Saturday, July 15, 2017

Feeling Great!

Wow, I am feeling really good today! I'm even enjoying the tracking, which used to stress me out and trigger me to obsess about food. Now, after such a looong break from weighing, measuring, tracking and dieting, it feels good! I actually think this might be "the start that takes," if you know what I mean.

I think it is fun to share what I am eating and hear what you all think about it in the comments. I get some good information and suggestions that way, even if I don't implement them all. But after just a short time *really* focusing on getting less junk, more produce, and daily exercise, I just have such great energy. I don't plan to share what I eat in every post forever, but I do like putting it out there right now.

So far today I have eaten:

Breakfast: 2 bacon, a peach, and some avocado. Coffee with half and half and sugar free syrup
Snack: another peach
Lunch: an ear of corn on the cob with butter and salt, and a big bowl of salad containing lettuce, onion, cherry tomatoes, crumbled bacon, Gorgonzola cheese, and light blue cheese dressing.

I feel amazing eating this way and not as hungry as I was before. I also biked a mile this morning and will do another ride this evening. Right now it is easier to do short rides because I haven't ridden much lately. I'm sure my strength and endurance will build up just like it did when I first started biking.

My dinner plan is calabacitas made from calabacita summer squash, zucchini, ground beef, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and seasonings. I think I'll just have it in a bowl, maybe with some sour cream. I might also have some baby carrots, berries, maybe a protein bar too.

Enjoy your weekend!


Joanna said...

I am not exactly an expert but you have had no protein at all up to dinner time. Do you have snacks that aren't included here?

Lyn said...


I definitely could have added an egg or some turkey to the salad. Everything I ate is listed here. I checked MFP and it says I had 22 grams of protein up to dinner, so at least that's something. Should try to get more though.

Anonymous said...

Why protein bars? They are high in calories and sugar.

Lyn said...

last Anon~

They're easy and taste good! I don't use sugary, high calorie bars though. I mainly use Wonderslim bars which are high protein, low carb. The one I had today was 150 calories.

Anonymous said...

Errrr not to mention all of the additives and preservatives...

Anonymous said...

You feel good now, and it's easy when it feels good.

The hard part is to eat healthily then you don't feel like it.

The other problem is that you don't appear to have a plan or any structure in place. You haven't set a calorie goal or a goal for what macronutrient intake you want. You haven't set a goal for meal timing or portion size. Heck, you haven't set a reasonable goal for weight loss per week, or short-term goals like 'lose 10 lbs' or something. You know what they say--goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Timely). Otherwise, us people on the internet are going to give you 8 million different opinions on your intake and all of us will be wrong because who even knows your goals?

Your first goal really should be to eat not based on passing whim but based on a reasonable, logical set of principles. For example, every day my meal structure is as follows: I get at least 20 grams of protein per meal. I don't eat more than 25 grams of added sugar per day. I aim for 3-4 hours between meals. I plan my meals for the day. Is it always fun or pleasant or spontaneous? No. So what? Food is not always fun.

PamL said...

Lyn, I just read this article and thought it might have some helpful information. It's about someone with Hashimoto's. It has a lot of links, which I didn't click, but I thought if you were still investigating how to deal with thyroid issues, you might like to read. Sounds like you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

People. It is not that hard. Do this instead.
egg white omelette filled with vegetables for breakfast
huge salad with chicken breast for lunch
baked fish and steamed green vegetables for dinner, with another salad if you like
NO snacks, NO coffee and tea. Water only!
Instead of biking a mile or two, bike for an hour.
The weight will fall off.

Diana said...

Who are these highly critical "anonymous" people that keep posting comments.They sound like they're perfect, model weight loss people. And they're starting to get on my nerves. I think I'll stop reading the other comments and stick to just what I want to say. :)

Lyn - great job! Another day under your belt. Just getting back in the game of trying to lose weight is the hardest thing to do. As far as having a plan, you'll figure that out. As far as a calorie goal or macro goals, you'll figure that out too when you're ready. Right now you're starting over, tracking your food - which as we both know is key. I even track on on days when I overeat, and yes, I still have those days. I am NOT perfect, and I never will be perfect.

I'm just happy for you, that you're trying, and making an honest effort to get things under control. The rest will fall into place regarding all the details. But you're doing this! And I know that has to feel good.

One last comment to anonymous - what's with NO coffee or tea, NO snacks. Just water. Bake fish, chicken breast, steamed veggies, egg white omelette. Are you even human? That sounds so incredibly boring and not maintainable for life. (okay - I know - shut up Diana).

Alice said...

Hi Lyn, I just started reading your blog. I'm losing weight too--just had a baby. I'm not used to weight loss; I've always been very thin. It sure isn't easy!

I have more of a sweet tooth after pregnancy for some reason. My go to snacks when I was younger were always dill pickles or some other pickled veggie--I looooooved sour things. So I am trying to get back to that, since pickles are like 5 calories per spear and that's probably one reason I was so thin. A peach is a great snack! I thought I'd suggest pickles, kimchi, or something like that since they have so much exciting flavor and so few calories. They also don't wake up the taste for sugar and carbs, and fermented stuff is really good for you. But ripe summer fruit is also really nice.

One thing that has helped me so far is limiting variety. For breakfast, like you, I always have coffee with half and half. Then I have ONE food item. Either an English muffin with butter, OR two eggs, OR two pieces of bacon. Then I go until lunch time without eating anything else. It works for me because I don't feel super hungry when I first wake up, so I save my calories for later (while still getting something in my stomach).

For lunch, I found that when I tried to plan something different every day I tended to overeat. So here's what I did: I got a container of La Sabra hummus and some bags of prewashed veggies (purple carrots, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber--whatever). I divided the hummus into three portions and didn't measure the veggies at all. Hummus is very calorie dense, so I needed to ration the container over three days. But the raw veggies are very filling and refreshing, combined with the fat and protein in hummus. I eat this lunch a lot, and I've lost 15 pounds so far.

Alice said...

I mostly agree, but tea and coffee are almost zero calorie before you add all the cream and sugar and stuff. I actually became underweight while drinking endless cups of black tea with skim milk. (I was a poor grad student.)

I also don't understand the fetishizing of egg whites. I am losing weight while eating two whole eggs for breakfast most days. But yeah, the rest of my menu does look more like fish, vegetables, soup, baked chicken. With a TB of olive oil here and there. I have fit snacks into it, but if my weight loss stalled I would ditch them. Sometimes I am bored and want to put something in my mouth, so I have a can of La Croix, which has no calories or artificial sweetener. It's just fizzy water with a bit of fruit flavor.