Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Whatcha Eating? Non Disordered Eating

One of the most frequent questions I get about my blog is, and has always been, "what are you eating?" Whether I am on some strict plan or just winging it like I am now, people want to know what my "diet" looks like (diet in the sense of what I am eating... NOT in the sense of a weight loss diet plan). Well, like I'd mentioned, I tend to avoid sugar or have it in small amounts. This week I started deliberately choosing less carbs. I eat small portions... sometimes just a bite or two of a food I want, and it's enough. I am hoping I can keep eating whatever I like, with no lists of restrictions and no totally off limit foods... and the scale will go down.

I'll just leave you with what I ate yesterday and today to give an idea what this looks like. I don't weigh and measure any of my food so I will just give approximate amounts.


Breakfast: decaf coffee with 1 tsp black strap molasses and some half and half
another cup of coffee with sugar free caramel creamer
one poached egg and 2 slices of bacon

Snack: protein bar and a mug of hot chicken stock

Lunch: Wonderslim (low carb/high protein) cheese steak macaroni
roasted acorn squash with olive oil, salt, and pepper (maybe a half cup)

Snack: a string cheese and piece of beef jerky

Dinner was a potluck:

2 small baked chicken thighs without the skin
a few slices of Bratwurst with a couple bites of sauerkraut
2 pieces of raw broccoli dipped in Ranch
cucumber olive salad in vinaigrette, about a half cup
a deviled egg
a spoon of pea/bacon salad
a very small spoon of fruit salad
a small roll with butter
a few bites of cheesecake, no crust
(okay, so this sounds like a lot of food but it all fit on one regular size plate. Variety, not volume!)

Evening snack: warm milk with honey and cinnamon


Breakfast: decaf coffee with molasses and cream
Egg Beater omelette with bacon, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese
another cup of coffee with sugar free creamer

Lunch: 2 slices of bacon, 1/3 of an avocado, and a Clementine
another cup of coffee with half and half
a couple bites of baked chicken

half a banana with natural peanut butter on it

Dinner (at a Christmas party):
half of a small baked potato topped with a little grated cheese, butter, bacon bits, sour cream, and green onions
half a plate of mixed green salad with cucumbers, no dressing
a small spoon of green bean casserole (the kind with mushroom soup)
dessert was one dark chocolate truffle
decaf coffee with half and half

Evening: hot, plain orange herbal tea and a string cheese

Sound good? It was good! Sound restrictive? Totally not! Of course, both days were a bit out of the ordinary with the potluck and party. Normal eating will have less variety but about the same volume. Notice I am eating a bit of carbs. Yes, even potato... even dessert. But not TOO much carby stuff. I don't eat potatoes, bread, or desserts on a daily basis, but can have them once in awhile. I feel so good, and if this way of eating results in weight loss (even slow weight loss) I can totally, happily, and calmly continue this way of eating for the rest of my life. Guess we'll see!

**Edited to add**

To show what a normal, eating-at-home day looks like I am adding my meals today (Thursday) below for comparison, for those who asked.

Breakfast: decaf coffee with 1 tsp black strap molasses and half and half
protein shake
another cup of coffee with sugar free creamer

Lunch: 2 poached eggs
2 slices of bacon
1/4 of an avocado
1/3 of a Clementine
half a small banana with a spoon of crunchy natural peanut butter
coffee with half and half

Snack: Knudsen Cottage Doubles (cottage cheese and pineapple)

Dinner: Panko crusted chicken with a little bacon avocado Ranch dressing
steamed peas
roasted acorn squash with butter and salt

Evening plan: mug of warm milk with honey and cinnamon

Great day!


Anonymous said...

I estimate that you ate about 2000 calories in that first day (and that's assuming your servings of bacon salad and cheesecake really were tiny). I don't think you'll lose weight on 2000 cals per day unless you become a lot more active. I maintain on 2500 per day, but I run, cycle or swim most days.

Amy said...

I am eating the same way, planned scheduled meals, lower carb, but a bite of something sweet or a handful of chips from time to time. I have been doing this since the end of September with slow and steady results. Just this week I noticed a dramatic difference in my appearance and how my clothes are fitting. I am not exercising or getting on the scale, just basing it on how I feel and look. I haven't been this at peace with food since I was a kid. I think this is the time that noodle's going to stick to the wall! Yay for figuring things out! Yay for peace with food! Stay the course and it will work.

Lyn said...


people have always overestimated my food that I post on my blog. I even had a post once where I shared what I was eating and asked people how many calories they thought it was for the day. All estimates were *way* over. People tend to guess high when they aren't familiar with brands or portions, but when I used to count and track, I measured with a digital scale and measuring cups/spoons and used labels to get accurate counts. Of course, now I am not measuring, tracking, or counting, but I am pretty sure there was nowhere near 2000 calories either day. And as I said, those were party/potluck days so not the usual fare. I will post a usual intake (what I eat today, with no events) for comparison.


Oh that's great! I'm glad to hear that is working with you! Peace is such a wonderful thing, and when it leads to good health that's even better!

Vanessa said...

Today (green bean casserole day) you ate 1,486 calories. Fat made up 52% of your calorie intake. Fat isn't bad, but that is way too much! You have got to source lean proteins. Bacon, bacon and more bacon with cheese is not a good protein source. Stop being obsessed with carbs, vegetables are not the devil. Eat more dark leafy greens (kale, arugula etc.), red and purple veg, grains like quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, eat fish, chicken breast.

