Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pushing Back

I have really been feeling the call of the couch the last couple of days for whatever reason... not wanting to get on the bike and ride at all. But I have made a commitment to myself and to those who support me here, so I let that feeling of complacency drive me to PUSH BACK and ride even more. Yesterday morning, I  did a couple of short rides with an hour break in between. Continuing on through southern Washington near Vancouver, I pedaled 2 miles, then another 2.1 miles through peaceful country settings (but on an Interstate highway).

Later in the evening, against the desires of my body which wanted to just sit down and chill, I got back on the bike. It was like:

me: omg. It is late, just read a book and go to bed.
myself: No, I want to ride.
me: No you don't! Besides, you already rode today! You can ride more in the morning. Take a break already.
myself: shut up. I am riding.
me: I don't wannnaaaaaaa
myself: Oh yeah? Watch THIS. (shoves the whining me into a box, duct tapes it shut, and gets on the bike).

Then I proceeded to complete my longest single ride yet... 7.5 miles, which took me 45 minutes. Yes, my feet went numb around 25-30 minutes, but I just hopped off briefly and walked around for about 1 minute (not included in my biking time) and got back on and kept going. I ended up here, much closer to the Oregon border.

My total for the day was 11.6 miles... my best day yet. I am working up to a 20-mile day and I feel certain I will get there. Today my knees feel a little wobbly but I am taking anti-inflammatories and getting back on the bike shortly.

Takeaway: Don't listen to your inner fool. Put them in a box and tell them to shut up and show them what you're really made of.

My leg is feeling fine, the stitches are coming out in a few days, and I am determined. Today's meals from the CSA box will include heirloom tomatoes with basil and mozzarella, freshly picked corn on the cob with butter, roasted green beans and carrots, and plums. Protein will come in the form of eggs from my neighbor's chickens, some fish I pick up at the store later and maybe a protein shake. Looking to get this weight off for the last time.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a milestone day!! Very proud of you.

I may have missed this in the past - what is the numb feet about? Do you have a trapped nerve?

Sam J. said...

Good! Push! Fight for YOU!! 💜💙💚💜💙💚

Lyn said...

Thank you for the encouragement!


I wish I knew! For all the years I have been biking, my feet start to go numb around 25-30 minutes in. I have tried many different pairs of shoes, even tried barefoot and Birkenstocks. I have moved the seat to different positions, loosened and tightened the straps on the pedals (and currently have removed them), and shifted how my feet rest on the pedals and how I sit on the seat. Nothing has helped! I even got a new bike when my old one died, and still have the same problem. If you or anyone has an idea how to remedy this, please share! All I can do for now is get off, walk around for a minute, and get back on... but the numbness hits again in a shorter time after I get back on.

Anonymous said...

Search recumbent bikes and numbness, there are lots of things to try. Sounds like it's because your feet don't move at all so people flex their feet while riding or move them around every few minutes. Very common.

Susan R said...

I am proud of you for forging on in spite of not wanting to!

Gina said...

Huzzah! Enjoy Oregon. �� My feet would go numb and painful about 15 minutes into a walk for a long time. So painful I'd have to stop walking. It stopped on its own. I have no idea what was going on. I did have plantar fascitis for a long time so maybe related but this pain and numbness was on the tops of my feet. I wonder if stretching and massage might help? Thinking of sprained ankle exercises like the one where you "write" the alphabet with your foot. Just thinking it might loosen all the little tendons and ligaments in your feet. Boy, you get a lot of unsolicited advice here along with the encouragement! You are so brave putting this all out on your blog! I do so enjoy your posts, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

What no weight in? This whole bike ride is for nothing if you are not losing weight.

Lyn said...

Thanks all for the comments!

last anon~

I absolutely disagree. Otherwise, if I rode every day for a month, increasing my distances, speed, resistance and fitness level but did not lose weight, I would quit. But that is not going to happen. I committed to riding and I will ride... not just to lose weight. Also, I weighed, I just haven't posted yet.

Pam L said...

The rudeness of blog comments always astounds me. I guess you are used to it...but it's sad that you have to be "used" to rude, mean people.

Keep up the good work! I love to see your pictures- the whole ride thing is such a cool idea!

Véronique said...

Good job on climbing back on your bike.
I had the same numbness problem when I used the elliptical at the fitness studio (in another life). I had to move my feet once in a while, I never got rid of that :(
I love to see the pictures of your virtual trip, don't worry about the mileage, you are just starting, pretty soon you will be able to achieve more, and if not, then it will just take a few days more. You have a fantastic road ahead of you and we won't let you down.
Thanks for allowing us along your trip,


Leslie said...

Hi Lyn - Old friend here, who still reads you and stays current with your process. I love this biking commitment you've made and think it's a very creative way to keep yourself motivated to exercise. For me, the fitbit is a wonderful motivator, and yet, there are many days where I don't bother to put it on! i just have to add my $.02 to the idiot anonymous person who said weight loss was all that mattered. Why bother to be nasty? Who cares about your opinion from under a rock where you can't even claim who you are? Pffftt! Crawl back, or maybe look into a mirror.

Anyway, this morning I read about you pushing back, and it made me go right upstairs, put on my exercise clothes, and make the decision to go walk 5-6 miles at a local park that always nourishes my soul. Btw, Lyn, I had double knee replacements last November, and have developed type 2 diabetes, so this life style stuff is for real. Had a great result with my knees, but I'm having a hard time trying to let go of foods that don't help my blood sugar! Keep at it, friend. You inspired me today to get off my butt. Thanks! I'm starting to think about blogging again. I'm missing it, and in a totally new place. Who knows? What'y'a think?

Lyn said...

hi all, love the great comments and will be getting back to post soon! Very busy with end of summer stuff/school prep and getting the fosters adopted. Leslie! So great to "see" you! I would love to read if you start blogging again so let me know for sure. We have to keep working for our health :) Cheering you on.

BB said...

Thanks, I have been hearing my inner fool all day. I'm going to try to push back against it.