Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weigh In

Thank you for all the comments on my Update Photo post the other day. Now I have a non-photo update to make.

Last week I tracked my calories 1 day and biked 1.7 miles. I did not lose any weight.

This week I tracked my calories 5 days and biked 7.3 miles (through Sunday 7/16). I lost 2 pounds.

This is progress. Someone had made a comment on one of my posts last week saying that I don't even have a plan or any goals, like how many pounds to lose each week , losing 10 pounds as a mini goal, or a set calorie and macronutrients goal. So I wanted to clarify that I do have goals! My goals are to not look like this anymore, and not feel like this anymore. In the years of weight loss efforts I have discovered that setting something like "lose 2 pounds a week" always results in my feeling like a failure. There are going to be weeks that, even though I stay totally on track, my body hangs onto weight for whatever reason: PMS, water retention, natural weight loss cycles, sodium, etc. And if I set a pounds-per-week goal for myself, I am going to "fail" that goal at least once a month. I would rather focus, not on the numbers, but on the behaviors. Then the pounds-per-week takes care of itself! I love to look at numbers as data once the weight loss or gain has happened; I always keep track of what I lose or gain each week, month, year. But no, there is no number goal right now. My "behavior" goal this last 2 weeks has been to get used to tracking again, be accurate in my measurements, start using more time and energy towards buying, prepping, and eating healthy options and smaller portions, and getting back into the habit of biking. I'm accomplishing that, and am proud of the progress! Biking almost every day, even if it is just one or two miles, is going to take me in the right direction and help build the habit and endurance to go longer and farther.

Ending this post with a couple things I enjoyed this week:

Spinach, onion, avocado, bacon, and olive omelet with fresh berries (a great breakfast!)

low carb avocado bacon omelet

Calabacita with fresh corn off the cob added (this was so good, I ate it for dinner for 3 days!)

calabacita recipe

I also enjoyed plenty of peaches, berries, a Wendy's Queso bacon cheeseburger with no bun, and one donut. Pretty much everything else was vegetables, beef, chicken, eggs, and the occasional protein bar or shake. I also bought an Instant Pot this week and will be cooking some chicken breasts to add to salads. I plan to eat fish this week too, along with the veggies I'll pick up at the farmer's market.

Here's to another good... even better week!


jirons42 said...

Behavior goals are the best goals to have. That's the kind of thing we all need to learn as that is what will be sustainable over the long haul.

Anonymous said...

That all looks wonderful, Lyn, and I'm happy you seem to be getting more protein. Your omelet-making skills are on point, mine always fall apart.

I'm also glad you were able to fit one donut into your eating plan without either falling off the deep end or beating yourself up. I always thought that when you ate AIP you got way too obsessive and self-critical. I've always been a Weight-Watchers-style 'anything in moderation' type of person. When I try to restrict types of food I wind up overeating the food that I AM 'allowed.' Also, a lot of health outcomes that seem to result from restrictive diets are simply the result of pure weight loss. Losing weight = better health on its own, however it's achieved (within reason).

This is the same anon who was talking about goals before, btw. I didn't mean it so much as criticism as it may have seemed. I totally agree that setting a weight loss per week goal is a bad idea--we don't control that no matter how well we eat!

The only reason I really like mini-goals that are more definite than 'I want to not look like this anymore' is that you get to reward yourself for achievements as you progress. Personally, I get overwhelmed thinking of having to lose 25 pounds, so my first medium-term goal is getting under 150, at which point I'm going to treat myself to an expensive class I've been wanting to take.

Even REALLY short-term, it's a great way to congratulate yourself and reinforce behavior at the end of each day. It seems like the goal you've actually picked is 'track every day'? So you get to feel good about yourself each day that you track. My daily goal is sticking to my exercise plan, plus eating no more than 1600 calories, and I feel great and accomplished a I string together days I've achieved this. If I screw up just one day it's still okay because the next day is a chance to meet my goal again.

Anyway, that's really all I meant by setting goals. Little ways to feel accomplished short-term. Well done on your 5 days of tracking and 2 lbs lost. Cheers.

Lyn said...




Thanks, I didn't take it as overly critical, but I am glad you said something so I could clarify what I am going for. this is pretty different from the last few times I have lost weight, because I am not focused on the weight itself. The weight NEEDS to come down but my mindset is in the process. And you're right, I feel good each day that I succeed at tracking, biking and taking better care of myself... even if a donut is involved :)

I will probably set a calorie goal at some point. I do pay attention to carbs and try to stay under 100 (but on the days I go over a bit I cut myself some slack).

Anonymous said...

Listen, I am telling you if you don't feel bad/ashamed when you go off your plan and have a doughnut, that is a warning sign. You should feel very bad and this should spur you to never do it again. Don't take this as meanness. It is tough love meant to make you think. Sometimes guilt is a good thing. No one needs doughnuts, ever.

LHA said...

Enjoying following this new path on your journey. I totally agree that doing what you know you need to do in terms of eating and/or exercise is really the only important thing. If you do the right things the weight will eventually come off. Weighing infrequently is important to me, although I know others find better success with frequent weighing. Whatever works! When I do weigh and I am sure I have been doing all the things I need to and still don't see a weight loss (rare) I cut down on food intake further and/or step up the exercise and it always works to get the loss going again. My biggest struggle is to do the things I know work for me, every. single. day. Wishing you the greatest success!

