain, 0 fat) for protein if I have calories left. (350 calories)

Believe it or not, this adds up to about 1600 calories.
Not the typical brown rice/chicken/broccoli meal plan a lot of athletes use because honestly I prefer oatmeal, but there ya go. I'm not saying eat what I eat; you may wish to tweak for more fat and less carbs. I happen to be healthy and highly active (30-90 minutes of vigorous exercise a day, lifting heavy weights and running, with 1 rest day) and can tolerate carbs very well.

Anonymous said...

Some suggestions:
More food earlier in the day, less food later in the day. More protein (a lot more!). More fruits and vegetables. Less carbs. Less sugar. Less processed food. Fewer grams of fat, and only from healthy fat sources.
Just one example: Chobani plain yogurt is a great source of protein and low in sugar. Their flips, however, do not fit the bill at all. Buy the plain and add some fresh fruit.

Hillary Gras said...

I don't follow it strictly but it has a huge affect on weight loss and healthy gut /digestion. Plus all that cheese... it's just not necessary cals

NicoleG said...

I love those FLIP yogurts! I could eat 5 in one sitting LOL but now I buy fat free plain greek yogurt and defrost some frozen berries (they seem juicier that way) mixed with a bit of stevia and that yogurt mixture has way less sugar. I can't help you with the cheese though since I'm a cheeseaholic.

Lyn said...


Right? Those Flips are yummy!! I usually buy the plain old sugar free Greek yogurts, but my kids like the Flips so I have one occasionally. So good!

Alice said...

Good Lord, this menu certainly did not represent starvation. What starving people do you know who are enjoying cheese, Chobani flips, and butter chicken? And cake? The problem I see is not insufficient calories, it's that most of this food is calorie dense. That means that to lose weight eating it you need to eat a very small VOLUME. You may be getting enough calories, but your stomach might nof ever feel full.

I think you and I are actually on the same page (beet chips are not that filling, pickled or roasted beets would be more filling without added calories from oil), but to say Lyn is "starving" and "not eating enough" could be dangerously misleading. From this menu, I would say cut back on calorie dense foods and eat more foods that give you a lot of volume for fewer calories. (That means stuff like vegetables and soup.) Fat and sugar could still show up in smaller amounts.