Friday, November 4, 2016

About Those Parasites...

***Warning you now, don't read if squeamish. There are no pictures and I am not being TOO descriptive, but I am sharing some info for those who wanted to know more about the parasite cleanse I started in late October. If you don't want to know, skip this post!***

The cleanse I used was Parasite Pro, because I thought the ingredients made sense when I looked them up and I did not see anything that worried me, side effect wise. There aren't any man-made chemicals in it from what I have read and the ingredients are natural things that kill parasites (like garlic, cloves, black walnut hull, carrot juice powder, pumpkin seed, etc.). I shared earlier this week that at the end of the 10-day cleanse I had not seen anything concerning and had no difference in any bathroom habits (I had been concerned about having to run to the bathroom a lot or having gas on this cleanse but I had no issues at all). My friend who did a parasite cleanse (a different brand she got from her naturopath, with similar ingredients) actually SAW things in the toilet on her cleanse, like liver flukes and some kind of parasite eggs, but she was actively looking. I was not interested in digging around in the toilet and sharing pictures like some people do on various websites about parasite cleanses, so I just did business as usual and never noticed anything weird. However I have to update that 3 days AFTER I finished the ten day cleanse, I had some results. I started having to go to the bathroom about 3 times a day which is unusual for me. I started to pass something noticeably different. Again I did *not* go actively looking or remove anything from the toilet, because GROSS, but sometimes when you turn around and flush you have to notice if there is something unusual. I mean, you'd notice if there was blood or anything really out of the ordinary, without having to really look. So it was like that. It was like, hey this is not normal. So for a couple days I did see evidence of parasites. Since I was already off the cleanse at that point I decided to go back on a second cleanse to make sure I got everything. Because GROSS. So I got another bottle (different brand but very similar ingredients) and have started to take that now.

One thing that may have contributed to these "late" results is that at the end of the cleanse, I baked a small pumpkin from the market and roasted the seeds. I probably ate a cup of roasted pumpkin seeds over the course of two days. Pumpkin seeds are a known parasite killer, so maybe eating those at the end of the cleanse helped the cleanse work better. Your mileage may vary. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

I feel better every day and yesterday I had zero desire for sugar, and ingested none. That was not a "diet" choice, but a choice I made because I simply did not want any sugar or sweets. I have a clarity of mind that feels amazing and I feel compelled to get outside in the wonderful fall weather to experience life to its fullest. I really love life!

Thanks for following along on this journey of mine, even the weird/gross parts like a cleanse. I hope this helps those of you who were asking about my cleanse experience. I say it is definitely worth a try... and heck, why not roast some pumpkin seeds at the end? It can only support the cleanse!


Cut a small sugar (baking) pumpkin in half and remove seeds to a large bowl
Cover the seeds with cool water and use your fingers to stir and wash them and separate them from the strings. The seeds will float and you can scoop them out into another bowl of water and repeat the process.
Put the seeds in a pot of water and boil for 10 minutes. Then scoop them onto some paper towels to drain. They don't have to be totally dry to continue the recipe.
Toss the seeds with a drizzle of oil (I used avocado oil) and a sprinkle of salt. You can add other spices as desired.
Spread the seeds out on a large cookie sheet. It can be nonstick, or lined with nonstick foil. Try to get them in one layer as best you can but it is fine if they are touching.
Roast at 375 degrees for 10 minutes, then stir. Roast another 10 minutes. To see if they are done enough, take 1 or 2 seeds off to cool a bit and eat them. They should be crispy and not very chewy. They should be slightly golden brown but not dark at all. Do another 5 minutes at a time if needed, checking each time until they are done.
Let cool slightly and enjoy! Leftovers can be stored in a container or baggie at room temperature.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you shared this. I was wondering how the Cleanse went. I think I will give it a try myself.

Chosen and Loved said...

I thought I'd pass this info on since you seem to be open to supplements like those for parasites...

I have been struggling with what I believe is adrenal fatigue as I have been under constant stress over the last 18 months due to my daughter's health. I have also gained 30 pounds during that time. I started taking a B-complex vitamin, magnesium, and a supplement called Adrenal Restore. Without trying, I lost 10 pounds...most likely, due to controlling the cortisol production with these vitamins and supplements. I thought I'd pass this info along as I know you have been under a lot of stress over the last few years as well.

Lyn said...

Chosen and Loved~

Thank you, I will check into that supplement. I checked your blog and am praying for you and your daughter for strength and healing. Hugs.