Monday, November 21, 2016

Doctor Said No

Yeah, I thought I had it figured out, my plan going well, everything just fine. That was before I saw my doctor today. I wrote in my last post that I wanted to give intermittent fasting a try in the form of a shorter eating window. I was going to push breakfast back and turn it into more of an early lunch around 11 (just coffee before then, which is what I do sometimes anyway). Doctor said NO.

Saw the endocrinologist today who said *absolutely not* to do this. She said it would be training my cells/organs to store sugar and be more efficient with calories. She said it would slow my metabolism and make things worse. Told me I have got to eat a decent breakfast. So there goes that idea. She did say she wants my breakfast to be *protein only* which is a new thing to me; she'd never suggested that before. Told me to eat eggs. Said I should have my first meal by 9. So I guess the "window" is out because we can't really eat dinner much earlier than 5:30 or 6.

Soooo.... I'll do what she says: protein-only breakfast at 9 (if I want other foods that are not protein, I will have them at lunch). I will still have whatever for lunch and dinner (while always at least giving myself lower carb choices) and the simple snacks I listed earlier... which are mainly protein rich foods (cheese, nuts, boiled egg, jerky, protein shake). I'm still going to skip the bedtime snack. I think getting back on the bike might make me feel better. I haven't really had any desire to bike for awhile but I actually *want* to because I know it will give me some energy and I always feel a bit happier when I get off the bike.

That's it for now. Never give up!


Anonymous said...

Yes, let's both get back on the bikes!!


Jennifer said...

Funny how sometimes when I look at your posts I find myself almost parrallel. I like your ideas/eating plan and agree with the Doc on breakfast. I had metabolism testing done and found that all these up/down, in/out, yes you can/no you can't years really wrecked havoc on my system. My rating barely moved off the 0. Made so much more sense that even when I did stick to a very restrictive plan I would stall and not lose any weight. Only to be defeated and gain it back. I have been inactive now for about a month but I am ready to start again. Strength to you Lynn as you continue your lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Your doctor sounds pretty outdated to me. There is no evidence that eating breakfast is important for health or weight (and many of the slogans about breakfast originated from cereal marketing campaigns). Also, she said eat protein for breakfast and recommended eggs. Now, I am a huge fan of eggs and think they are a good choice - but they are a mediocre protein source at best. I like their fat content and think that is helpful, but if she is wanting to skew towards mostly protein, eggs aren't that great of a choice.

She sounds stuck in conventional wisdom, not science and evidence based medicine. Have you had good results with her treatment for other issues?

I suspect she thinks IF is a fad (which it is, but there is some solid science) and automatically rejects anything faddish. I also wonder if she suspects it is a sign of over-restricting (just on hours, not food) and a symptom of eating issues. Does she know your eating disorder history?

Lyn said...


I dunno, she isn't much older than me but I guess she could be stuck in old ideas. She has given me better info and treatment than my previous endocrinologist, and she does know my ED and health history. I don't think she was honing in on "fad" because I didn't call it intermittent fasting by name. I told her I've started moving my first meal close to lunch time and just having coffee in the morning. I didn't even get to the earlier evening meal part of the plan before she told me not to do that with my breakfast. She said something about skipping breakfast = training your body to be more efficient with calories, and messing up your metabolism, and effecting the mitochondria and liver and other organs. I dunno, I can see there are mixed opinions on breakfast and I have felt fine skipping it but then again, it hasn't seemed to have an effect on my weight, either way.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Hi Lynn,

I know this is somewhere but I can't seem to find it.

I'm really struggling with the protein only breakfast. Can't find anything that I want to put in my mouth.

My typical breakfast is a 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1/4 of nuts (ground almonds) and some berries.


Gina Loya said...

Keep on keeping on. You are following good advice and trying different things until you find your groove. Your focus on recovering from food obsession has been a good trend. Interested to see how you feel as you try protein in the morning. Still rooting for you and so grateful for you blog.

Lyn said...


Were you looking for a recipe or ideas? I find it hard to eat protein only, too. I like omelettes but there are veggies in that. I doubt she would object to a few spinach leaves and a sliced mushroom in an egg/cheese omelet. Leftover baked chicken works pretty well but is boring...

Thanks Gina, I appreciate the support!

lilypad said...

IF is shown to work for many people, and there is solid science behind it. HOWEVER - it is not for everyone. Humans with a history of restrictive ED in particular can set themselves on a path to re-enabling or escalating those behaviors. I would take your docs advice for now and not jump into it full speed ahead. There may be days when you simply skip breakfast due to lack of hunger anyway. Use those times to gauge your response.

You know yourself Lyn. Use it to your advantage. :)

Amy said...

When I was doing the ketogenic phase of South Beach I used to struggle with breakfast too. Back when I ate meat I'd have eggs with turkey bacon, taco-seasoned meat with cheese melted on it, seasoned tofu, cottage cheese with chives, sometimes yogurt or refried beans with cheese and taco sauce. Not sure how strict the protein-only advice is.
I tend to agree with the idea of not fasting. Our bodies are like a fire that need fuel to keep burning calories, if the fuel isn't there, the flame starts to die. My husband, who is into bodybuilding, tried a carb-loading fast where his last meal of the night was high-carb (sweets) but then he wouldn't eat again until late morning the next day. He said he had a ton of energy the next morning, so if he was working out he felt like he could lift heavier weight, and he had a good result physique-wise, but ever since, he has been very sensitive to carbs and when he goes too long in between eating he gets to looking and feeling shakey and ill. I'm glad you got solid advice from your doctor.

Anonymous said...

Well, good that you ran the idea by her, then. I most every day go without breakfast and I have lost 12 kg so far. It did take me a long time, though. But if the doctor says NO, no it is. I wish you all the best with the protein-only breakfast plan.

amy said...

I would only offer that forcing yourself to eat when you are not hungry is counterproductive to eating intuitively.