Friday, August 5, 2016

Wildflowers Along the Way

Today, the ride continues. Leaving Clatskanie, you can see for miles and it seems there are no people or homes to be found anywhere.

I rode for 4.1 miles and admired the abundant wildflowers along the way. All the colors are rich and vibrant and full of cheer.

I stopped for a break when my feet went numb. Lately, my tail bones have started to hurt, too. I guess I am just getting used to being on the bike seat every day. Anyway, when I got back on the bike I rode another 2.2 miles through the countryside. Then finally, a sign of life: yet another old barn by the side of the road.

Next, I was riding through Delena, Oregon, a very small community whose post office closed in the 1920's. Apparently there is still an old school that some guy lives in and runs it as a junkyard. This is the intersection, with an attention-grabbing field of white wildflowers

I rode another 2 miles before quitting for the day, for a total of 8.3 miles today. I have biked every day since I started and my legs are a bit sore. I will take a rest day if I need to, but so far I am riding 100%. I am sleeping more soundly every night and going to bed earlier (10:30ish) because I am more tired. Tomorrow I should be crossing back over into Washington state for a bit before returning to Oregon for many miles ahead. I'm looking forward to every bit of the adventure. You can follow my route on My Virtual Mission.


Anonymous said...

I love your Virtual Mission page. Have you shared that with Eric Hites? He could use that when he is back on the road. One thing I didn't like about his epic journey is is how hard it is to find out how far he rode and where he was at. This would be a great tool for anyone doing a cross-country trip. Thank you for sharing. I am following until you hit the other side of the US!

Lyn said...


He has not responded to my email, but hopefully he will be riding again soon. I hope to be able to follow how far he bikes each day and try to match his weekly numbers, or at least try. I have no idea how far behind his daily distances I am, but I will give it my best shot. Thanks for the support!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyn,

You're doing great. I wish I had lovely pics to post but we pretty much do the same run every other night. I can handle small hills on my trike but nothing too hefty.

Take care - Kim