Lyn said...

last Anon~

I promise you there is no benefit to self-shaming and guilt over a food choice. I chose to enjoy one donut, fit it into my calories, and avoided junk the rest of the week. My last major weight loss, which got me to 103 pounds lost, did not include ANY wiggle room for ANY carbs, sugar, "junk" etc. Maybe if I had started on the path of healthy eating at a younger age, I would be more able to cut it all out and never have a piece of cake again. But I spent most of my life eating loads of carbs and sugar. I enjoy it. I am going to have it once in awhile. And that is not a moral issue... it's just a dietary choice.


Thanks! I totally agree :)

MaryFran said...

I like your goals! Years ago I had some great success with taking the numbers out of my goals! But they always seem to creep back in!!!!!

Kat said...

Congrats on the loss, Lyn! Small, sustainable changes over time will snowball into an avalanche if you keep it up! Keep tracking and logging as a baseline behavior no matter what is going on around you, and you will weather any storm. Even if I have to log 2,000 calories over my calorie goal one day, I do it, and I see it as info to help me get back on track the next day. Whether I track or not, my body tracks every calorie!

Huzzah!!! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

your food looks ah-mazinggg! You've inspired me to try my hand at omelets. Usually in restaurants they are fluffy and thick. What is your technique?

Anonymous said...

To the 1 donut bashing anon- no one NEEDS a fancy car or fancy house, and no one needs a vacation. Those are all luxuries. Donuts are a luxury that should be enjoyed occasionally, in moderation.

Lyn said...

Thanks all!

Anon w/question~

No special technique. I don't prefer fluffy omelets but you can make them by beating the eggs a lot and then covering the pan when they're cooking. That omelet in the pic is just straight Egg Beaters poured into the pan. I like a thin layer of egg so I don't use a lot.

Anonymous said...

Egg beaters, why not real eggs? :(

Ingredients of egg beaters: Egg Whites, Less than 1%: Natural Flavor, Color (Includes Beta Carotene), Spices, Salt, Onion Powder, Vegetable Gums (Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum), Maltodextrin. Vitamins and Minerals: Calcium Sulfate, Iron (Ferric Phosphate), Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate), Zinc Sulfate, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin D3

Ingredients of eggs: eggs

Alice said...

Yeah, without mini goals / behavior goals, there's no way to know if you're ever going to achieve your Big Goal. "I don't want to look or feel this way anymore" isn't really something you can do a weekly checkup on, you know? You could probably lose 10 or 20 pounds and not see or feel a big difference. I've lost 10 pounds over 2 months and my brain just. can't. tell. when I look in the mirror. But I weigh myself once a week and the scale keeps moving down, so I know I'm getting there.

I don't think that setting a goal of "lose 1 pound a week" is too scary for anyone. If you lose more than that, you can celebrate. If you don't lose weight or you gain, you figure out why. Check out the r/loseit community on Reddit. They can help and commiserate if you hit a plateau and help you figure out if you are retaining water or if you need to reduce calories.

Alice said...

Why is a weekly weight loss goal a bad idea? Sure, you can't manipulate your weight to the last ounce, but if you can't voluntarily lower your weight over the course of one week, why would you be able to in four weeks? If I DO have control over my weight, I should be able to see results from my choices. The only factor I can see messing with this is water retention, but eventually your body will be forced to let go of that (the weight loss community on Reddit calls this a "whoosh").

I mean, if you can't have "lose one pound a week" as a goal, it is highly probable that you will not lose 4 pounds over the course of 4 weeks. You will end up hoping, wishing, praying that someday the weight will come off, always tomorrow.

Why not this week, why not now?

Alice said...

I do think your goal and reward for breaking 150 is a good one, though!

Lyn said...


Eggbeaters are, as you posted, 99% real eggs. The other 1% is mostly spices and vitamins. They are a great convenience food and have a lot less calories than eggs do. As you know I usually eat local eggs from free range chickens, but sometimes an Egg Beater omelet fits the bill.


Losing weight IS the way to achieve my goal of feeling and looking better. That's why I am counting calories, exercising, and making healthier food choices. I don't need a "pounds per week" goal to achieve that; I just need to stick with what I am doing and, since I do weigh every week, adjust my intake as needed to see weight loss over time.

Anonymous said...

oh for heavens sake. Eggbeaters are fine. It is just protein! (Directed at the "anon", not you Lyn).

Anonymous said...

Same anon--well my goal does include an average loss of 1.5 to 2 lb a week. I don't always hit that precisely because weight loss isn't perfectly linear, but I'm down 9lbs in 5 weeks, so pretty close. I think weekly weight loss goals are always hard to hit with precision and are not truly within my control, whereas a daily calorie goal truly is. If my weight loss stalls for more than 1 week I do plan to adjust.

My comment on not setting weekly weight loss goals was a direct response to Lyn. Personally I am in a place to be more "hardcore" with my own loss and feel fine psychologically. And with an average 1.8lb per week loss so far I am doing pretty well!