Go a few days without bacon or cheese and replace them with things like beans (I prefer the canned ones without EDTA or added salt), chicken breast, shrimp, white fish. Try turkey/chicken sausage if you must.

I get it, I love cheese, like a lot, I love it. But, there are sooo many health alternatives. Example: Looking for something to take to holiday parties that is health but literally tastes like cheese dip? Make this and dip veggies in it:

Also, if you want a low carb, high protein diet, you HAVE to eat more protein. You only got 68g of protein, you need to swap your protein and fat around. You will have to supplement and I'd recommend whey protein. I use unsweetened almond milk and lots of ice with a scoop of chocolate whey and blend it up to make a frosty drink.

Your carbs were fine at 115g. Again, just swap the fat for WAY more protein, remember that there are less calories per gram of protein than fat, so you need to aim for at least 120g protein and 50g of fat. Check out this calculator:

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Vanessa said...

Oh, and I love plain greek yogurt with some unsweetened coconut, 1/2 tbsp maple syrup and a little banana or pumpkin seeds for breakfast, lots of protein, little fat, little carb (depends on banana or not)

Lyn said...


Wow, thanks for adding that all up for me! That sounds about right to me (your calorie estimate and fat/carbs/protein assessment). I appreciate your well thought out comment, and that dip looks amazing! I don't agree with everything you said (adding grains back in was, I think, my downfall in regaining after Medifast) but I do include them on occasion in small amounts. I don't think I'm obsessed with carbs, but I do want to keep them lower (in the range I ate here if your numbers are right... close to 100g/day works well for me) but it is the "bad" carbs that I want to avoid most of the time... the processed ones, the heavy grain based meals like pasta. I like to sub vegetables for pasta in a lot of dishes. I agree more protein would be better on those days; at the party there was basically *no* protein (wish I had known so I could have brought some... I brought salad) - it was a baked potato bar type thing.

I like Greek yogurt too! I will pick some up and try it with the pumpkin seeds in it (I already have those)... thanks for the idea. Appreciate your helpful comment, thank you!

Lyn said...

I am adding my meals for today (a non-party, non-potluck, normal eat-at-home day) to the post for those interested :)

Anonymous said...

why would anyone eat a third of a clementine?? aren't they those tiny oranges?

Lyn said...

last Anon~

Yes, they are little. I shared it with my daughter.

Vanessa said...

I've been popping in every so often on your blog and I'm going to say that I don't think grains are your issue, it's the fat - you have an ongoing trend with eating low carb, low cal, but not enough protein and instead of that you eat fat. The biggest thing I see is that you choose meats that are heavy and fatty.

Medifast, from what I can tell, is high protein, low fat and moderate carb while controlling calorie intake. I bet that the macros are something like 50% protein, 30% carb and %20 fat. SO, using that calculator, that would equate to a diet of 1000 calories (which I think is too low, but seems to be the norm for medifast), 125g protein, 75g carb, 22g fat. I think that's too little fat, and food in general, but think of it this ate 87g fat the other day which was WAY off what medifast had you eating. I know it sucks to think about food, but making the choice to eat leaner protein is going to help you immensely without even having to track calories or restrict. Also, like I said, in order to get that amount of protein, you've got to supplement. Try adding whey protein to get your macros up, I swear that one I posted tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

BTW quinoa, wild rice and brown rice are essentially the perfect carbs to replace pasta - I'm gluten free and they are the ones I eat because they have protein, fibre and carbs (obviously). Don't be scared of them if you're wanting to try something else - it's better than eating too much fat.

Lyn said...

Thanks Vanessa. Good point about the grains. I still use lean protein shakes sometimes and also have something I call "protein water" that is basically nothing but protein and sugar free flavoring that you shake up in a water bottle with ice (no fat, no carbs). I think I have gotten into eating more fat since Medifast because it is something I hear a lot ("don't be afraid of fat, fat is good for you and satiating") but yes I am eating a lot more fat than I did on Medifast. Your estimate is pretty accurate because on Medifast they generally advised 900-1000 calories, more than 72 grams of protein, and under 100 grams of carbs per day. They list healthy fat servings but those are minimal. I *think* I usually eat less fat than I did at the party and potluck, but not sure. I'm not counting but can easily sub some lean protein for some of the fats and see how that feels. I need to start including more fish in my meals too :)

Anonymous said...

Where are the vegetables? Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Lyn said...

last Anon~

last time I checked acorn squash, broccoli, cucumbers, peas, spinach, mushrooms, mixed green salad, and green beans are vegetables :)

16 blessings'mom said...

There's more than one way to skin a cat, which is an awful saying, but lots of people have excellent results eating low carb, high fat, moderate protein. I lost some weight that way, and have kept it off. Eating the right kind of fat isn't necessarily unhealthy, especially when you are eating low carb. I am very impressed with your new peaceful way of eating, and I hope it goes well for you.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate you sharing what you're eating with us. It gives me an idea how I can transition from binge/diet to eating healthy without freaking out. I just don't want you getting triggered by keeping track of everything you eat, is this triggering to you? Because if it is please don't feel obligated to share it, we will understand. (Debbie)

Lyn said...


no, not triggering at all! For me, there is a huge difference between being aware and sharing, vs. measuring, weighing, and counting calories towards a calorie goal. One feels natural (just paying attention to what I eat) and the other would be obsessive/triggering for me. Glad it helps you! FYI breakfast this morning was 2 cups of coffee with half and half, 2 bacon, 1 egg plus some Egg Beaters scrambled with a little cheese, half an apple, and a bit of acorn squash. :) Really delicious. I am going to weigh on Sunday and adjust from there.